The iHelmet Hair Growth Helmet Review

iHelmet Hair Growth Helmet Review. 

If you’re in the market for hair-regrowth you might consider a hair helmet.

I was skeptical at first, but after seeing so many positive buyer reviews on Amazon it had me wondering if it really works.

Even though the iRestore Helmet is at the forefront — but a newer brand called iHelmet is not far behind. The iHelmet offers hair restoration and regrowth helmets that’s a little more affordable than similar models.

One thing users loves it that it’s designed to show zero side effects.

Buyers confirm it’s a pain-free laser hair growth helmet that’s user-friendly and effective.

Today I’ll review their newest iHelmet 88 diode hair helmet model.

iHelmet Hair Regrowth Helmet

I did some digging and found there’s only a handful of hair growth helmets that are FDA-approved — the iHelmet is one of them.

FDA 510(K) Number: K162782

As a 3rd generation hair helmet, the new iHelmet uses safe, low-powered laser diodes to gently stimulate the scalp.

Rejuvenated hair follicles prevent further hair loss and promote new hair growth!

iHelmet Hair Loss Treatment Helmet

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iHelmet Hair Growth Helmet Sizes

  • iHelmet LTD88S: 88 diodes
  • Helmet LTD160S: 160 diodes
  • Helmet LTD200S: 200 diodes

Using the iHelmet mobile app you can customize it to your needs.

Good option for both men and women who suffer from thinning or balding hair.

Since it’s one of the newer models online, there’s not too many reviews from buyers yet. However, the iHelmet brand has produced multiple hair regrowth helmet models.

Even as a new hair helmet, the 88 diode helmet is an affordable model good reviews so far.

How Hair Regrowth Helmets Work:

Did you know that when hair loss occurs, the hair follicles on the scalp merely shrink and become dormant?

They do not actually fall out or disappear!

The 200 laser diodes in the iHelmet LTD200S uses 650 nanometers (nm) of laser power to gently penetrate the scalp with pain-free lasers.

Lasers reach 3-5 mm deep on the scalp, to the very base of the hair follicles.

This supplies cell energy and nutrition to the dormant hair follicles, bringing back blood circulation and stimulating new hair growth.

With consistent stimulation, further hair loss can be prevented.

Who is the iHelmet 88S ideal for?

  • Men and women with thinning/balding hair
  • Chemotherapy patients
  • Adults with Alopecia

iHelmet Hair Regrowth LTD200S

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iHelmet 88S Reviews

The iHelmet 88S and LTD160S are both lightweight hair helmets weighing less than 1-pound!

(LTD200S weighs about 1 lbs)

Each has an elastic, silicone crown that comfortably molds to your personal head shape, which helps the lasers hit all the right spots.

 The free mobile app allows you to customize and track your own treatment plan.

Customized settings break down your treatment plan into seven treatment zones, bringing the highest laser power to the areas that need it most, with less power to the areas that don’t need it as much.

Hair Regrowth Helmet Mobile App

  • Customize your plan
  • Schedule treatment
  • Keep a record of treatment sessions
  • Take before + after photos
  • Scheduling reminders or updates

New energy adaptation feature is an important safety detail that equips the iHelmet with a temperature sensor to automatically adjust the lasers during temperature changes.

This keeps the laser-power steady during fluctuating temps ~ helps ensure a safe, even hair restoration treatment.

Another great safety feature is that it auto shuts off the lasers when the helmet loses contact with your skin. You’ll hear a beeping sound and auto shutdown alerts.

Buyers say they’re able to relax during treatments knowing it won’t malfunction or turnoff while running.

iHelmet Reviews

  • Lightweight: only 1 lb
  • Popular Model: iHelmet LTD200S
  • 650 nm/5 mw laser power
  • 200 gentle, pain-free lasers!
  • App controlled via iPhone/Android
  • Great for men and women!
  • Energy adaptation feature
  • Rejuvenates hair follicles
  • Prevents further hair loss
  • Multi-language voice control feature

Read our overview on the CNV Hair Regrowth Helmet.

iHelmet Hair Loss Treatment Helmet

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iHelmet Hair Growth Helmet Review

While scientific studies have not yet proven that lasers can regrow hair, testimonies from the iHelmet show drastic improvements and display promising results.

With the cost and possible pain involved in other hair restoration treatments, the iHelmet offers a non-invasive treatment plan that’s drug-free, painless, and without the risk of negative side effects.

Buyers like that it’s FDA approved and comes with multiple safety features. Buyers like that it’s FDA approved and comes with multiple safety features.

Includes auto-turnoff and temp regulation.

As an FDA-Cleared hair helmet, the iHelmet with 88 laser diodes is a good, affordable option.

The mobile app is also a great way to customize your hair treatment plan.

For those looking for an affordable way to prevent hair-loss, I think the iHelmet is worth considering.

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