Biota Bot Air Purifier Review

Biota Air Purifier Review

Biota Bot MM608I Air Purifier Review.

Biota Air Purifier is an affordable air purifier for mid-size rooms…. and still affordable! 

It comes w/ professional air filtration + is designed for rooms up to 860 sq. ft. (perfect for home office or bedrooms!)

Biota Bot Air Purifier – Review:

The Biota Bot MM608I Air Purifier comes w/ 5-stage air filter system.

Air quality sensors auto detect your room’s air quality + adjust as needed.

It comes w/ HEPA technology to remove micro particles: airborne allergens, pollens, mold spores and textile fibers

Charcoal filters w/ activated carbon effectively removes –  Formaldehyde, Benzene, Xylene, pet and cooking odors as well as smoke odors.

Air purifier runs on 4 fan speeds w/ max button to boost.

Biota Bot Air Purifier

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Comes w/ built timer so you can select how long you want to run — includes a lock-function.

As a bedroom purifier, it includes a sleep mode function letting you set the number of hours it should run (up to 12 hours).

The Biota Bot MM608I – Air Purifier:

  • Room size: 860 sq. ft.
  • Fan speeds: 4 fan speeds
  • Designed for asthma + allergies
  • Double HEPA filter = removes micro particles (i.e. allergens, pollens)
  • Purification rate: PM2.5  How Gov Calculates Air Quality >>
  • Charcoal filter (activated carbon) — removes odors
  • Ozone free = air delivery rate of 450
  • Sleep mode function
  • Detects air quality + auto adjusts as needed

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What Customers Say:

The Biota Bot MM608I has top online ratings!

Buyers love how quickly + effectively it circulates and purifies air for mid-size rooms (up to 860 square ft.) — it’s specifically designed for those w/ asthma or allergies.

Biota Bot Air Purifier Review

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Includes a charcoal air filter to remove the smallest particles — smoke and odors (cigarette smoke is the most difficult to remove).

Buyers love the sleek design + overall performance.

It’s also very quiet when operating, making it ideal as a bedroom air purifier.

Overall, a very solid option!

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