Top 8 Best Artificial Christmas Trees Online

Best Artificial Christmas Tree Review.

Whether you’re looking for a blue spruce, white spruce or a Douglas fir, there are artificial tree options that will meet your needs.

Here’s my list of the best artificial Christmas trees available. (#2 is the best white Christmas tree)

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#1.) Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Blue Spruce Christmas Tree

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The Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce is one of the highest star-rated Christmas trees online.

I love the fact that it’s a beautiful tree, with thick boughs and 3,000 branch tips which give it a realistic look.

When assembled the 7.5 ft. Balsam Hill Spruce is 5 feet wide and can be purchased 5 different sizes (4 smaller and 1 taller)

⭐⭐ Best Artificial Christmas Tree w/ Dark Green ⭐⭐

Personally, I love how it looks w/ the dark green color and brown branches. Many of the artificial trees have a lighter green color — dark green is my preference.

The Balsam includes a tree stand which makes for easy set-up. It weighs 47 pounds so you may need help, but shouldn’t be difficult.

Another bonus with this option is that it includes gloves so that users can safely set up the tree without pricking their hands.

When purchasing you have the different height options + un-lit or lit (1,000 lights). Plus, you can also upgrade to LED lights.

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#2.) Treetopia White Christmas Tree

Best Artificial White Christmas Tree

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If you’re looking to purchase a White Christmas Tree this season, I think the Treetopia 6 ft. or 7 ft. tree is a great choice.

Slim yet full-shaped, the 6 ft tree is 32 inches wide and includes 486 branch tips. As you can see, the tree looks very thick and you can barely see the branches (which is more traditional of white trees).

⭐⭐ Best White Christmas Tree ⭐⭐

It’s one of the newer trees online, but so far has excellent buyer reviews – many mention that it looks exactly like it does in the photos.

Pre-lit w/ 300 hand-strung lights, it a gives off a nice glow at night (and looks great near a window!)

It surprised me how lightweight it is; even though it’s a full-shaped tree.

Only 17 lbs, it’s one of the lightest artificial Christmas trees on my list – super easy to setup.

Best of all – it’s surprisingly, very affordable. There’s other white trees which are cheaper and don’t look as thick. Personally I think this one is the most visually appealing.

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#3.) Balsam Hill Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Pre-Lit Christmas Tree

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The Balsam Hill Fir Premium Pre-lit Christmas tree is made of 2 types of needles and is designed for a full-tree, realistic look — 4,550 branch tips expand on this 53-inch-wide tree.

There are many features included in the price: tree stand, a storage bag and gloves. Spare bulbs and fuses are also included.

I love the fact that this Christmas tree has an on/off pedal.

The 6.5 ft. tree comes w/ 630 lights. There are 4 height options for people who need a tree that’s a different size.

This model has LED clear lights designed to offer a soft light. It is also to buy this tree with regular clear lights. Unlit Christmas trees are also available.

Very easy to assemble — however, it can take a little time fluffing the tree because of the number of branch tips, but should be fine after a few hours.

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#4.) Balsam Hill Berkshire Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Berkshire Christmas Tree

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The Balsam Hill Berkshire Fir Christmas tree has over 1,500 branch tips that help it look full and realistic.

What buyers like most is that there’s a lot of room for hanging ornaments.

Several things are included in with this Christmas tree:

  • Tree stand ; 500 lights
  • Spare bulbs ; Spare fuses
  • Gloves ; Easy storage bag

I love the fact that you don’t have to try to squeeze in behind the tree to reach the wall to unplug this tree when you want to turn it off. The on/off pedal is easy to reach and easy to operate.

There are 500 lights and 1,510 branch tips on the pre-lit version. It may take a little effort to fluff them all, but it’s worth it because they help the tree look full.

Comes in 3 size options — all sizes come w/ lit or un-lit options. You can also upgrade to multi colored lights if you want.

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#5.) Balsam Hill Vermont White Christmas Tree

Balsam Hill Vermont White Christmas Tree

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Balsam Hill Vermont White Spruce tree can be purchased as lit or unlit in 3 different height options.

Those who buy the pre-lit models will enjoy the 600 clear lights. Pre-lit models also include extra fuses + bulbs.

Comes w/ 2 types of needles to give it a more realistic look. It also has over 1,300 branch tips giving it a full-tree look. Branches are very strong and can hold mostly any type of ornament (or multiple ornaments).

No need to worry about pricking your fingers while you’re putting this tree up, because it comes with gloves — price also includes a storage bag and stand. 

I love the on/off foot pedal used to operate this tree.

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#6.) National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree

National Tree Dunhill Fir Tree

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The Dunhill Fir includes 1,500 lights which are assembled on a 12-foot tree. (which is the tallest tree on my list)

One of the nice things about this model is that it’s fire resistant.

This Dunhill Fir Tree is just over 7 ft. wide which means it’ll take up a lot of space — since it’s almost twice as tall as most of the other models on this list it may take time to fluff it out completely.

In my opinion this is the best artificial Christmas tree for large rooms w/ high ceilings.

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#7.) National Tree Douglas Fir Tree

National Tree Douglas Fir Tree

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National Downswept Douglas Fir is a pre-lit Christmas tree with 3,185 branch tips.

The extra branch tips help to ensure that the metal pole in the center is hidden away.

Sturdy branches are strong enough to hold heavy ornaments. This model looks like a thick, strong tree with multiple boughs, which adds to the decorative appeal.

900 clear lights are already mounted for convenience and the Bulb-Lock feature keeps them in place.

People who opted for this model found that it was really easy to put together. They also appreciated the fact that the tree looks very realistic.

Comes in 6 different height options w/ option as lit or pre-lit Christmas tree.

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** I’ll be adding #8 best artificial Christmas tree soon!


Both first-time and repeat artificial Christmas tree buyers have a lot of things to consider when shopping for a Christmas tree. Some models include lights, while others don’t. There are a number of height options designed to suit every type of space. There are also different types of tree models and colors.

Hopefully my list helps you find the right tree for you this season!

Best Artificial Christmas Tree Review

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