The 10 Best Portable Air Conditioners 2021

Portable Air Conditioner UK. 

In the UK, portable air conditioner units are becoming increasing popular among consumers.

With summer on the way, many of last years models are back in stock!

This year’s mobile air conditioners are more affordable than previous years and offer super luxury features for less than £500.

smart wi-fi control, adjustable temp, A+ energy efficiency, dehumidify mode

Prices on my list range, £229 – £649.

  1. Klarstein New Breeze 9 Mobile AC Unit
  2. Amcor SF8000E-V3 Review UK
  3. DeLonghi PAC AN98 ECO Air Conditioner
  4. Inventor Chilly 9000BTU Air Conditioner
  5. Klarstein Max Breeze Air Conditioner
  6. Delonghi PAC N76 Mobile Air Conditioner
  7. Eco Air Gelo Portable AC Unit
  8. Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 Review
  9. Jack Stonehouse Portable Air Conditioner
  10. Klarstein Max Breeze Mobile AC Unit

#1.) Klarstein New Breeze 9 Review

Klarstein New Breeze 9 Mobile AC Unit

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The Klarstein New Breeze 9 is the best portable air conditioner under £300.

As a 3-in-1 mobile ac unit – includes the air conditioner, dry/dehumidifier and 4 fan speeds.

Rooms: 40 – 50 sq. metres

Efficiency: A+ Class Rating

Pricing: Medium

Using the remote control, you can set the room temperature you want + switch modes of operation.

Super energy efficient, the Klarstein New Breeze 9 was awarded Class A+ in its class for efficiency.

Buyers say it offers fast cooling in large rooms.

Other features include:

2-timer modes, eco-friendly R32 refrigerant, easy install

Lots of positive buyer reviews — many love its affordable price.

#2.) Amcor SF8000E-V3 Portable Air Conditioner

Amcor SF8000E Air Conditioner

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Newly upgraded Amcor SF8000E-V3 is one of the best portable air conditioner uk under £300.

In terms of air conditioning it offers 7000 BTU of cooling power — ideal for bedrooms, small flats, living room areas.

Rooms: 28 – 35 sq. metres

Noise level: 54 – 65 dBs

Pricing: Affordable

As a 3-in-1 portable AC unit, the Amcor SF8000E lets you set an exact room temp, activate the dehumidifier (19.2 litres per day), or select fan speed.

Downside is its lower power size – good cooling for small room, but I suggest a De’Longhi or Klarstein for larger rooms.

Other advantages:

low power consumption, good air flow, easy to operate

Reasonable price for a small mobile ac unit.

#3.) DeLonghi Portable Air Conditioners

De'Longhi PAC AN112 Air Conditioner

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The De’Longhi PAC AN98 ECO is the best portable air conditioner under £600.

As one of the quietest portable air conditioning units available, it will always operate under 52 dB (even on max power).

Power: 10700 BTU

Areas: 100 sq.m.

Noise: 46 – 52 dBs

Because of it’s “silent” operation – I think the DeLonghi AN98 is the best portable air conditioner for bedrooms.

Good for medium or large rooms it includes a built-in thermostat.

Buyers love the new “Real Feel” function — the unit lets you set your desired temp and will auto adjust speed/power to achieve it.

Also includes a powerful dehumidifier that removes up to 36 litres daily.

The De’Longhi AN98 is very expensive, but earned A+ Class rating for its energy efficiency (which is rare).

Very good buyer reviews.

#4.) Inventor Chilly Air Conditioner

Inventor Chilly Portable Air Conditioner

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The Inventor Chilly 9000BTU would be my personal choice.

Similar to the Inventor Magic, the Chilly is an affordable and low-noise model ~ choose from multiple speeds or select new “sleep mode” for even quieter operation.

Room size: 25 – 29 sq.m.

Noise level: 47 – 52 dB

Pricing: Affordable

It weighs only 25 kgs making it one of the lightest units available.

Buyers love its ability to quickly cool rooms + easy installation. Reviews says that it took only 15-mins for the full set up.

Install: 10-20 mins

Inventor Chilly air conditioner also comes w/ a dehumidifier which removes 50L of moisture (per hour).

Dehumidifier: 50 litres daily

For its affordable price and performance — it’s quickly becoming a top seller in 2020.

Tons of happy buyer reviews!

#5.) EcoAir Artica MK2 Review

UK Ecoair Artica Air Conditioner

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The new EcoAir Artica is a top rated portable ac with 3-in-1 functionality.

FYI: better price than the EcoAir Gelo or Apollo

Bit expensive than others, but has better efficiency and WiFi capability (using the mobile app).

As an 12000 BTU EcoAir Artica covers 16-24 sq. metres. – perfect option for adjusting room temp in large rooms or entire flats.

Efficiency: A+ Grade

Pricing: Medium

Best of all it comes w/ “smart” mobile app function:

turn on/off (from anywhere!), switch to dehumidifier, select fan, or set room temp (16 – 35°C)

As a mobile air conditioner it’s one of the quietest in the UK.

Excellent option for bedrooms or a home office.

Also includes a powerful dehumidifier for when it gets too humid.

Ecoair Artica is more expensive than others, but lots of positive buyer reviews.

#6.) De’Longhi Pinguino PAC Mobile Air Conditioner

Delonghi PAC N76 Portable Air Conditioner, Blue

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The Delonghi PAC N76 mobile AC comes in blue or white — it’s ideal for maintaining cooler temps for long hours.

It’s designed for energy efficiency and received an Energy Class A certification.

Model: PAC N76

Power: 8.200 BTU

Rooms: 17

Buyers also say that it’s relatively very quiet — initially maximum power will be a bit louder, but when maintaining cooler temperature, the DeLonghi PAC N76 is nearly silent.

Noise Level: 47-50 decibels

The Delonghi PAC N76 also includes a built-in dehumidifier which can remove up to 30 liters of moisture daily.

Other features include:

remote control w/ adjustable temp, eco-friendly refrigerant (R410A), 24-hr timer

Good buyer ratings, but a very expensive UK portable air conditioning unit.

#7.) EcoAir Gelo Air Conditioning Unit

Ecoair Gelo Air Conditioner

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The EcoAir Gelo similar to the EcoAir Artica MK2 above, but is usually out of stock. 

More expensive than comparable units, but has better efficiency + WiFi functionality (using the mobile app).

Cooling: 9000 BTU

Pricing: Expensive

The 9.000 BTU EcoAir Gelo AC covers 16-26 sq. metres. and allows you to adjust the temp.

Using the mobile app, you set your desired room temp, 16°C – 30°C

What makes this portable AC different is how quietly it operates:

Noise: 49 – 53 dBs

It’s a perfect option as a bedroom air conditioner.

Read Full EcoAir Gelo Review >>

Also includes a powerful dehumidifier — very useful during peak summer months.

Overall, the EcoAir Gelo is an affordable unit w/ top features.

#8.) Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 Review

UK Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 Mobile Air Conditioner

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The Klarstein Metrobreeze 9 New York offers 3-in-1 functionality.

As a newer model, the Klarstein Metrobreeze lets you select your temperature. Buyers like that it cools rooms very fast — you will feel an immediate decrease in temperature in minutes.

Klarstein Metrobreeze will achieve your desired temp within 20-mins.

Cooling: 9000 BTU/h (2,65 kW)

Rooms: 15 – 20 sq. metres

Temperature: 17 – 30°C

The dehumidifier is also high performance — it’s able to remove 45 litres of air moisture daily. Many buyers purchased for their home office or city flat.

Added features:

easy install, sleep mode, energy-efficient compressor

Klarstein Metrobreeze is an affordable model with positive reviews.

#9.) Jack Stonehouse Air Conditioner

Jack Stonehouse Portable Air Conditioner

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Jack Stonehouse is a newer brand, but have a similar model to a popular unit in North America.

Available in two sizes for medium and large areas.

  • 9000 BTU: 20 – 25 sq. metres
  • 12000 BTU: 25- 30 sq. metres

As a 3-in-1 portable air conditioner, it offers lower noise than similar size units — on low speed, it operates at 52 decibels.

You can also switch to “sleep mode” for even quieter operating.

In terms of energy consumption, the Jack Stonehouse AC earned a a Class A+ energy rating in the UK.

Other features include:

remote control, dehumidifier, continuous ventilation + air filter

Very easy to install and it comes fully assembled.

#10.) Klarstein Max Breeze Mobile Air Conditioner

Klarstein Max Breeze Portable Air Conditioner

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The Klarstein Max Breeze is a super powerful mobile AC unit.

It is designed for large rooms or homes w/ open-layouts or high ceilings — ideal option for large rooms up to 661 cubic metres.

AC Power: 15,700 BTU

Rooms: 75 sq. metres (810 sq. ft.)

As a high-end unit, it offers 4 modes of operation:

automatic, cooling, dehumidify & fan

Not many air conditioners are this powerful. From past reviews I’ve written, most home ACs range 8000 – 14000 BTU.

The downside is the price tag.

Klarstein Max Breeze is very expensive – but if you need to cool a larger area, I think this is the one you want!

The Best Portable Air Conditioners 2019

1. Ernovo Mobile Air Conditioning Unit

Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner Review

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The Ernovo mobile ac was voted the best portable air conditioner uk with 4-in-1 functionality.

in the ac is expected to be a top seller in 2020.

Very positive reviews so far — also, an identical model in the USA is already a best seller on Amazon.

As a portable air conditioner it’s a high-output unit.

Power: 14,000 BTU

Rooms: 30 sq. metres

Buyers love its quiet operation + ability to quickly cool rooms.

In only 5-mins buyers feel a difference. And in 10-20 mins, the Ernovo AC will reach your desired temp.

Temperature: 17°C – 30°C

Read Full UK Ernovo AC Review >>

Also includes a powerful dehumidifier — removes 75 litres of moisture daily.

Mildly expensive, but I expect it to be a top 3 seller this summer.

2. GREE Shiny Portable AC

GREE Shiny Air Conditioner

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The GREE Shiny is one of the best bedroom portable air conditioners in the UK.

It is extremely quiet + energy efficient.

Typically operates between 54-56 decibels, but by switching on ‘Sleep Mode’ you can drop the noise level to 52 decibels!

Size: 7000 BTU

Rooms: 30-45 m²

Not the most powerful unit, but it’s affordable + includes all the features you want in a portable air conditioner.

dehumidifier, washable filters, no-drip design, water-full alert, auto-evaporation system

The built-in dehumidifier is high-performing.

Dehumidifier: 88.8 litres per day

As a newer model, but is already getting positive reviews from UK buyers.

I expect it to be a top seller in 2020.

3. Trotec PAC 2000 Local AC

TROTEC Mobiles Klimagerät

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Trotec PAC 2010 E is trending to be a top selling portable air conditioner in 2019.

More expensive than comparable units, but has better efficiency + WiFi functionality (using the portable app).

Power: 7.200 BTU

Rooms: 65 m³

Includes adjustable temperature using the Trotec portable app — you can also select mode, speed, and power settings.

Temperature: 16°C – 30°C

Another benefit is its low noise operation. Buyers confirm that it operates very quietly which makes it ideal as a bedroom air conditioner.

Noise: 49 – 53 dBs

Includes a powerful dehumidifier that can remove up to 45 liters of air moisture per day.

Trotec PAC 2010 E is an affordable unit with all the basic features.

4. Klarstein Barcelona Air Conditioner

Klarstein Mobile Air Conditioner

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The Klarstein Metrobreeze 7 Barcelona mobile air conditioner is brand new in 2020.

It is very efficient w/ 2.6 EER (Energy Efficiency Ratio) — given a Class A rating for energy efficiency.

Power: 7,000 BTU/hr

Area: 50 m²

Compared to other 7000 BTU AC units it covers a lot of area — the remote control is full functional allowing you to change temps from your bed.

As a high-end unit, it offers three modes:

AC cooling, dehumidify & fan

Not always in stock, but it’s expected to be another top seller.

5. Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Las Vegas

UK Klarstein Metrobreeze 12 Portable AC

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The Klarstein Metrobreeze is a new 3-in-1 portable air conditioner uk.

It’s designed for medium size rooms.

Power: 12000 BTU

Rooms: 24 – 30 sq. metres

Using the remote control you can set your desired temperature.

Temp range: 16°C – 32°C

Includes an eco-mode with automatic shutoff after 8-hours — very useful if you plan on having it run all night.

Not many fancy features, but buyers like its modern design.

Klarstein Metrobreeze is a dependable portable ac w/ medium price tag.

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