Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner & Smart Mopping Review

Deik Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Best Rated Robot Vacuum Review. 

Robot vacuums + mops have gone mainstream.

The Deik brand has been well-known in the robot vacuum industry, but is somewhat new to the dual mop functionality — however, the new Deik Smart Mopping Robot

Vacuum is quite an upgrade from its predecessors.

What makes the Deik different is its wider off-road wheel width which is around 2.5 cm and much larger dust bin at 0.65 liters.

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Strong suction of 1200Pa — ensures thorough vacuuming on carpets + hard floor surfaces.

Deik’s advanced suction can even pull micro particles deep within the carpet + lift clumps of hair. (great for dog owners!)

Deik Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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You can now set your vacuum to clean + mop at night or while at work.

Deik RoboVac comes w/ 3-cleaning modes:

1/ sweeping – quick basic cleaning
2/ vacuuming – uses increased suction on carpets/rugs
3/ mopping – wet or dry mopping for hard flooring

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Deik Robot Vacuum and Mop – Features:

  • Infrared sensors detect obstacles
  • Anti-collision software
  • Mopping tank – holds 0.65 liters of water
  • Electronically controlled speed
  • Low noise 50-60 decibels
  • Suction power = above average

Deik Robot – Basic Functions:

It has 3-cleaning modes, a new S-shaped route which is enabled by a built-in gyro sensor for auto cleaning as well as spot cleaning, wall follow cleaning and lastly turbo boost cleaning.

V-shaped rolling brush removes dirt and debris from the floor while the anti-scratch tempered glass cover protects your floors against damage.

An upgraded navigation sensor will automatically adjust the suction strength according to floor type, carpet, tile, wood or laminate and prevent bumping into furniture as well as drop-offs.

Battery lasts 90-mins per charge — takes 4 hours to charge.

What’s Included:

With your purchase of the Deik Robot Vacuum and mop you will also receive the following;

  • Remote control
  • Charging dock + AC adapter
  • 4 side brushes
  • 2 mops for dry or wet mopping
  • 0.65L dustbin
  • User manual

Reviews & Thoughts:

According to reviews the Deik Smart Mopping, Robot Vacuum Cleaner is a robust, effective robot vacuum.

Personally I love the fact that it has a mopping function which is very rare – only a handful of robovacs can do this. Paired with teh

Deik Smart Mopping

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Only issue I could find with this vacuum is the fact that it is not as silent as some of the other models, but still much quieter than a regular vacuum. The suction performance though is out of this world!

What most people and I loved about this specific model is how effectively it works on different floor surfaces and that it is a three in one, it sweeps vacuums and mops.

I give the Deik Robot Mop and Robot Vacuum and Mop my personal stamp of approval.

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