Top 10 Best Electric Bike UK 2020

Best Electric Bikes Review 2019

Best Electric Bike UK 2020 Today’s new electric bikes offer top speeds and long distance travel range (up to 80 kilometers!). Below are my rankings for the best electric bikes in the UK. Prices on my list range from, £599 – £849. The Best Electric Bike UK 1. Eelo 1885 Folding Electric Bike The Eelo … Read more

Top 10 Best Electric Scooter UK 2020

Best Electric Scooter Review

Best Electric Scooter UK.  Updated: November 2020  With so many electric scooter options available, finding the right one is not easy. Many are reasonably priced and offer top features: faster speed (20-45 kph), distance of 22-36 km, non-skid tires Below is my list for best electric scooter UK – rankings based on price, safety, speed … Read more