The 10 Best Pressure Washer 2021

Best Power Pressure Washers

Pressure Washer Reviews.  From washing cars, to removing graffiti from the sidewalk, a pressure washer is a versatile tool for homeowners. Today’s models are super affordable and offer a variety of functions. increased PSI, efficient GPM, lightweight design, auto-shutoff safety With so many options available, here is my list of the best pressure washer models … Read more

Top 10 Best Outdoor Storage Sheds

Best Storage Shed Reviews

Best Large Storage Sheds.  For large yards, having a durable shed is a huge convenience. The best outdoor sheds are built w/ heavy duty, steel-reinforced frames ~ they’re designed to withstand all weather: summer heat, snow storms, powerful winds, heavy rain, high humidity Best of all they require zero maintenance – keep them outside all … Read more

Top 10 Best Wood Chipper 2021

Reviews on Wood Chipper Shredder

Best Wood Chipper Shredder.  For large yards, a wood chipper shredder is almost necessary. A good wood chipper will save you hours of time and saves you tons of money in landscaping costs! Depending on your situation a 7HP chipper shredder is the perfect size. Today’s models offer top reduction ratio of 15:1 (for 3-4″ … Read more

Top 10 Best Snow Blower 2021

Best Snow Blower Review Guide

Best Snow Blowers.  It’s never too early to start planning for winter – especially with a large purchase like this! Some of the best snow blowers are cheaper and in stock – many include the newest features. quiet operation, self-propelled, non skid tires, push start, electric controls Here is my list for best snow blower … Read more

Super Heavy Duty, Landworks Wood Chipper Review

Landworks Chipper Reviews.  The Landworks Super Heavy Duty 7HP is produced by the makers of Great Circle USA (which is another high-powered wood chippers online). As one of the newer models, the Landworks Wood Chipper includes a powerful gas engine, extra torque, medium weight, and affordable price tag (for homeowners). Buyers like it because of … Read more

TAZZ K32 Wood Chipper Review

Wood Chipper Shredder Reviewed

TAZZ Wood Chipper Review.  Wood chippers are an essential tool for anyone maintaining a wooded area. They used to be very expensive, but in recent years have really come down in price. At the forefront of consumer wood chipper shredders is Earthquake (producer of TAZZ Chipper Shredders). Models: K32 ; K33 ; K42 ; K52 … Read more

TAZZ K42 Wood Chipper Review [ Earthquake 22753 ]

Tazz K42 Chipper

Tazz K42 Wood Chipper Review.  The Tazz K42 wood chipper is also called the Earthquake 22753. It’s one of the most popular homeowner chipper shredders — affordable price, powerful engine/torque, and perfect for medium size branches and leaves. In terms of power, the Tazz K42 wood chipper sits between the Tazz K32 and K33. It … Read more

Top 10 Best Garage Door Opener Review

Chamberlain Garage Door Opener Review

Best Garage Door Openers. Here’s our updated list! Chamberlain B550 Review Chamberlain B730 Garage Opener LiftMaster 1355 Garage Door Genie ChainMax Garage Opener Chamberlain B980 Garage Opener Chamberlain WD832KEV Door Opener Chamberlain B970 Review Genie SilentMax 12000 Door Opener Chamberlain C870 Review Chamberlain WD1000WF ** FYI: links go to Amazon (had lowest prices) ✅ Top #1 Pick: Chamberlain … Read more

Jackery 160 Portable Power Station Review

Jackery 160 Review

Jackery 160 Explorer Review.  Jackery is trending to become a top seller online. The standout feature is Jackery Explorer’s lightweight size — they’re offered in 3 sizes, but weigh much less than similar portable generators. [table id=51 /] Each is powered w/ a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. Being battery-powered, you won’t have to worry about toxic … Read more