Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier Review

Dyson Cool Link Purifier Review

Dyson Air Purifier Review.

If you’re like me & suffer from allergies during transitional months of the year, then you’ll be very familiar with “allergy season” — runny nose, itchy eyes & feeling worn out.

This time of year bring about “hay fever”, whereby pollen + dust

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Well, Dyson thinks they have one, with their Pure Cool Link Air Purifier.

Dyson Cool Link Purifier

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Dyson’s Hot + Cool Link has a slick design w/ high-end performance.

Also a good “conversation piece” when guests come over!

Dyson Performance:

Before we get into the real technical aspects of this device, let’s quickly examine exactly what this air purifier can do.

I think these are the best features of the Dyson Hot Cool Air Purifier.

1.) Purifies all year-round – decreased PSI levels

PSI = pollutant standards index; 0-50 is good, 100-200 is unhealthy, 300+ is hazardous

2.) Ideal for Summer – it duals as a cooling fan

3.) Air filter automatically removes 99.97% of allergens

4.) 2nd layer filter – houses activated carbon (captures odors & small airborne particles)

5.) Automatically monitors and reacts

6.) Dyson Cool Link app gives real-time air quality reports — control direct from your smartphone remotely

7.) Smart Device + WiFi Control: now compatible with Amazon Alexa too!

8.) Beautiful design – the Dyson Cool Link guests with it’s sleek, bladeless design

How it Works:

So we’ve established that this unit is designed primarily to purify air and then provide a gentle fan.

The Dyson achieves this by a rather simple theory; it draws air in through a fine mesh filter and then disperses it out of the back through Dyson’s multiplier fan. Therefore, the air trapped in the filter will contain all of the pollen, spores and other air infiltrators that cause discomfort and trigger allergic reactions.

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Next step in the process is for the air to be submitted through the loop, which forces it forward and simultaneously, air is sucked through the back of this loop thus amplifying the airflow.

Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier – Features:

Air Purifier comes equipped with several features that are designed to make it as easy as possible for you to retain control and customize how your room will be purified.

Beginning with the Dyson Link App, you get an enormous amount of information, such as filter life; the app will let you know how long your current filter has left in its lifespan before it requires a change (typically one year).

Other controls are being able to set a schedule for the machine to run, which could be daily, weekly or any frequency you desire.

Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier Review

What really separates the Dyson Hot Cool Air Purifier from its peers is the realtime alerts and updates.

As a user (via the Dyson Mobile App) you can get an immediate reading of the air quality surrounding the fan as other measurements including the quality of air and how the air quality has changed throughout the day.

Of course, having the app isn’t mandatory. You can still dictate how the machine operates through the small infrared remote control, which yields options for turning the fan on, manipulating its power, setting it to oscillate or operate on a timer.

To make things simple, Dyson added an “auto” mode – the purifier will respond in accordance with how the air around it measures; therefore it will only function when required, saving on wastage.

Features Recap:

  • 10 Air Speeds
  • Sleep timer
  • ** Very easy to clean
  • Aperture that is bladeless (and therefore safer!)
  • Night time mode
    • Limits fan strength
    • Dims the LED panel while staying on
  • Multiple safety features
    • Timer settings
    • Auto turn-off if air purifier is tips over

Dyson Cool Link – Overview:

With all this information, it’s time to make a judgment, does this product stack up as one of the best around or one to avoid?

No doubt you’ve deduced by now that this is a premium product, but vitally; it delivers too. Speed at which it can clean a room is remarkable, and that includes removing atmospheric spoils such as smoke as well.

The big news is that allergy suffers will find solace here, as the room in which it’s situated will be perfectly habitable for even the worst cases.

Dyson Cool Link Air Purifier

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A downside however is that the fan can be a little noisy at higher speeds, but this tails off the lower you set it.

Furthermore, the unit is rather bulky and may not fit completely in with your decor. That aside however, its functionality and control make it so simple and effective to use; and it’s packed with features.

The downside is the price – it is very expensive. Much more than most consumers can afford… but I’m sure you knew this beforehand. (typical HEPA air purifiers go for $200-350)

However with all the features and its sleek design, I think the Dyson Hot Cool Air Purifier is a fantastic pick if you have the home budget for it!

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