Top 10 Best Hoverboards Review 2019

Best Hoverboard Review

Best Rated Hoverboard Review.

Hoverboards are officially mainstream: fast speeds (8-12 MPH), better balance controls and longer distance.

#1.) Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard
#2.) Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard
#3.) TOMOLOO Bluetooth Hoverboard
#4.) Hyper GoGo Hoverboard
#5.) TOMOLOO SpaceWalker Hoverboard
#6.) Segway Mini Pro Transporter
#7.) Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Hoverboard
#8.) Razor Hovertrax 1.5 Hoverboard

#9-10.) Coming soon!

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✅ #1 Top Pick: Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard

Razor Hoverboard Review

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The Razor Hovertrax 2.0 has excellent online reviews.

Top speed of 8 MPH + comes w/ 36V battery which runs 60 mins on full charge.

Comes w/ a quiet operating motor (350W) and weighs only 19 pounds (extremely lightweight for a hoverboard!)

Includes 2 operating modes: regular mode or training mode

Training mode is really great for beginners — it teaches you the basic skills and correct balance methods.

FYI: the Hovertrax is an expensive hoverboard, but comes w/ very positive buyer reviews — many love the it’s durability + easy balance controls

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#2.) Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboard

Swagtron Swagboard Hoverboards

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The Swagtron Swagboard is an affordable model.

It reaches 7.5 MPH + travels up to 8 miles per charge.

Built-in speaker + Bluetooth connectivity — you can play music, check your speed + distance. It’ll also show how much battery power is left while riding.

Comes w/ 3 operating modes, including a learning mode for new hoverboard riders.

Non-slip pedals, weighs only 20 lbs and holds up to 220 lbs. Battery fully charges in 100 minutes.

Buyers say it works well + love the quality sound speakers.

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#3.) TOMOLOO Bluetooth Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Hoverboard

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Most affordable hoverboard on this list is the TOMOLOO bluetooth hoverboard.

Battery runs up to 3 hours and can be charged in 3 hours.

The 250W motor can reach top speed of 8 MPH.

Includes 5 LED lights — light up to the beat of the music you’re listening to through Bluetooth-enabled speakers.

Water resistant, weighs 19.4 pounds + comes in 9 different colors.

Buyers say it’s easy to use + has good range for picking up smartphone signals.

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#4.) Hyper GoGo Hoverboard

Hyper Go Go Hoverboards

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Although one of the more expensive options on my list, HYPER GOGO has top speed of 9 MPH + travel distance of 9.3 miles (15 km).

Includes a 800W motor + 36V battery which charges quickly — only 2 hours!

Comes w/ built-in Bluetooth speakers — listen to music while riding. Great for Spotify, Pandora or iTunes.

Buyers love the quality construction + easy balance-system. They also confirm it’s easy to connect w/ their smartphone.

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#5.) TOMOLOO SpaceWalker Hoverboard

TOMOLOO Space Walker Hoverboard

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TOMOLOO Music-Rhythmed has travel distance of 8.7 miles (14 km) and top speed of 9.3 MPH (15 kph).

One of the best options for adults because it holds up to 265 lbs.

Sync w/ your smartphone and play music through the hoverboard speakers. Also includes a built-in LED lights.

High customer satisfaction ranking. Buyers love the performance and Bluetooth speakers + say it’s easy to use for both kids and adults.

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#6.) Segway Mini Pro Transporter Review

Segway Pro Transporter

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The SEGWAY miniPRO is one of the more expensive options.

It comes with a powerful 800W motor — top speed of 10 MPH and travel distance up to 12.5 miles (on a fully charged battery).

Segway Mobile App — you can perform diagnostic tests + lock the board when it’s not in use.

Also comes w/ New Rider Tutorial which is a nice feature for parents — can’t ride faster than 4.3 MPH until you’ve completed the tutorial.

Weighs 28 pounds and can support up to 220 lbs.

Detachable knee bar makes it easy to transport.

Lots of positive buyer reviews — specifically, they love the lower price + easy maneuverability.

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#7.) Swagtron Swagboard Pro T1 Review

Swagtron Swagboard T1 Hoverboard

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The Swagtron Swagboard Pro is very affordable.

Max distance up to 12 miles on a fully charged battery, and reaches 8 MPH w/ a 250W motor.

The new Learning Mode helps new riders master the board safely — makes the Swagboard Pro a good option for kids because they’ll need to master the basics before all features are released (up to 8 MPH).

4 color options available, weighs only 23 pounds and supports up to 220 pounds.

Buyers say it’s easy to use (teens and preteens caught on quickly!) + affordably priced 

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#8.) Razor Hovertrax 1.5 Hoverboard

Razor Hovertrax Review

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Razor Hovertrax is a very affordable option that reaches speeds of 6 MPH.

It comes w/ 350W motor and battery lasts 45-mins.

Comes w/ anti-slip pads to help keep you in place while riding.

Holds up to 176 pounds + weighs only 15.4 pounds (easy for young children to carry!)

Buyers are extremely satisfied with the price — it’s not the fastest on my list (good for adults or beginners)

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** I’ll be adding #9-10 best hoverboards soon! Stay tuned!

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