Top 10 Best French Door Refrigerator Reviews 2020

Best French Door Refrigerator Review

Best French Door Refrigerator Reviews. By definition a French door refrigerator has two side-by-side doors and a bottom freezer. For modern homes they are the most popular style because of their convenience — shelving is at eye level, split doors make it easy to organize, and the pull out freezer is easily accessible. With so … Read more

Jackery 500 Review : Explorer Portable Power Station

Jackery Explorer 500 Portable Generator

Jackery 500 Power Station Review.  The new Jackery 500 portable power station is a slight upgrade from the original Jackery Explorer 440. Compared to similar size portable generators, it’s super lightweight and one of the most portable models available. Weight: 13.32 pounds Recharge: 7.5 hours Some of the nicer upgrades is the faster recharge time … Read more

Top 5 Best Commercial Ice Makers

Commercial Ice Maker Machine. If you own a food establishment, having a dependable ice maker can save you a lot of headaches. Today’s options offer rapid ice production and top features.  adjustable ice thickness, timer schedules, large storage You can purchase through a distributor, but from buyer reviews many of the top models are available … Read more

Top 6 Best Delta Faucets for Kitchen

Best Delta Kitchen Faucets

Best Delta Faucets for Kitchen. The Delta Faucet brand is one of the mainstays for home appliances. Super popular options, their home faucets offer fast flow, auto-shutoff, and beautiful stainless steel design. Below are my picks for best Delta Faucets for kitchen use. Faucet prices range on my list range, $209 – 399. Best Delta … Read more