The Dyson Animal Canister Vacuum Review

Dyson Animal Canister Vacuum.

Dyson is always the leader in vacuum cleaners. The wide range of its products can satisfy any customer’s demand. And Dyson Animal canister vacuum is one of the best unit presented by engineers. This lightweight and compact Dyson owns many highlights in features and technology.

It comes equipped with the latest Two Tier Radial cyclone technology – this allows it to extract more microscopic particles using centrifugal force up to 193,000G. It includes Dyson Ball technology for better maneuverability in tight spots around the house. This includes bathrooms, closets and staircase platforms.

Lastly a revolutionary tool called the Tangle-Free Turbo Tool implements two counter rotating brush heads to remove pesky pet hair and the Carbon fiber floor tool to capture dust on types of floors.

As an aside, buyer love the attachable cleaning tools as well The combination tool and a stair cleaning tool increase the efficiency of cleaning around the house. As a canister vacuum cleaner, the Dyson Animal does it all!

Dyson Canister Vacuum Review

The Dyson Vacuum Cleaner offers some remarkable features you want to have in vacuum: light construction, simple operation and best results.

It works at full capacity with Two Tier Radial cyclones. The dirty air is sucked and spun at high speed around a vertical axis in the outer cyclone to exclude large debris. Inside are 32 inner cyclones that work in parallel across two tiers – they are designed to separate tiny particulates such as pollen, mold spores, bacteria from airflow and transfer them straightly to the bin.

Compared to an upright vacuum, the Dyson Animal canister vacuum uses vortex tech which guides air seamlessly through the machine. This results in reduced noise levels that you typically get in a normal canister vacuum cleaner. Overall the Dyson Animal DC47/DC39 are engineered to keep noise levels low without losing cleaning performance.

Dyson Animal Canister Vacuum Review

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Power Cleaning & Suction

Dyson Ball technology allows this canister vacuum to turn on a dime and prevents awkward moves when pulling along different surfaces while working.

The central steering mechanism provides accurate steering and a point located near the centre of the machine helps the ball pivot on itself to change the direction exactly as you want. More wonderfully, the motor positioned towards the base will lower the center of gravity and offer better stability than other canister vacuums.

Dyson Canister Vacuum Performance

Offered in a few variations, the Dyson Animal canister vacuum cleaner includes a Trigger-head tool w/ an air-driven rotating brush bar. It is the only turbine head that is controlled at the handle – this means that no bending down is required. Simply push the button on the handle to turn the brush bar on for carpets or off when cleaning hard floors or delicate rugs.

The Dyson DC47 Animal (and Dyson DC39) also comes with a mini turbine head that is made specifically for vacuuming pet hair or dirt within confined areas, upholstery, carpeted stairs or even in the car.

Unlike the brush bars of most home vacuum cleaners, the Dyson canister vacuum includes both nylon bristles to remove ground-in dirt from carpets and rows of ultra-fine anti-static carbon fiber filaments to decrease static build-up on hard floors. Besides, Dyson canister vacuum cleaner features Tangle-Free turbine tool using flexible counter–rotating heads with brushes to delete hair and dirt from carpets. So, there is still an amazing unbroken suction without dander‘s wrapping around brush bar.

Furthermore, Dyson canister vacuum possess a combination tool consisting softer bristles to strengthen spot cleaning and a stair tool to eliminate dust from corners and against vertical edges of stairs.

The last thing is emptying bin. This hygienic process is very quick; you just need to press a button to do. You can also see the amount of dirt because the bin is transparent.

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Dyson Animal Canister Vacuum Review

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The Bottom Line

The Dyson Canister vacuums are really built and in terms of power suction, are top-of-the-line compared to similar brand models. If you are looking to clean apartment or a small office, choosing it, you will have a portable vacuum with the strong suction and your air will be ensured.. Moreover, it will auto optimize continuous power on all floorings, specially the hard floor. No doubt, the machine is delicate where needed and powerful enough for any type of pet hair.

Overall, Dyson DC47 Canister Vacuum Cleaner is a right choice for homeowners who desire a higher-grade and powerful companion in cleaning. Also, everyone can feel secure because all its features are tested carefully – and if you need further convincing, take a look at the buyer review online!

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Dyson Animal Canister Vacuum Review

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