Top 10 Toilet Bidet Combo Canada

Toilet Bidet Combo Canada. 

Updated: November 2020 

For those who can afford a luxury toilet integrated bidet, there are a lot of good options.

The high-end models offer 100% hands-free experience and lots of spray options.

Below is my list for best integrated bidet toilets based on price, features, and overall buyer reviews.

Prices range, $979 – $5499.

Best Integrated Bidet Toilet Canada

#1.) Toto G500 Integrated Toilet

toto g500 washlet toilet

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Toto G500 toilet is a dual-max flushing toilet with option 1.28 or 0.9 GPF (gallons per flush).

It comes w/ built-in sensors which automatically flush + close the lid when you finish.

G500 toilet includes a full-feature remote control:

– select type of wash
– heated toilet seat
– water pressure + water temp

– new air deodorizer
– warm air dryer = no toilet paper

Best of all, the it automatically self-sanitizes the bowl and bidet nozzles. (very low maintenance!)

Very good high-end toilet with affordable price.

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#2.) Kohler Skirted Toilet Review

kohler skirted bidet toilet

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The Kohler Veil Skirted is a modern, dual-flush toilet.

It’s a true tankless bidet that provides you unlimited warm water for washes.

Toilet System: Dual flush

Efficiency: 1.28 gpf

Kohler Veil’s stainless steel nozzles are durable + provide a steady water stream for frontal or rear wash.

It also includes a remote control — other features include:

adjustable water temperature, heated seat + warm air dryer

Buyers love its 100% hands-free function and powerful flush.

As an integrated bidet toilet, the Kohler Veil is very expensive.

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#3.) Toto Neorest 700H Review

toto neorest toilet

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The Neorest is a very expensive bidet toilet.

It’s unique design makes it easy to clean + simple installation.

Toilet System: Double Cyclone

Efficiency: 1.0 gpf

Double cyclone flushing system is specialized for keeping your toilet bowl clean. (No skids or water residue!)

Also comes w/ SoftClose seat + automatic flushing, making it 100% hands-free.

Offers 5 different washes:

rear cleanse, soft-rear, frontal, oscillating massage + pulsating spray

Buyers love its automated sensors + automatic soft-close lid. 

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#4.) Ove Decors Smart Toilet

ove decors smart toilet

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The Ove Decors Smart Toilet is an efficient, 1.28 gallons (per flush) toilet.

It lets you pre-program settings for up to 2 users — water temperature, type of wash + water pressure.

With a heated seat + built-in warm air dryer, it’s a nice luxury in the winter.

Smart Toilet is a larger toilet: 31″ x 17″ x 24″ deep — the extra width and height appeal to taller users above 6 ft. tall

Buyers love its comfortability, remote control functions + self-cleaning feature.

Ove Decors Smart Toilet is another very expensive model.

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#5.) Woodbridge T-0008 Review

woodbridge bidet toilet

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The WoodBridge T-0008 is a luxury bidet toilet that’s affordable.

What makes it special — as a  luxury bidet toilet, it offers several wash types:

feminine wash, posterior stream, oscillating pressure (frontal or back) + gentle massage wash

The stainless steel nozzle is self-cleaning which reduces maintenance.

Additional features include heated seat (5 heating levels), LED light circling the bowl, and warm air dryer.

Lots of positive buyer reviews + affordable price make it one of the most popular online.

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#6.) Toto Carolina Bidet Toilet Combo

toto carolina washlet toilet

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This bidet toilet combines Toto Carolina 1.28 GPF toilet + luxury Toto S350e washlet.

A powerful toilet, it utilizes Toto’s advanced ‘Tornado Flushing System’– includes sanitation spray around the bowl, avoiding build-up.

You can adjust the temperature + pressure settings to get just the right clean every time. The seat is heated and there’s a built-in nightlight for user convenience.

Warm air dryer will ensure that you are both clean and dry after every use.

There’s also a built-in deodorizer to keep your bathroom smelling fresh.

Buyers mention how comfortable + easy to install it was.

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#7.) Toto G400 Review

toto g400 washlet toilet

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Toto G400 Washlet Toilet has an oval base design making it easy to clean.

This model is one of the moderately priced options on this list.

G400 is WaterSense Certified, which also makes it an environmentally friendly w/ less water waste.

Heated seat keeps users warm even in cold weather and there’s a warm air dryer so that users can dry without toilet paper.

A premist feature and special Toto bowl glaze helps keep it easy maintenance.

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#8.) Bio Bidet Integrated Toilet

bio bidet ib835 toilet

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The Bio Bidet IB835 is fully operational w/ the remote control or wall panel.

Includes a massage feature, a warm air dryer and a built-in deodorizer (which keeps it smelling fresh)

Moderately priced model that is popular with owners. People who own it love the heated seat and appreciated the fact that the toilet bowl stays clean after every use.

There’s also a power save setting, making this an environmentally friendly option designed to reduce the use of electricity.

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#9.) Toto Neorest 550H Review

toto neorest toilet

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The TOTO Neorest 550H is one of the most expensive bidet toilet combos available.

As a washlet bidet, the Neorest 550H comes with 3 wash options: front, rear and soft massage

Its unique oval design helps eliminate areas where grime builds-up and using the SanaGloss bowl glaze, it makes sure waste is remove effectively.

Neorest 550H toilet also comes w/ automatic flush system making it a hands-free experience.

Expensive price tag, but lots of positive buyer reviews.

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#10.) Toto C200 Bidet Toilet Combo

toto c200 washlet toilet

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For this model, Toto paired the Carolina toilet w/ Toto C200 washlet.

Powered via remote control, you can change the heated seat temp + activate the built-in air dryer (5 settings).

Toto ceramic glaze inside ensures your toilet bowl stays clean. Also Tornado flushing system will rinse to help keep it clean. (good for consecutive users)

Model also has a premist feature, providing extra assurance that all waste will be removed with every flush.

Buyers were happy w/ its easy install + affordable price.

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