The electriQ Portable Air Conditioner Review (P18HP)

ElectriQ Portable Air Conditioner Review.

Portable air conditioning units are starting to catch on in the UK — they are perfect for city flats, older homes, or public areas (such as university dormitories).

Here are a few reasons you might consider a portable air conditioner.

#1.) High-powered : some have similar cooling power as a mini split ac system

#2.) Quiet operation – Low noise compared to full systems

#3.) Easy install – being on wheels, they’re portable and versatile around the house

Introducing the electriQ portable air conditioner — only has a few reviews, but so far they have been positive.

electriQ air conditioner is offered in 4 sizes:

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The larger units are expensive. However, they are high-powered units with many modern features.

For my review I’ll focus on the electriQ P18HP mobile air conditioner (18000 BTU).

Cooling: 18000 BTU

Pricing: Expensive

electriQ Portable Air Conditioner

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electriQ 18000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner:

The electriQ 18000 BTU air conditioner includes 4 modes of operation.

air conditioner, fan, dehumidifier, and heater

Buyers say it is easy to set up and effective for medium or large rooms — for bedrooms you might want a quieter unit such as the DeLonghi Pinguino Silent AC.

Noise Level (dB): < 65 decibels

In terms of power, it’s one of the best mobile air conditioners for large rooms.

AC Power: 18,000 BTU

Rooms: 46 m2 (sq. metres)

electriQ Portable Air Conditioner Review

Reading reviews, buyers seem to like it for cooling rooms w/ high ceilings.

The electriQ portable air conditioner includes a thermostat controller which lets your desired temperature.

On the LED screen it shows a readout of the current room temperature — using the remote control or the unit itself, you can set the tep you want.

Lowest Temp: 16°C

Buyers also like it for the heating and dehumidify functions.

The dehumidifier is high-powered, but can be a little louder than smaller BTU units — not too loud, but P18HP electriQ model is designed for cooling large rooms fast.

Noise Level (dB): < 65 decibels

electriQ 18000 BTU portable air conditioner unit includes 3 fan speeds + sleep mode (for quieter operation).

electriQ Quiet Air Conditioner Review

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electriQ 18000 BTU Air Conditioner:

  • AC Model: P18HP
  • Power: 18,000 BTU
  • Rooms: 46 m2 (sq. metres)
  • Max Air-Flow: 520 m³/h
  • 4-in-1: air conditioning, heating, dehumidify, fan
  • Lowest Temp: 16°C
  • Noise Level (dB): < 65 decibels
  • Reverse cycle heating
  • Thermostat w/ controller for adjusting temp
  • Multiple fan speeds
  • LCD timer and controls

What’s Included:

  • Model: electriQ P18HP (30 kg)
  • Installation kit
  • Mobile air conditioning exhaust hose
  • Remote control
  • Smooth gliding wheels

electriQ Portable Air Conditioner

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electriQ Portable Air Conditioner Review

Due to its cooling power and positive reviews, I expect the electriQ 18000 BTU to be a top seller in 2020.

Its powerful motor makes it very effective for large rooms — open layouts or high ceilings.

There are only a handful of 18000 BTU units available in the UK — compared to others, the electriQ P18HP is easily the best mobile air conditioning unit for large rooms.

Other added benefits include:

dehumidifier, multiple fan speeds, heating for winter, and sleep mode (for quieter operation)

For those seeking to cool large rooms, the electriQ 18000 BTU portable air conditioner is worth considering.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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