Best Bluetooth Headphones Review Article

Top 6 Best Bluetooth Headphones Review

Best Bluetooth Headphones Review Headphones are a must-have gadget today – especially for those who use public transportation or need a distraction-free work environment. For this article I based my picks on product description, Amazon star ratings, and…

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Top 8 Best GPS for Europe Review

Best GPS for Europe // Garmin GPS Navigation Navigation systems are an asset for any vehicle — especially on vacations. Below are my top picks for the best GPS devices for Europe #1.) Garmin Nuvi GPS Nav System…

Sony Wireless Headphones

Sony Wireless Headphones Review (WH-CH700N)

Sony Wireless Headphones // WH-CH700N Review I’ve always enjoyed some quiet time with a book w/ some music in the background – we all need to break free every now and again and listen to our favorite songs….

Best Home Theater Projector

Top 10 Best Home Theater Projector

Best Home Theater Projector // Best Home Projector Home theater projectors can be an expensive investments. Price ranges range from basic home projectors at $150 to 4K projectors priced at $30,000+. With so many different features, it can…

Best Wireless Headphones Review

Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones Review

Best Wireless Headphones Review // Bluetooth Headphones Headphones are a necessity in life — long commutes, gym workouts, office use or traveling — having quality sound in noisy areas is a modern luxury. To help you find the…

Best Wireless Speakers

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers Review

Best Bluetooth Speakers // Portable Speaker // Wireless Speaker Today’s portable speakers come w/ WiFi and can be controlled via Bluetooth on the mobile app. Here’s my list of the best bluetooth speakers available online. ** FYI — bluetooth speaker links…

Top 10 Best Alarm Clocks

Best Alarm Clocks // Bedside Alarms Waking up in the morning can be hard to do. Escaping your warm, comfortable bed is not easy. Personally I have a difficult time waking up in the winter when it is…