Colzer 140 Pint Dehumidifier Review – Model #PD582A

Colzer 140 Pints Dehumidifier. 

The Colzer dehumidifier 140 pint dehumidifier is a large-capacity dehumidifier.

It’s a newer model, but already is starting to gain momentum — lots of positive buyer reviews!

As a dehumidifier it offers 2 modes of operation.

1. Dehumidifier (regular)

2. Dry clothes

Buyers say the “dry clothes” feature works really well, especially in smaller rooms – perfect for anyone who hand-washes a lot of their clothes.

On regular settings, the Colzer 140 pint Best Dehumidifier is ideal for large rooms:

basements, garages, motor homes, workout rooms, etc.

Colzer Dehumidifier 140 Pints

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Colzer 140 Pints Dehumidifier Review

Compared to similar-priced dehumidifiers, the Colzer 140 pint has better coverage and simpler controls.

Most websites, (including Amazon) say it can dehumidify areas up to 6000 sq. ft. — however, looking at the Colzer website it states 8000 sq. ft. which I assume is the accurate number.

In any case, the Colzer dehumidifier can handle a large area.

Area Size: 8000 sq. ft.

Room Size: 80 x 100 ft.

For easy-use, you are able to set a room’s relative humidity level (RH).

FYI: Ideal humidity level for homes is 45-60%

The Colzer 140 pint dehumidifier is designed with a 8 liter water tank.

When the tank needs to be emptied, there’s a built-in notification system and a light will go on — if you’re unable to empty it, the dehumidifier will automatically shutoff to avoid overflowing.

As a basement dehumidifier, the Colzer 140 pint dehumidifier includes a hose for continuous drainage (or direct drain) function.

Simply connect the hose to the dehumidifier and the other end to a drain — this means you won’t have to empty the water bin, making it super easy maintenance.

Other features:

LED control panel, child lock mode, fan speeds, auto defrost

For smaller rooms, Colzer offers a 70 pint dehumidifier as well.

Colzer Dehumidifier 140 Pint

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What’s Included:

  • Colzer dehumidifier – arrives 90% preassembled
  • Drainage hose (3.2 ft.)
  • 8 liter water tank
  • User manual 

Colzer Dehumidifier 140 Pints:

  • Dehumidifier Model: PD582A
  • Capacity: 140 pints (17.5 gallons)
  • Coverage: 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 51 pounds
  • Water Tank: 8 liters
  • Temperatures: 41°F – 95°F
  • Power Consumption: 640W
  • Continuous drainage for basements
  • “Dry Clothes” mode
  • Multiple fan speeds

Colzer Dehumidifier 140 Pints

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Colzer 140 Pints Commercial Dehumidifier

The Colzer 140 pints dehumidifier is not cheap, but that should be expected with a commercial dehumidifier.

However, it comes with a lot of the functions that other large-capacity units don’t.

relative humidity setting, dry clothes mode, easy continuous drainage set-up

As a basement dehumidifier, it’s one of the best — buyers say that setting up the continuous drainage feature is super easy. The hose is included so you won’t have to worry about finding the right fit.

Colzer 140 pint is also great for drying clothes.

Most buyers use it strictly as their basement dehumidifier, but I’m sure it works well for drying clothes (ideally in a small bathroom).

For those living in a humid area, the Colzer 140 pint dehumidifier makes life a lot easier.

So far it’s received stellar buyer reviews which definitely makes it worth considering.

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