Top 8 Best Inflatable Hot Tubs

Best Inflatable Spas Reviewed

✅ Best Rated Inflatable Hot Tubs.

With outdoor hot tubs costing $2,000+ inflatable ones are more affordable, less maintenance and quicker set up.

List of inflatable tubs:

#1.) Coleman Portable Inflatable Spa
#2.) Coleman SaluSpa Hot Tub
#3.) Intex PureSpa Portable Bubble Spa
#4.) Saluspa Hawaii Jet Inflatable Spa
#5.) PureSpa Portable Massage Spa
#6.) Intex Portable Heated Hot Tub
#7-8.) Coming soon!

** FYI: links go to Amazon (which had lowest prices)

 Top #1 Pick: Coleman Portable Inflatable Spa

Coleman Inflatable Spa Review

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Coleman Inflatable Miami Spa is an affordable 4-person hot tub w/ lots of positive buyer reviews.

It is one of the smaller spas on my, but on the flip-side, is very portable. You can easily pack it in the car and take it to a party!

Comes w/ 2 handles — portable and easy to move when partially full (perfect for campers!)

⭐⭐ Best Inflatable Spa for Quick Heating ⭐⭐

Coleman Miami Spa comes w/ multiple massaging jets and cushioned floor — 60 surrounding air jets feel great on the muscles or sore areas.

Also heats very quickly to 104°F even in the warm months, it’s an important feature. 

One last benefit is the Coleman chemical floater which makes cleaning your spa vey easy. Includes filter cartridges and a cover, in case you plan on using it later.

Fantastic reviews + lots of space for 3-4 people!


  • Seating capacity:  4 people
  • Water Capacity:  210 gallons
  • Approx. Inflated Size:  Diameter 71″
  • Spa Height:  26″ high
  • Water Temp Range: 68°104° Fahrenheit
  • 60 soothing bubble jets
  • Digital control pump w/ soft touch control panel
  • 2 easy lift handles + 2 easy-to-replace filters

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#2.) Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub

Coleman SaluSpa Review

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Coleman SaluSpa Inflatable Hot Tub tops our list in terms of spending budget.

** People capacity = 6 (larger than most!)

You probably won’t find a better value that can seat mid-size groups. It’s perfect for mid-size families and party usage. If you have roommates, it’s great during the summer or winter-time – especially if you have an outdoor deck.

⭐⭐ Most Budget-Friendly Inflatable Spa ⭐⭐

Like most Coleman hot tubs you’re getting a heap of features: 

digitally controlled temperature
heat timer function
very easy set up + quick heating
durability to last 3-4 years

Very affordable inflatable spa + buyer reviews mention that it has a “luxury feel to it”.


  • Seating Capacity:  4 – 6 People
  • Water Capacity:  254 Gallons
  • Water Temp Range: 68°104° Fahrenheit
  • Approx. Inflated Size:  Diameter 77″
  • Spa Height:  28″
  • Digital control panel
  • Cushioned air pad flood
  • Fast, easy set up!

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#3.) Intex PureSpa Review

Intex PureSpa Review

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The portable PureSpa Bubble Massage Spa allows up to 4 people to pamper themselves  in relaxing, heated water surrounded by 120 invigorating and soothing bubble jets.

Intex Purespa has a built-in hard water treatment system making the water gentler on skin, creating a soothing experience.

⭐⭐ Best Inflatable Spa for Couples ⭐⭐

Price is reasonable making it a great value model from Intex – ideal for couple and small households.

** I also like that it’s easy to maintain with replacement filter cartridges. You won’t need to buy a ton of chemicals.


  • Seating Capacity: 4 People
  • Water Capacity: 210 Gallons
  • Water Temp Range:  68°- 104° Fahrenheit
  • Approx. Inflated Size Diameter:  58″/75″
  • Spa Height:  28″
  • Very easy maintenance
  • 2 easy-to-replace filter cartridges for clean spa water
  • Insulated cover for additional heating (+safety)

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#4.) Saluspa Hawaii Jet Inflatable Spa

Bestway Hawaii Inflatable Spa

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The Bestway Saluspa Hawaii Air jet offers spa tranquility and comfort at a pretty good value price.

It’s very portable as well — perfect as a permanent outdoor feature or bring it indoors during the winter. This one is a little different with it’s spacious square design but will comfortably fit 4- 6 people.

Walls are made with Tritech materials so they are comfortable + durable.

⭐⭐ Most Spacious Inflatable Spa ⭐⭐

Heat and massaging jets will have friends and neighbors desperate to visit but you may prefer a romantic evening!

The Salsa Hawaii is supplied with a cover, filter cartridge and chemical floater.

** Best Outdoor Inflatable Hot Tub **


  • Seating capacity:  6 people
  • Water Capacity:  210 gallons
  • Approx. Inflated Size:  Diameter 77”  
  • Spa Height:  28″
  • Water Temp Range: 68° – 104° Fahrenheit
  • Salute-massage system with 114 surrounding jets

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#5.) PureSpa Portable Bubble Massage Spa

Intex Purespa Set Review

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Intex also offer this great bundle package – if you are serious about relaxation then you are going to need a headrest and drinks holder for your spa!

One of the largest spas on our best inflatable hot tubs list. Fits groups of 6 people!

Conveniently designed headrest can be adjusted for firmness and is placed on the spa wall allowing you to relax perfectly.

PureSpa cup holder and refreshment tray attaches to the spa wall for ultimate relaxation and indulgence. Relaxation just got better!

** Best Bundle Inflatable Spa **


  • Seating capacity:  6 people
  • Approx. inflated diameter:  65″ /85″,
  • Spa Height:  28″
  • Water capacity:  290 gallons
  • Water temp range:  68° – 104°
  • Spa headrests + Cup holders

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#6.) Intex Portable Heated Hot Tub Review

Intex Inflatable Hot Tub Review

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If you’re looking to splash out then the Intex PureSpa might be right – good price and lots of features. Perfect for hosting a small get-together!

Intex PureSpa provides touch button relaxation for up to 6 people w/ 170 high-powered bubble jets.

Heating system is fully adjustable and the filtering system provides a clean refreshing spa experience.

Comes with a carry bag for storage and uses Fiber-Tech Construction for ultimate comfort, support, and durability.

** Best 6-Person Inflatable Spa **


  • Seating capacity:  6 people
  • Approx. Inflated Diameter:  65″ ⁄ 85″
  • Spa Height:  28″
  • Water capacity:  290 gallons
  • Water temperature range:  (68° – 104°)
  • 170 Bubble Jets 
  • Includes insulated spa cover

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** I’ll be adding #7 – 8 best inflatable hot tubs later this year. Stay tuned!


Did you know that hot tubs are not just great for relaxation but they are actually good for you?

Finally something you love that is good for you! Bubbles in hot tubs can be great as an invigorating boost for the circulation and there are other health benefits too – hopefully our list of the best inflatable hot tubs helps you in your search!

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