Top 8 Best Roof Boxes Review

UK Thule Roof Box on Top of 4x4

Best Roof Box Review 2019.

Below are my top picks:

 Top #1 Pick: Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box

Thule Motion XT Roof Box Cargo Carrier

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The Thule Motion XT is a stylish roof box w/ lots of storage — perfect for large families!

In terms of size it has 21.5 cubic ft. of volume capacity (610L).

Capacity: 610 litres

Load capacity: 75 kg (165 lb)

As you can see it lays very flat on the roof, reducing drag. It’s hardly noticeable in terms of fuel efficiency.

Very simple to mount to the roof w/ extra wide quick mount system – an indicator will let you know if the box is secure. Also easy to open and close.

Thule Motion XT is expensive, but has lots of positive reviews.

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#2.) Thule Ranger Foldable Roof Box

Top 8 Best Roof Boxes Review 2

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The Thule Ranger 500 is perfect for frequent travelers.

Ideal for longer items (such as skis), this Thule foldable box requires minimum amount of area. If you need additional space, zippers extend the storage within seconds.

Demensions: 190 x 50 x 30 cm

Capacity: 300 litres

Load capacity: 50 kg (110 lb)

A quick snap, effortless mount system will secure the box to your roof with little problem.

Comes with a 100% Waterproof with welded seams and a sealed zipper.

What I like most is that this Thule Roof Box is adaptable to any type of weather – rain, snow, wind, etc. Personally I think it is an excellent choice for the traveler always on the go.

Great choice for quick 2-3 day trips – camping and quick weekend vacations!

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#3.) Micks Garage Junior Roof Box

Top 8 Best Roof Boxes Review 3

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Moderately sized, yet spacious and secure, the Junior Roof Box is a trustworthy option for those searching for a dependable roof box.

The 420-litre volume capacity and 50-kilogram load capacity (110 pounds) makes the Junior Roof Box is one of the largest “junior” roof boxes available today.

Assembly could not be easier with a simple 2 pin system to lock the hinges. The Junior will stay secure with a single lock system that makes opening and closing smooth and without hassle.

⭐⭐ UK Best Roof Box for Smaller Loads – 420 Litres ⭐⭐

The Junior looks sharp with a glossy black aerodynamic finish. Ideal for saloon cars, estate cars, hatchbacks, and camper vans.

Roof box shell is made from a UV protected Polystyrene that will keep sun damage away from your valuables. For the traveler who loves the additional space, the Junior is the ideal box for your next trip.


  • Measurements: 145 x 94 x 40 cm
  • Volume capacity: 420 litres
  • Load capacity: 50 kgs
  • Very easy assembly = only 2 hinges
  • Large Storage Capacity
  • Sharp Glossy Black Finish
  • Single Lock System
  • UV Protected Shell

Potential Flaws

  • Not ideal for smaller vehicles

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#4.) Summit 420L Metal Roof Box (SUM-841)

UK Black Summit Camper Roof Box

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The Summit 841 Roof Box is a workhorse with a 420-litre capacity and a jaw-dropping metallic grey finish.

With a two-point locking system, few roof boxes can secure your luggage with more confidence. Waterproof seal on the Summit 841 roof box will keep the wet weather out of your luggage.

Summit’s metallic roof box comes in 2 pieces but assembly is very easy – needs only a small amount of time, and the instructions are so easy that a child could put the box together.

⭐⭐ UK Best Waterproof Roof Box ⭐⭐

With mid-size load capacity of 50 kgs, the Summit 841 is an excellent choice for 3-5 day travel. Also great if you anticipate bad weather or in winter time.


  • Measurements: 180 x 90 x 48 cm
  • Volume capacity: 420 litres
  • Load capacity: 50 kgs
  • Easy assembly
  • Large 420 Litre Capacity
  • Head Turning Metallic Grey finish
  • Trouble-Free Assembly
  • Muscular 50kg Load Capacity
  • Waterproof with Superior Two-Lock System

Potential Flaws

  • Fairly large for mid-size roof boxes

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#5.) Mont Blanc Vista Camper Box 320L Capacity

Top 8 Best Roof Boxes Review 4

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The Mont Blanc Vista 320 Camper Box is a reliable, midsize option for the person who likes a long journey but does not have the storage in their car.

The full-width Mont Blanc Vista is completely secure with upgraded lock system where the key can’t be removed until the lock is engaged.

⭐⭐ UK Best Roof Box for Extra-Wide Loads ⭐⭐

The Mont Blanc Vista has a volume capacity of 320 litres with a load capacity of a stellar 50kg.

Outer shell of the Vista is UV resistant with a grey finish – Perfect for a road trip, the Vista 320 roof box can hold extra wide luggage.


  • Measurements: 135 x 85 x 38 cm
  • Volume capacity: 320 litres
  • Load capacity: 50 kgs
  • Wider than Most Boxes on the Market
  • High Load Capacity
  • Sturdy Midsize Volume Capacity
  • Great Security System with Efficient Key Lock
  • UV Resistant Shell

Potential Flaws

  • Broader than other camper boxes – might not fit all cars

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#6.) Thule Ocean Black Roof Box

Top 8 Best Roof Boxes Review 5

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Another welcome entry into the midsize roof box market is the Thule Ocean 200.

Painted in glossy black, the Ocean 200 adorns any car roof with a classic and attractive look.

Ideal for medium to large cars, the Ocean 200 takes advantage of the 450-litre volume to store all the luggage for your trip.

⭐⭐ Best Thule Roof Box for Medium Size Cars ⭐⭐

Versatile enough to place all types of items that need storage, the Ocean 200 can hold 50 kgs without harming your car’s efficiency. For the family, who needs a little more storage than a typical midsize roof box, the Ocean 200 is a terrific choice.


  • Measurements: 180 x 90 x 48 cm
  • Volume capacity: 450 litres
  • Load capacity: 50 kgs
  • Large 450 Litre Volume Capacity
  • Strong with a 50 kg Load Capacity
  • Eye-Catching Glossy Finish
  • Easy to Fit with Thule’s Wing Bars Accessory

Potential Flaws

  • Occasionally out of stock

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#7.) Farrad Black XL Roof Box 680L

UK Large Black Roof Box

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Similar to a Thule Roof Box, the Farad F3 is one of the largest and strongest roof box on the market.

With a remarkable 680 litre volume capacity and a load capacity of a whopping 75kg, the Farad F3 is a heavy duty storage box that can handle an incredible amount of luggage.

With 2-sided opening and a central lock, the F3 is a versatile cave of a roof box.

⭐⭐ UK Best Heavy Duty Roof Box – 680 Litres ⭐⭐

Exterior of the box is a streamlined marvel that reduces wind resistance while housing several suitcases.

Farad F3 gives the traveler demanding maximum storage for many guests a secure and sleek option.


  • Measurements: 210 x 100 x 42 cm
  • Volume capacity: 680 litres
  • Load capacity: 75 kgs
  • Longest Roof Box on the Market
  • Whopping 75kg Load Capacity
  • Deep 680 litre Volume Capacity
  • Aerodynamic for Less Drag on Vehicle

Potential Flaws

  • Too long for shorter cars

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** I’ll be adding #8 best roof box review soon! Stay tuned!


Travelers seeking extra storage on long car trips have a great option with the attachment of a roof box.

With features ranging from waterproof sealing to aerodynamic designs, roof boxes have become secure and trustworthy alternatives for adding luggage for your trip.

Easy to install, roof boxes can add anywhere from 50-75kg of roof storage in a matter of minutes without damaging your vehicle. Not only are roof boxes simple to install, but they also won’t hurt the gas efficiency of your car.

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