Top 8 Best Samsonite Suitcases Review 2019

Best Samsonite Suitcase Review

Best Samsonite Suitcases Review.

Suitcases reviewed:

#1.) Samsonite Lite Shock Review
#2.) Samsonite S’cure DLX Review
#3.) Samsonite Lite-Locking Suitcase
#4.) Samsonite Neopulse 28 Reviews
#5.) Samsonite Termo Young
#6.) Samsonite Aeris Review
#7.) Samsonite Flux Reviews
#8.) Samsonite Spinner Suitcase
#9-10) Coming soon!

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 Top #1 Pick: Samsonite Lite Shock Review

Samsonite Lite Shock Suitcase

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The Samsonite lite shock is a popular is a hardside spinner suitcase.

If you travel w/ fragile items (i.e. air dryers, electric razors, etc) you’ll want a suitcase w/ extra framing on the corners.

Samsonite Lite-Shock is a very dependable option.

It’s made using Samsonite’s new Curv material, making it shock + impact resistant.

The shock-absorbing shell is perfect safe-guarding your personal items. It’s also very lightweight at only 6 pounds (one of the lightest available!)

Samsonite offers multiple sizes.

The Lite-Shock is very expensive, but it’s a nice luxury for those wanting a durable, lightweight suitcase..

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#2.) Samsonite S’cure DLX Review

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The Samsonite S’cure DLX Spinner is an affordable hardside suitcase w/ 360° spinner wheels (for easy mobility).

Buyers say it’s easy to move in tight areas such as crowds, lines or through city streets.

Samsonite S’Cure DLX Models:

  • 20-inch: 6.4 pounds
  • 28-inch: 10.2 pounds
  • 30-inch: 11 pounds

Inside there’s multiple compartments, making organization easy:  shoe compartment, shirt compartment + laundry bag

The DLX suitcase is made w/ hardened material for extra frame support — The shock-absorbing shell can safely transport fragile items (even if tossed by baggage handlers).

Includes 3-point lock system to keep it from jarring open and TSA Lock for added security.

Buyers love the S’cure DLX because of its price and 360 spinner wheels.

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#3.) Samsonite Lite Locked Suitcase

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The Samsonite Lite-Lock suitcase is expensive, but stronger than other hardside suitcases.

It’s built w/ a specialized shell for high-impact situations — another benefit of the shell, is that it’s very lightweight.

The Lite-Lock weights only 5.7 pounds.

Inside you will see a divider pad which makes organizing a lot easier.

It also includes a TSA safety lock to ensure it doesn’t open if thrown.

Downside is that the Samsonite Lite-Lock is extremely expensive.

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#4.) Samsonite Neopulse 28 Reviews

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The Samsonite Neopulse is a hardside suitcase that’s very lightweight.

It weighs only 6.5 pounds which is much lower than similar size suitcases — buyers who travel often, absolutely love it.

It has a modern aesthetic and comes with reinforced corners which protect it from impacts or (bad airport handling).

The suitcase safety locks prevent it from jarring open from hard impacts.

Also, there won’t be any visible dents or scratches on the exterior shell thanks to the Curv™ material technology.

On the interior, it includes double zipper dividers on the top and bottom. This will not only help with better organizing but also keep everything in place even when traveling on uneven and bumpy roads.

It’s best for frequent, short traveling. You can purchase larger size suitcases if you need to pack items for 5+ days. 


  • Size: 69 x 46 x 27 cm
  • Capacity: 74 liters
  • Weight: 6.5 pounds (2.90 kg)
  • Made with Curv™ material
  • Carry handle: Yes
  • TSA Safety lock: 3 point locking
  • Double zipper divider pads
  • Elastic cross ribbons
  • Color options: 7
  • Frustration-free packaging

Potential Flaws

  • Out of stock at the time of writing this review

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#5.) Samsonite Termo Young Review

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The Samsonite Termo is a hardside suitcase designed with durability in mind

Specialized Curv™technology material used to create the exterior of the case is built to cope with impact – helps if you are a frequent traveler using major airports.

 ⭐⭐ Best Samsonite Suitcase for Family Travel ⭐⭐

Busy airports tend to have cargo crews who are crunched for time. Especially during the holiday season, you might not see your luggage handled with care.

Equipped with the TSA Safety Lock, your suitcase will not pop open. It is slightly heavier than the other Samsonite suitcases on my list though at 12.5 pounds (5.7 kg). 

I personally think it is best for family travel or those wanting a durable suitcase capable of holding a lot of clothes.


  • Size: 85 x 56 x 34 cm
  • Capacity: 120 liters
  • Weight: 12.5 pounds (5.7 kg)
  • TSA Safety lock: 3 point locking system
  • Made with Samsonite Curv™ material
  • Top and side carry handle
  • Color options: 4
  • Cheaper than other Samsonite suitcases
  • Frustration-free packaging

Potential Flaws

  • Heavier than other Samsonite suitcases

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#6.) Samsonite Aeris Review

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The Aeris Spinner is perfect for anyone looking wanting an organized hardside suitcase.

It’s made to enable any users to organize their clothes by type and keep track of where everything is packed.

It has multiple divider pads for easy sorting and zipper pockets for packing smaller clothing such as socks or underwear. With the ribbons, you can secure your clothes and make sure they won’t get crumpled or mixed even when you travel for a longer period of time.

It’s best for those who like having a suitcase where you can organize every piece of clothing and have them fixed in one place.


  • Size: 81 x 59 x 34 cm
  • Capacity: 118.5 liters
  • Weight: 11.9 pounds (5.4 kg)
  • Made with Samsonite Curv™ material
  • Top and side carry handle
  • Safety lock: 3-point locking TSA
  • Mesh divider pad
  • Zipped pocket on the top
  • Double cross ribbons
  • Shell dividers
  • Frustration-free packaging

Potential Flaws

  • Fragile wheels
  • Very heavy

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#7.) Samsonite Flux Review

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If you’re looking for the quality of a Samsonite suitcase, but want to stay on a budget, then the Flux-Spinner is the perfect suitcase for you.

Besides offering the same durability, it also has the versatility of a standard Samsonite suitcase, but at a lower price.

 ⭐⭐ Best Samsonite Suitcase for Modern Look ⭐⭐

360 degrees turning wheels give the mobility that will allow you to carry this suitcase to any destination, regardless of the weather or terrain.

The dividing pads cross ribbons will keep your clothes organized.

It weighs only 9.8 pounds (4.5 kgs), which is incredibly lightweight for its size, so you can use it for family travels and pack everything for two or more people.

It’s best to get as one of the most affordable Samsonite suitcases that provides the same quality of the brand.


  • Size: 81 x 55 x 36 cm
  • Capacity: 145 liters
  • Weight: 9.8 pounds (4.5 kg)
  • Safety lock: 3-point locking TSA
  • Top and side carry handle
  • Zipper divider pad
  • Elastic cross ribbons
  • Color options: 8
  • Very lightweight for the size
  • Frustration-free packaging


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#8.) Samsonite S’cure Spinner Suitcase

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Besides being made with a hard shell to resist impacts, it has an outside seal that reduces the amount of moisture that enters the suitcase. This protects your close from harmful mold or moisture when you travel to places with high humidity or rainy periods.

The outside design of the Spinner is made so any scratches or dents on it will be minimally visible, which means that your suitcase will look brand new for years. And you get to choose from 10 different colors so you can get a suitcase color that matches your style.

It’s best for those who want a lightweight large suitcase that protects from both impact and mold.


  • Size: 81 x 55 x 35 cm
  • Capacity: 138 liters
  • Weight: 11 pounds (5 kg)
  • Safety lock: 3-point locking TSA
  • Top and side carry handle
  • Zipper divider pad
  • Lowered cross ribbons
  • Side pocket

Potential Flaws

  • Thin inside plastic

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** I’ll be adding #9-10 best Samsonite Suitcase later this Fall. Stay tuned!

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