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Home Security Camera Review

Best Rated Security Camera 2019.

Update: Interesting video interviewing an ex-burglar — Here’s why you shouldn’t place a security camera too high.  Watch Here >>

Top picks list: 

#1.) Arlo Pro 2 Camera
#2.) Blink XT Security Cam
#3.) Ring Stick-Up Camera
#4.) Nest Indoor Security Cameras
#5.) Ring Floodlight Camera
#6.) Panasonic HomeHawk System
#7.) Nest Outdoor Security Cameras
#8.) Ring Pro Doorbell Camera
#9.) Canary Flex Security Camera
#10.) Ring Alarm Home Security System
Notable — Ring Elite Doorbell Camera

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#1 Pick: Arlo Pro 2 Security Cameras

Arlo Pro Home Security Camera System

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Arlo Pro 2 Security System comes w/ 3 cameras.

Specialized cameras are weatherproof — use as indoor or outdoor video monitoring!

Using the mobile app you can watch a realtime video on your phone or tablet. (saves videos for 7-days in the Cloud)

Really cool feature is the 3-second look-back — if an alert is triggered, you can quickly look back to see what triggered it.

Buyers love that Arlo Pro is easy to install + love the HD video quality.

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#2.) Blink XT Home Security Camera System

Blink Home Security System

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The Blink XT connects via WiFi + runs on batteries. (lasts 2-yrs on AA batteries)

Option to purchase 1-10 cams — you can easily organize them using the Blink app. (i.e. “outdoor cameras” or “upstairs cameras”)

Security cameras perform in any weather: cold, hot, windy or wet (they’re waterproof!)

Using the mobile app you can stream realtime video in HD quality.

You can also set alerts for motion or other changes — If triggered you’ll get an alert on your phone.

Blink XT security cameras are moderately priced easy to install.

Buyers love the night vision feature and user-friendly app.

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#3.) Ring Stick-Up Security Camera

Ring Night Vision Security Camera

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The Ring Stick-Up Cam very popular + affordable.

Using the mobile app, you can watch a live video stream.

It includes a motion detection sensors — if tripped, you get an alert on your phone (through the app).

Ring Stick-Up also comes w/ night-vision.

Good option as deck or pool-side smart camera.

Security System connects via WiFi + includes a battery (in case of electricity outage).

Buyers say they love the motion detector: garages, basements, backyards + offices!

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#4.) Nest Indoor Home Security Cam

nest home security camera with app

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Nest home security camera is a top seller online.

You’re able to watch realtime video using the Nest App — quality is 1080p HD (very crisp!) + 24 hour continuous recording (for 10-30 days).

Security camera gives 130° view + includes motion detection (and sends an alert to your phone).

It easily connects to your WiFi — Buyers confirm that it takes 3-5 mins to install.

Nest is a favorite among parents.

Many user have a notification for when their kids get home from school.

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#5.) Ring Floodlight Cameras + Motion Detectors

Ring Camera Motion Detector

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Ring Floodlight Camera is motion-activated w/ excellent HD video quality.

Security system is triggered by motion or someone who rings your doorbell — when it rings, you’re notified on your phone (using the Ring App).

Also features 2-way audio system letting you communicate w/ your invited (or uninvited) guest through your phone.

Features include siren alarm and floodlight.

Buyers found this system affordable, convenient + easy to install.

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#6.) Panasonic HomeHawk Home Camera

Panasonic HomeHawk Camera

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Panasonic HomeHawk is a security camera system connected via WiFi.

It comes w/ full-color night vision + 2-way audio.

The camera has a wider spectrum than most at 172° — perfect for large rooms, home offices, or as a garage security camera.

HomeHawk is a newer model, but so far has gotten excellent buyer reviews!

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#7.) Nest Outdoor Security Cameras

Nest Home Security Camera

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Nest’s Outdoor Cameras are connected via WiFi + provide 1080p HD video.

The mounted security camera has a 130º field-of-view. There’s also 4X zoom using the Nest App and a new night-vision feature.

Also includes 2-way audio — lots of buyers use it to tell their dog to back come inside (random, I know!)

There’s also a monthly subscription option (fairly inexpensive!) which gives you 24/7 recording + realtime alerts.

As outdoor security cameras, they’re very durable waterproof and withstand strong winds.

Nest outdoor security cam is very popular + lots of positive buyer reviews.

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#8.) Ring Doorbell Pro w/ Camera

Ring Camera Doorbell Pro

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Ring Video Doorbell Pro is perfect for monitoring visitors + package deliveries.

It comes w/ 2-way talk feature — easily communicate w/ guests or a delivery man (or suspicious visitors)/

Runs off existing power from the doorbell wiring, so you don’t need to charge it or change the batteries.

Buyers say it’s easy to install + enjoy the unlimited video storage upgrade.

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#9.) Canary Flex Home Security Cameras

Canary Flex Security Camera

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Canary Flex HD Security Camera comes w/ 3 cameras.

It detects when people visible + can be programmed for specific alerts (i.e. when a door is opened).

Pre-programmed numbers — call the police or emergency services by pressing 1-button.

Camera system is weatherproof and can be plugged in or run wire-free.

It comes w/ 2-way talk feature means you can talk to people inside your home or on your doorstep through your smartphone.

Buyers find it user-friendly and like that the settings can be adjusted to satisfy their needs.

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#10.) Ring Alarm Home Security System

Ring Home Security System

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Ring Home Security System is very popular online.

It comes w/ Mobile App functionality giving you realtime alerts + a log of activity

Personally I think it’s the best security system for parents — see a log of activity and scheduling alerts (i.e. get a message when your kids are home from school)

⭐⭐ Best Security System w/ Monthly Plan ⭐⭐

Ring Security System is a 5-piece kit: motion detector, range extender, base station, contact sensor + keypad

Personally, I love the optional home protection plan — it costs $10/month for 24/7 home monitoring (cancel any time.)

According to reviews, buyers found it easy to install + love the affordable monthly plan

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Notable — Ring Elite Doorbell Security Camera

Ring Elite Video Camera

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Ring Video Doorbell Elite has a live-camera feed — it’s an upgraded version of w/ 1080 HD video quality.

Elite model comes w/ 2-way talk system which connects to your WiFi. — controlled through your computer or smartphone.

Buyers love the HD video quality and live streaming (via mobile app).

More expensive than others, but has positive reviews + latest smart security features.

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