Portable Generator Home Wattage Chart

Power Consumption of Household Appliances

Can you guess how many watts you need to run a refrigerator + microwave?

Portable generators can be expensive — they range from $150 to $5500.

Before you decide which to buy, try to narrow down which items you’ll need to power. Once you have your list ready, add up the watts needed.

Here’s 3 charts listing power wattages:

#1.) Household Items – storms and power outages

#2.) Entertainment Items – powering electronics

#3.) Camping/RV Items – items for outdoor living

Power Consumption of Home Appliances

 Watts (running)Watts (start)
Watts to Run a Refrigerator700W2200W
Fridge (Energy Star)400W1200W
Microwave Wattage1000 - 2000W
Coffee Machine Wattage (2 cups)400 - 600W
Washing Machine Wattage1150W2300W
Window Air Conditioner Wattage (5,000 BTU)450W
Portable AC Wattage (12,000 BTU)900W
Split Heater (12k BTU)1150W
Space Heater1000W
Hot Water Heater4500W
Tower Fan (High)100W
Air Purifier (HEPA)50 - 200W
Vacuum (Corded)1200 - 1800W
MacBook (15-inch)80W
iPhone Charger5 - 12W
Hair Dryer800 - 1800W


 Watts (running)Watts (start)
LCD TV (46-inch)180 - 250
Desktop Computer800
MacBook (15-inch)80
Playstation 4165
Xbox One128
iPhone Charger5 - 12
Smart Light Bulb60

RVs and Camping:

 Watts (running)Watts (start)
RV Air Conditioner8001500
RV Space Heater1000
Slow Cooker250
TV (19-inch)125
MacBook (13-inch)60
Laptop (PC)80

Appliance Power Consumption – Conclusion:

Whether you’re looking to keep a backup power supply in case of a power outage, need it for a construction job, or for a camping trip — modern portable generators can be a good investment.

A good, durable generator should be able to last 4+ years.

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