Top 10 Best Roomba Vacuum Review 2019

Roomba i7+ Vacuum

Roomba Vacuum Reviews.

The iRobot Roomba brand has been the dominant producer of robot vacuums.

Since their first model in 2002, they’ve developed over dozens Roomba vacuum models — Their newest model is the Roomba i7+ (which I detailed below).

Depending on your needs, I believe these are the best Roomba models available on Amazon.

Roomba vacuums reviews:

 Top #1 Pick: Roomba 980 Review

Roomba 980 Robot Vacuum

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The Roomba 980 a Wi-Fi “smart” robot vacuum.

It is designed for 10X power suction for carpets, pet hair and high dirt areas.

Battery: 120-mins

As a WiFi enabled robot vacuum, the Roomba 980/985 can be controlled using the mobile app. Once connected you can activate cleaning from anywhere with your smartphone.

You can also sync it w/ Alexa or Google for voice control.

Additional features include:

PowerBoost, edge cleaning + realtime status alerts

It’s very expensive but has lots of positive buyer reviews.

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#2.) Roomba i7+ Review

iRobot Roomba i7+ Robot Vacuum

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The Roomba i7+ includes an extra-large base allowing it to hold 30X the debris.

Lots of upgraded features, but buyers mostly love it because it’s extremely good at picking up dog hair — even clumps of dog hair!

Battery: 90-120 mins

Recharge: 2-3 hours

Key features include Power-Lift Suction for 10X the power. This is what makes the Roomba i7+ so effective when picking up hair or embedded dirt.

It comes w/ 3-stage cleaning system w/ dual multi-surface brushes + specialized filters

Adjustable rubber brushes will bend as needed which picks up 99% floor particles

Sophisticated Home Mapping system allows it to navigate to any room

Using the mobile app the i7+ can clean specific areas or whole house.

*FYI — it’s the most expensive Roomba on the market

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#3.) Roomba 960 Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 960 Robot Vacuum

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The Roomba 960 is very similar to the new 985 model — but more affordable.

It is designed with increased suction power + mobile app controls.

Battery: 75-mins

Battery is a little shorter at 75-mins per charge, but should be enough – if not, it returns where it left off once charged.

Also comes w/ new AeroForce that increases 5X power suction for carpets, rugs and dirtier areas. 

It’s fairly low maintenance – dust bin should be emptied every 2-4 cleans.

Buyers love the mobile app + (more) affordable price.

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#4.) Roomba 890 Robot Vacuum

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The Roomba 890 is perfect for pet owners — it loosens, lifts + picks up 99% of particles (and hair)

It comes w/ surface-detection and will boost to 5X power for carpeting or high-dirt areas.

If want to clean specific areas, Roomba 890 includes “barriers” which create virtual boundaries.

Another unique feature are the tangle-free brushes — they’re specific for edge cleaning and give a more thorough clean.

(prior models had difficulty w/ corners)

You can also control remotely using iHome mobile app.

** Also read Top 10 Robot Vacuum (2 of 10 are Roomba vacuums!)

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#5.) Roomba 877 Vacuum

Roomba 877 Robotic Vacuum

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The Roomba 877 is a more affordable model for medium size homes.

It comes all the basic features you’d want:

tangle-free brushes, scheduler + mobile app functionality

It includes floor-detection sensors — can increase to 5X suction for carpets or high-dirt areas.

Roomba 877 was the first to use edge-sweeping feature for corners + borders.

Buyers love its moderate price + mobile app controls.

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#6.) Roomba 870 Robot Vacuum

Roomba 870 Robot Vacuum

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The Roomba 870 moves your home using iRobot’s most updated nav mapping.

It’s not as popular as the 890, but I think it’s because not many retailers sell it. Amazon does though!

Reading the description + buyer reviews it has 95% the same functionality for a much more affordable price.

Buyers say that it’s very efficient and doesn’t require multiple passes. Many users are dog owners too.

The vacuum is good at detecting walls and obstructions — it’s careful not to crash or scrape walls or furniture.

Also includes a tangle-free extractor preventing hair + debris from clogging suction.

No mobile app function, but you can easily schedule cleaning sessions. (confirmed by buyers)

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#7.) Roomba 860 Vacuum

Roomba 860 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The Roomba 860 thorough cleaning capabilities are due to its use of the AeroForce Cleaning System.

Produces up to 5x more air suction power and is very low maintenance.

There isn’t a mobile app, but it does use WiFi for mapping + navigating your layout.

You can also setup your weekly schedule.

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#8.) Roomba 761 Vacuum

Roomba 761 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Equipped w/ Roomba’s first HEPA filter, the Roomba 761 series is an affordable model for mid-size homes.

The filter will captures 97% of dust or particles — it doesn’t have the crazy suction power of the newest models, but for basic usage it’ll do the trick.

Buyers say it’s excellent for hardwood floors. It won’t scratch and is pretty quick.

Battery lasts 2-hours which should be enough for most homes — if not it’ll return to the docking station and resume where it left off when charged. 

Personally I think the Roomba 761 is the best intro robot vacuum (for first time buyers).

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#9.) Roomba 690 Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 690 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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Equipped w/ WiFi the Roomba 690 is one of the first models to have app compatibility.

While researching I noticed that it’s one of the most popular models being sold — even though it was released 2-3 years ago.

Buyers write that the price-point is perfect for their budget and is a solid model for first time robovac users.

For performance, it uses a 3-stage cleaning system — better on hard floors and somewhat reliable on carpets.

It doesn’t have the increased suction of the top Roombas, but that’s expected given it’s affordable price — costs a fraction of the Roomba 985 or 960.

For those on a medium budget it’s a nice intro robot vacuum.

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#10.) Roomba 652 Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 652 Robot Vacuum Cleaner

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The Roomba 652 is the most affordable on my list.

In terms of performance it’s not much different than the 690 model, but is a little louder when operating.

Like the 690 it has a 3-stage cleaning system which you can schedule daily/weekly.

If noise isn’t a problem, I think it’s a good starter robot vacuum. You can always schedule vacuum runs while you’re at work to avoid the noise too!

Good price for basic cleaning features.

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