Super Heavy Duty, Landworks Wood Chipper Review

Landworks Chipper Reviews.  The Landworks Super Heavy Duty 7HP is produced by the makers of Great Circle USA (which is another high-powered wood chippers online). As one of the newer models, the Landworks Wood Chipper includes a powerful gas engine, extra torque, medium weight, and affordable price tag (for homeowners). Buyers like it because of … Read more

TAZZ K32 Wood Chipper Review

Wood Chipper Shredder Reviewed

TAZZ Wood Chipper Review.  Wood chippers are an essential tool for anyone maintaining a wooded area. They used to be very expensive, but in recent years have really come down in price. At the forefront of consumer wood chipper shredders is Earthquake (producer of TAZZ Chipper Shredders). Models: K32 ; K33 ; K42 ; K52 … Read more

TAZZ K42 Wood Chipper Review [ Earthquake 22753 ]

Tazz K42 Chipper

Tazz K42 Wood Chipper Review.  The Tazz K42 wood chipper is also called the Earthquake 22753. It’s one of the most popular homeowner chipper shredders — affordable price, powerful engine/torque, and perfect for medium size branches and leaves. In terms of power, the Tazz K42 wood chipper sits between the Tazz K32 and K33. It … Read more