Top 10 Best Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights

Best Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights.

For bedrooms or living rooms, a ceiling fan adds a unique ambiance.

The most prominent brand is Hunter – they offers variety of styles, mostly in four or five blade models.

Below are my picks for the best Hunter Ceiling fan.

Prices range $119 to $379 w/ ratings based on price, versatility and features.

#1.) Hunter Anslee Ceiling Fan
#2.) Hunter Ceiling Fan Builder Series
#3.) Hunter Bronze Ceiling Fan + Light
#4.) Hunter 5 Blade Lighted Ceiling Fan
#5.) Hunter Dempsey Light Ceiling Fan
#6.) Hunter Biscayne Ceiling Fan

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Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights

 #1 Top Pick: Hunter Anslee Ceiling Fan

Hunter Anslee Fan

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The Hunter Anslee is a whisper-quiet ceiling fan.

It comes w/ 5 blades measuring 46-inches.

Blades are pitched at 13° which is ideal to create air movement.

Buyers confirm that noise is no issue — it’s very quiet and still powerful when put on “high” speed.

Like most ceiling fans you can change the speed using the pull-cords. You can also change direction thanks to Hunter’s reversible motor.

Personally I think it has a very Spring/Summer look.

Best of all, it’s very affordable Hunter fan, perfect for bedrooms.

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#2.) Hunter Ceiling Fan with Lights

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The Hunter Builder (53091) is a top selling 5-blade ceiling fan.

It comes designed wi/ 52-inch blades, it can operate at higher speeds of 159 RPM.

Buyers love the remote control — you can adjust the fan speed (3 speeds total) and control light dimming.

For lighting it takes two 120V bulbs.

Very affordable w/ lots of positive buyer reviews.

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#3.) Hunter Ceiling Fan Builder Series

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The Hunter Builder Fans provide both cool air and illumination.

With 3 lights housed inside toffee-colored glass globes, this fan is perfect for a living area. The blades are a warm bronze-brown color and a great accent to most furniture.

Blades are 52 inches long which, along with the motor, provides a lot of power. Its size isn’t overwhelming, though, as the fan is made to be installed flush with the ceiling. This means that it is perfect for rooms with low ceilings.

Whether you want cool air in the summer or warmer air in the winter, this model of Hunter Ceiling Fans can deliver as its blades are reversible.

There’s also a lifetime guarantee on the fan motor and excellent customer service if any issues arise.


  • Fan size: 52 inches long
  • Very quiet so you hardly notice when on
  • Perfect for low ceilings as fan is made to sit flush to the ceiling
  • Can reverse blades for a warm updraft during the winter
  • Pull chain — easy to turn on/off

Potential Flaws

  • Lightbulbs may be broken in shipment but are easy to replace

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#4.) Hunter Builder 5-Blade Light Fan

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The Hunter 53090 is an elegant accent to any living area. It has a large glass dome with an opaque white color. The blades are of a warm cherry and oak construction. Together they make a nice contrast.

Inside the glass dome are 2 lightbulbs – 60 watts and are include in the purchase, but can be replaced depending on if you want something brighter or dimmer.

To make this fan customizable, there are three different options for mounting it. You can choose from standard, low, or angled – allows the ceiling fan to fit any mostly any room size and blend well within various room decors.

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  • Fan size: 52 inches long
  • WhisperWind motor 
  • Motor can be reversible
  • Can choose from 3 positions
  • Pull chain allows for speed adjustments
  • 60W candelabra bulbs

Potential Flaws

  • Assembly can take a while as there are a lot of pieces to connect

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#5.) Hunter Dempsey Ceiling Fan

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The Hunter Ceiling Fan 59244 is a crisp, fresh white.

It is a smaller size with only four blades and a length of 44 inches. It’s great for bedrooms or smaller rooms that don’t need as much power that larger fans can bring.

Middle of the fan has a glass globe that houses two light bulbs.

Included in the package are 9.8 watt LED bulbs, but if these are not bright enough, you can always replace them with lights of your own choosing.

As a bonus, the Hunter 59244 Ceiling Fan comes with a remote control. With it you can change the speed of the fan, turn it off, and even dim the light. 

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  • Fan size: 44 inches long
  • WhisperWind technology
  • Able to configure the blade direction
  • Fan is made to mount close to the ceiling
  • Includes a remote control

Potential Flaws

  • Light may not be as bright

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#6.) Hunter Biscayne Ceiling Fan

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The Hunter 59135 Ceiling Fan can be used indoors or outdoors.

As a versatile bedroom ceiling fan, the Hunter 59135 are made from a burnished grey pine material which makes it look both modern and rustic at the same time.

As for the light, there are two light bulbs housed inside a lantern-shaped cylinder globe.

Buyers say the glass is fairly thick which gives it a bedroom ambiance.


  • Fan size: 54 inches long
  • WhisperWind technology = very quiet and unassuming
  • Motor allows blades to reverse in direction
  • Great for sunrooms, patios, and covered porches
  • ETL Damp-rated so can be exposed to some moisture and still work
  • Includes a pull chain that turns fan on/off and adjusts speed
  • Includes 2 14-watt standard CFL bulbs
  • Comes with a limited lifetime warranty for the fan motor

Potential Flaws

  • Light level is dim but can be changed with more powerful light bulbs

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** We’ll be adding #7 – 10 best hunter fans soon! Stay tuned!

Best Hunter Ceiling Fans with Lights

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