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The LG Dual Inverter Portable AC Review : LP1419IVSM

LG Dual Inverter Portable Air Conditioner

LG Dual Inverter Portable AC. 

For those wanting a super quiet AC unit, the new LG Dual Inverter might be your best option.

Great for bedrooms or office spaces – LG LP1419IVSM operates silently and offers the highest non-commercial efficiency.

LG Model: LP1419IVSM (115v)

AC Power: 14000 BTU

Room Size: 400 – 500 sq. ft.

Designed with dual inverter motors, it’s optimized for air-flow — less friction between parts and better flow generates less noise.

It’s a little heavy duty for bedrooms, but its super quiet operation makes it one of the best portable air conditioners for light sleepers. You can also select “sleep mode” to allow it to run quieter and on less energy throughout the night.

Noise level (dB): ≤ 42 decibels

Similar Units: 50 – 62 decibels

Adding to its energy efficiency the LG LP1419IVSM also includes a self-evaporation system — it combines the dehumidifier and ac function.

Other features include:

Wi-Fi “smart” function, climate control, continuous drainage, and new “Sleep” mode (for quietest performance)

Pricing: Expensive


Dual-Inverter Portable AC:

The LG LP1419IVSM is considered a high-end portable air conditioner.

Designed with dual inverter technology it has a dual rotary compressor and twin rotors. This allows it to run more efficiently than comparable models.

Simple explanation ~ It’s like having 2 units operating in 1 machine

Benefits of a dual inverter:

The stand-out benefit is quieter operation.

It’s 10-30% quieter than similar 10,000 BTU air conditioners

Buyers reviews say they’re surprised by quietly it runs — for those who are light-sleepers, this might be the one to get.

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LG LP1419IVSM Air Conditioner Review:

Another nice benefits is the WiFi “Smart” functionality w/ mobile app and voice control.

The LG portable air conditioner syncs w/ your home WiFi — once connected, the LG SmartThinQ mobile app becomes your remote control.

Buyers say that it’s super helpful if they forget to turn it off or want to pre-cool rooms ahead of time.

SmartThinQ – Mobile App:

Standout feature — ability to set your desired room temperature.

Most portable ACs let you increase or decrease power, but don’t let you choose the actual temperature — it’s a luxury feature that buyers love!

You can also sync w/ Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control.

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LG LP1419IVSM Reviews:

If you live in a humid area the built-in dehumidifier will be useful.

At max power, the dehumidifier is can remove 6.8 pints per hour — more than 20 gallons per day!

Dehumidifier: 163.2 pints daily

Looking online, a brand new 70-pint dehumidifier costs $200-300.

At twice the capacity, the LG portable air conditioner is a powerhouse — it also includes water full indicator (when to empty the bucket) and continuous drainage.

Continuous drainage: lets you connect a hose to a drain or sink. This way you don’t need to empty the water bin + it can operate continuously throughout the day.

Because of its quieter operation + powerful dehumidifier, the LG is very versatile.

Plus being a portable AC unit, you can easily move it to another area of your home (if needed).

LG LP1419IVSM Review:

Overall, the LG dual-inverter is a top option for cooling large rooms (up to 500 sq. ft.).

The stand-out features include:

There’s not many reviews yet, but that’s because it’s very to on the market.

Downside is the expensive price tag.

It’s an expensive portable air conditioner — many would consider it a luxury unit.

However, LG is known for producing durable air conditioners. By purchasing this specific unit, you can expect it to run smoothly for 4+ years.

You’ll also save money on the reduced energy costs.

Depending on your situation, I think the LG dual inverter portable air conditioner is an option worth considering.

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LG Dual Inverter Portable AC Review:

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