Home Energy Checklist in 2021

Home Energy Guide

The Home Energy Checklist Ever since the 1980’s, energy conservation has been a hot topic of discussion. Renewable energy allows us to protect the environment, reduce waste and by-products, conserve natural resources, and save money. Today, people have become more socially responsible and with the green energy movement gaining momentum, eco-friendly has become the new … Read more

Best Type of Portable Generators – Which is Right for You?

Solar Portable Generator for Home

The Best Type of Portable Generators. Since a portable generator has so many uses, there’s a lot of factors to consider when sizing one for a specific need. First, examine what applications the portable generator will be used for, including all appliances and length of activity. A portable generator’s running time is usually measured at … Read more

Jackery Explorer 240 Power Station Review

Jackery 240 Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 240 Review.  Jackery is a newer brand to hit the market, but they’ve already listed top selling portable generators. In only one year, they offer two of the most popular models on Amazon. One thing that separates the Jackery Explorers from other portable generators is how super lightweight they are – in fact, … Read more

10 Best Portable Inverter Generator 2021

Portable Inverter Generator for Home Use

Best Portable Inverter Generators.  Owning dependable portable inverter generator can give you peace of mind. A portable generator is good for powering large appliances, but an inverter generator is added versatility. Equipped with an inverter module, an inverter generator can safely transfer DC into AC, therefore letting you power sensitive devices as well as larger … Read more

Top 6 Best Honda Generator Reviews

Honda Generator Reviews

Best Honda Generator 2021.  Honda is known for cars, but have applied their engine technology into producing portable generators. Today they produce some of the most popular portable generators for home, camping and RVs – they are more affordable, have better safety features, and are more fuel efficient than most generators on the market. They’re … Read more

Jackery 440 Power Station Review

Jackery 440 Battery Generator

Jackery 440 Explorer Review.  Jackery is a newer brand, but already getting positive reviews for their portable generators. Unlike others, their portable generators are very lightweight — many of their models weigh less than 15 pounds and include an easy-to-carry handle. It’s powered through a rechargeable lithium-ion battery — no fumes or exhaust means you … Read more

Top 10 Best Generac Portable Generator Reviews

Generac Portable Generator Review

Best Generac Portable Generators. Portable generators are solutions to storm-induced power outages, modern camping, and construction projects. In this article, we have researched the best Generac generators online – many of the lighter models are ideal portable generators, while others are heavier and may be more suitable for home emergency backup power, or generators for … Read more

Top 5 Best Bosch Dishwasher 2021

Best Bosch Dishwashers

Best Bosch Dishwashers. A dishwasher is a good longterm investment for any household. It saves you time, does its job better than any individual person could hope to, shrinks your home utility bill, and the new models conserve energy and water. Dishwashers are also better at sanitizing your dishes, too, because they use much hotter … Read more

Top 10 Best Garbage Disposal

Best Garbage Disposal Under Sink Image

Best Garbage Disposal Reviews.  Modern garbage disposals come w/ new features: anti-vibration frame, high speed motors + easy install To help you in your search, below are my rankings for best garbage disposal in 2020. I rated them based on price, motor speed, horsepower, and buyer reviews. Prices range from, $179 to $349. ✅ Top #1 Pick: InSinkErator Evolution … Read more

Jackery HLS 290 Review : Honda Portable Power Station

Jackery Portable Power Station

Jackery HLS 290 Review.  Jackery recently partnered with Honda to produce a top selling, battery-powered portable power station (generators). It features 292 watt-hour energy storage that’s 100% emission-free. No fumes or exhaust means you can safely use it indoors! So far it has received positive ratings — buyers love its light-weight feel and affordable price. … Read more