Top 10 Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

Best Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews

Unlike real fireplaces, fireplace inserts don’t have a real flame making them safer and more affordable.

Super energy efficient the average cost is 2-cents per hour.

Here are my picks for best fireplace insert heaters.

Prices range from, $149 – $679.

  1. RW FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert
  2. PuraFlame Alice Reviews
  3. Touchstone Electric Fireplace Insert
  4. Classic Flame Electric Fireplace
  5. PuraFlame Serena Reviews
  6. Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews
  7. Valuxhome Houselux Review
  8. Classic Electric Fireplace Insert
  9. PuraFlame Electric Fireplace Reviews
  10. Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert

Best Electric Fireplace Inserts

#1.) RW FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert

RW FLAME Electric Fireplace Insert

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The RW Flame is the best electric fireplace insert for user-friendly controls.

It includes five flame modes – the remote control lets you select flame speed, heating, and colors.

Pricing: Medium

Rooms: 400 square feet

Similar to a high-powered space heater, the RW Flame electric fireplace is designed for energy saving – great as a secondary heating source.

Buyers love the classic design which includes a glass door, mesh screen and decor modes.

Personally I think it is the best electric fireplace insert for supplemental heating.

Newer model, but good buyer reviews so far!

#2.) PuraFlame Alice Reviews

PuraFlame Alice 40″ Electric Fireplace

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The PuraFlame Alice is the best electric fireplace for versatility.

As a high-powered model it quickly heats medium size rooms – ideal for bedrooms, basements, or living rooms.

Price: Medium

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

Ultra High Intensity LED flame provides a very bright, and realistic look. Buyers say it is like a ventless heater designed like a fireplace.

Built-in thermostat lets you set the room temp w/ remote control (from 61-82 degrees).

Includes wall frame for easy to installation.

Expensive, but lots of positive buyer reviews!

#3.) Touchstone Electric Fireplace Reviews

Touchstone 80036 Electric Fireplace

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Touchstone Sideline Elite is the best electric fireplace insert for large walls.

As a LED fireplace it measures nearly 4 ft. wide – also includes 60 flame color w/ 3 speed settings.

Pricing: Expensive

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

For heating, the Touchstone electric fireplace insert offers multiple heat settings.

Built-in thermostat lets you choose your desired temp (68-88°F). 

The wide design and multi-color flame is built to impress. Personally it’s the best electric fireplace for authentic-looking flame.

Expensive, but good buyer reviews.

#4.) Classic Flame Electric Fireplace Reviews

ClassicFlame 36" Electric Fireplace

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ClassicFlame Fireplace insert lets you set the temp (from 60°F – 90°F).

Similar to a high-powered space heater, the ClassicFlame fireplace can heat rooms up to 400 sq. ft.

Pricing: Expensive

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

What makes it unique is the remote control — Unlike other remote control fireplaces, it’s multifunctional letting you turn on/off + set the exact temp you want.

ClassicFlame also comes w/ built-in thermostat which can be wall mounted.

I liked how you can turn the flame on without the heater running – it adds a fantastic glow even during the warmer months.

Includes 5 brightness settings and timer (30 mins to 9 hours)

#5.) PuraFlame Serena Reviews

PuraFlame Serena Electric Fireplace

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PuraFlame Serena electric fireplace is an upgraded PuraFlame Alice.

Realistic fire-like flame that alternates 4 colors – using the remote you can control speed and heating level.

Price: Medium

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

The flame can be used with or without heat – good for home ambiance all year-round.

Like a mini split heat pump, the PuraFlame Serena lets you select your desired temp from 61-82 degrees.

Also control the heating output using the remote control.

Similar to the PuraFlame Alice electric fireplace, but more powerful, faster heating.

Good reviews w/ brackets included for easy install.

#6) Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Reviews

Dimplex Electric Fireplace Reviews

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The Dimplex DF3033ST is the best electric fireplace insert for large rooms.

Similar to a fireplace tv stand, this Dimplex electric fireplace uses a fan for distributing heat evenly.

Pricing: Expensive

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

Super quiet operation, they include custom heat settings and remote control.

Many buyers have it as a bedroom heating unit, but equipped w/ a fan it ideal for large living rooms or basements.

Includes a thermostat controlled heater for setting your desired temp.

Very expensive, but top buyer reviews.

#7.) Valuxhome Houselux Review

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Valuxhome electric fireplace insert is similar to an infrared space heater.

Super fast heating and a realistic look, it can small or medium size rooms – great for apartments or home offices!

Price: Expensive

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

Buyers like that they can alter the brightness or set timer for heat settings. You can also use the remote control from a distance.

LED tech makes it one of the best electric fireplace inserts for energy efficiency.

Also comes w/ safety features — fireplace auto turns off if over heated. overheated.

Good price and positive buyer reviews.

#8.) Classic Electric Fireplace Insert

ClassicFlame Electric Fireplace Insert

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The ClassicFlame fireplace insert has heating as a mini split heat pump.

Buyers confirm it quickly heats rooms up to 1,000 sq. ft. – good for living rooms or basements!

It comes with an electronic timer system. This allows you to set specific operating times that will switch off by itself after between 30 minutes and 9 hours.

Rooms: 1,000 sq. ft.

Pricing: Expensive

Using the remote control you are able to turn on the flame without heating. Users have been liking this feature as it means they can create an ambiance during warmer weather, without having to heat up the room.

For the times where you do want to use the heat, you can make use of the infrared technology available. It works to keep the humidity in the air the same to avoid creating a dry effect in your room.

Also includes a built-in thermostat which can be adjusted.

#9.) PuraFlame Electric Fireplace Reviews

PuraFlame Western Electric Fireplace Insert

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This PuraFlame Electric Fireplace Insert includes awesome LED tech.

Buyers say it’s energy efficient – one of the best electric fireplaces for energy efficiency.

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

Pricing: Medium

Alter the flame intensity between three heat settings.

You’re also able to control how brightly you want it to shine. Users have been liking how you can have the fireplace lit up without creating any heat.

Controlling the temperature is very easy as a result of the electronic temperature control. You can change the temperature anywhere from 60°- 84° Fahrenheit. 

Also comes w/ remote control allowing you to turn on or off.

PuraFlame electric fireplace insert is super easy to install too.

#10.) Dimplex Electric Fireplace Insert Review

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The Dimplex is the best electric fireplace insert for your actual fireplace.

It comes with 1357W heating power – enough to heat rooms up to 400 sq. ft. Good for basements and most living rooms.

Heating: 1375W

Rooms: 400 sq. ft.

Paired with a built-in fan, heat is evenly distributed throughout the room.

Users also like how easily they’re able to install this fireplace – It easily fits into most residential fireplace outlets. Buyers confirm how simple installation is.

You can also toggle between three different heating modes:

full heat, half heat, and flame only.

Overall the best electric fireplace insert for older homes.

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