DIY Mason Jar Project for Valentines Day

DIY Mason Jar Project.

Create romantic mason jars for someone you love!

For less than $15 and 20-mins of spare time, you can have something special he or she will love – because nothing beats a romantic DIY project!

Step 1 : Here are the supplies you’ll need to get started

1.) Red spray paint, color of your choice (ideally red or pink)

2.) A decorative ribbon w/ 12-inches of yarn

3.) Painters’ tape

4.) Permanent marker

5.) 1-2 glass mason jars

6.) Box cutter for precision cutting

7.) String lights, preferably 50 LED (or whatever fits the size of the mason jar)

Romantic DIY Mason Jar Supplies

Step 2  : Prep the mason jar for design

Stick on a few stripes of painter’s tape on one side of the jar. Carefully draw any size heart on the painters’ tape using the marker.


Step 3 : Heart shaped mason jar

With a box cutter or precision knife, cut along the heart you drew on the tape.

Once ready, carefully peel the tape around the heart – painters’ tape usually won’t rip, but it is possible because of the paint.


Step 4 : Painting the jar

Coat the entire jar with spray paint.

You’ll need to wait 45-60 mins for the paint to dry – once ready, carefully peel off the taped heart.


Step 5 : Yarn and ribbon add-on (optional)

With the decorative ribbon or yarn that you’ve picked out, tie a bow around the top of the jar. It’s a nice way to add more texture to your project


Step 6 : LED Lighting or Bulbs

Add in the wire lighting – you can also choose a small, flameless candle or smart light bulb.

Congratulations! You’re ready to share with a loved one!

It looks great on a window sill or on a wood dresser.

And even if it doesn’t turn out exactly how you want, whoever you give it to will appreciate the effort!

DIY Mason Jar Project for Valentines Day

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