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Best Portable Dishwashers Review

Portable dishwashers are a modern solution for smaller kitchens, shared apartments, and special occasions. They’re also more affordable than traditional dishwashers.

Here’s my picks for best portable dishwashers available.

#1.) SPT Energy Star Portable Dishwasher
#2.) Danby Countertop Dishwasher
#3.) EdgeStar Portable Dishwasher
#4.) Homelabs Countertop Dishwasher
#5.) SPT Countertop Dishwasher
#6.) Magic Chef Portable Dishwasher
#7.) SPT Countertop Dishwasher
#8.) Ivation Portable Dishwasher
#9-10) Coming soon!

** FYI  dishwasher links go to Amazon (which typically has the best price)

✅ #1 Top Pick: SPT Energy Star Portable Dishwasher

SPT Portable Dishwasher

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Although it’s the most expensive on my list, the Energy Star Dishwasher has benefits that make it worth the extra money.

First – it’s on wheels making it the best portable dishwasher if you have space — very easy to wheel into a closet or panty!

Designed to pack in 8 full place settings and comes w/ 6 different wash cycle settings.

⭐⭐ Best Portable Dishwasher with Wheels ⭐⭐

Since it’s twice as tall as countertop dishwashers it has 2 racks, including an upper rack that’s adjustable. This makes it very easy for users to fit dishes of different sizes.

Energy Star Dishwasher also has a time delay feature — you can save money by operating during non-peak energy hours.

FYI: typical “off-peak hours” are 8:00pm – 7:00am (and depends on location and season)

Dishwasher adapter easily attaches to your faucet and consumes 3.65 gallons per wash.

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#2.) Danby Countertop Dishwasher (DDW611)

Danby Portable Dishwasher in White

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Danby Countertop Dishwasher is an Energy Star Rated portable dishwasher — designed to use less electricity and conserve water.

Model fits 6 place settings and comes w/ 6 wash cycle options

It’s fairly spacious and includes flex-racks for silverware and cuttlery

Buyers found that it was very easy to set it up and does a great job washing pots and pans (which are the most difficult to wash)

** Danby also makes a larger portable dishwasher on wheels View it Here >>

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#3.) EdgeStar Portable Countertop Dishwasher (DWP62SV)

EdgeStar Portable Dishwasher

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There are 7 wash cycles to choose from on the Edge Star Portable Dishwasher.

With low noise of 52.3 decibels (dB) it’s designed to fit 6 place settings at a time. The cutlery basket can be removed easily for user convenience + a small rack folds down for mugs.

Another bonus feature with this model is that it’s designed to use less energy and less water of 2.85 gallons per wash.

This EdgeStar portable dishwasher has a very high customer satisfaction ranking — Buyers love the stainless steel interior and how quietly it operates at night.

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#4.) Homelabs Countertop Portable Dishwasher

Homelabs Portable Dishwasher

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If you’re looking for a portable dishwasher, the hOmeLabs Countertop Dishwasher offers easy set up, 1-button controls, and streak-free dishes.

It’s the most affordable portable dishwasher on my list and has more space than comparative models.

⭐⭐ Best Portable Dishwasher for Price Value ⭐⭐

In terms of size, you can wash 6 full sets of dishes at once — includes a rack which folds down to place mugs and cups. You’ll love how it optimizes every inch of space.

For washing there’s 6 wash cycle options — whether you need a quick wash or a power scrub, the Homelabs portable dishwasher has a presetting for it.

Little heavy at approx. 40 pounds, but very easy to set up  connect hose to a sink and you’re it’s ready to go!

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#5.) SPT Countertop Dishwasher (SD-2224DS)

SPT Dishwasher

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You’ll pay a little bit more for the SPT Countertop Dishwasher, but it may be worth it.

There are 7 different wash cycles including a delayed-start option. Fill it up and set it to run as much as 8 hours later (during non-peak energy hours).

Includes an LED display which tells you how much time remains in the wash cycle + provides alerts (i.e. problem w/ water pressure or if the rinse aid is running low)

It’s a countertop dishwasher designed to fit on a kitchen counter and easily connects to your faucet.

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#6.) Magic Chef Portable Dishwasher (MCSCD6)

Magic Chef Dishwasher

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Buyers of the Magic Chef Countertop Dishwasher expressed a high level of satisfaction with its performance.

Magic Chef portable dishwasher has 5 different wash settings + space to clean 6 full place settings at once.

An anti-flood device is built in to ensure that this model won’t leak. People who bought it complimented that feature.

Users noted that it is very quiet when it runs and how it’s able to wash glass without streaks

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#7.) SPT Countertop Dishwasher

SPT Portable Dishwasher

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People who purchased the SPT Countertop Dishwasher were very happy with its performance.

Like most countertop dishwashers, this model can wash 6 place settings at a time and has a removable cutlery rack. There is also a rack that folds down for mugs.

6 cycle options let users do a quick wash or power scrub. Also has delayed start option for those who want to load the dishwasher and run it later.

SPT model is designed w/ alert indicators that let you know if there’s water pressure problem or if rinse-aid is low

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#8.) Ivation Portable Dishwasher

Ivation White Portable Dishwasher

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Wash up to 6 place settings at once with the Ivation Portable Dishwasher.

Full stainless steel interior — Like other countertop dishwashers it has a cup rack that folds down and cutlery basket that can be removed.

Ivation portable dishwasher is designed to run with water up to 148℉ and it has 6 different washing cycles to meet all your dishwashing needs.

Easily connects to a sink faucet (no assembly required!) — set it on your countertop, connect the hose to the tap, load it and start washing dishes.

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** I’ll add #9-10 best portable dishwashers soon! Stay tuned!

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