Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner Review : 14000 BTU

Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner

UK Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner Review.

The Ernovo 14000 BTU portable air conditioner is a newer, high-end ac unit.

It offers 5-in-1 functionality:

air cooling, heating, dehumidification, auto and fan

Compared to similar size unit, it comes w/ a higher price tag, but offers a lot of newer features others don’t.

There’s not a ton of reviews on it yet, but it is produced by the maker of Colzer Portable Air Conditioner (avail in USA and Canada) — the Colzer has very good reviews online.

As a portable air conditioner the Ernovo is perfect for medium or large rooms.

Cooling: 14,000 BTU

Rooms: up to 30 sq. metres

Ernovo portable air conditioner offers full cooling within 15-20 mins of starting.

Buyers confirm that it is extremely quick at cooling.

Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Ernovo 140000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner:

The Ernovo AC unit makes it simple to change modes or settings.

For adjustments you can use the LED panel on (top of the machine) or the remote control — the remote is fully functional.

switch modes, change speeds, or set for sleep mode (quieter operation).

In terms of noise level the Ernovo is very quiet.

It will not reach above 56 decibels — comparable 14k units can be upwards of 62 decibels, which makes a difference for light sleepers.

AC Noise: <56 decibels

You’re also able to set the exact temp you want.

Other AC units allow you increase/decrease speed, but not an exact temp — once set, the Ernovo portable air conditioner is very quick at achieving + maintaining your temperature setting.

Cooling: 17℃ – 30℃

Heating: 17℃ – 32℃

Buyers will enjoy using it all year-round, especially as a bedroom unit. It won’t take up much space and offers fast cooling + heating.

Even though it is a little expensive, the Ernovo portable air conditioner is a true all-in-one unit.

Additional Features:

Apart from the air conditioner & heater, the Ernovo includes a built-in dehumidifier.

As a dehumidifier it is very powerful — capable of removing up to 75L of moisture per day.

Most portable air conditioners don’t offer a dehumidifier of this size.

Dehumidifier: 75L daily

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Ernovo 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

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What’s included:

Ernovo portable air conditioner contains the following.

  • AC unit weighing 25.3 kg
  • Exhaust hose
  • Window installation kit
  • Remote control
  • Install + user manual

Ernovo Portable AC – Overview:

  • Cooling: 14,000 BTU
    • Refrigerant: R410
  • Room Size: 30 sq. metres
  • AC temp: 17℃ – 30℃
  • Heaer temp: 17℃ – 32℃
  • Noise level: <56 decibels
  • Dehumidifier: 75 litres per day
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Caster wheels = portable ac unit

Ernovo Portable Air Conditioner Review

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Overall, the Ernovo 14000 BTU portable air conditioner is a high-powered, luxury unit.

It is more expensive than other UK units, but the bonus features make it worth considering.

Very few portable ACs offer a dehumidifier of this capacity — in fact, a dehumidifier of this power (without ac function) can cost £100-150.

If you compare the Ernovo to the Colzer, you will see that they are identical models.

Even though the Ernovo portable air conditioner does not have many reviews, you will see that the Colzer’s rating is very good — I expect both models to be top sellers in 2019.

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