Best Mini Split Heat Pump System

Best Mini Split Heat Pump Canada

Best Mini Split Heat Pump Canada.

Ductless heating and cooling units are the ideal solution for homeowners.

Today’s models are affordable and come w/ the latest features.

adjustable temperature, inverter efficiency, mobile alerts, “smart home” controls

Below is our list for best mini split heat pump units in Canada ~ picks are based on price, functions and buyer reviews.

Ductless heat pump prices, $749 to $1,699.

  1. Senville Aura Mini Split Heat Pump
  2. Mr Cool DIY Mini Split Heat Pump, Wi-Fi
  3. Klimaire Mini Split Heat Pump Review
  4. Senville SENL Mini Split Heat Pump
  5. Pioneer Ductless Heat Pump System

The Best Mini Split Heat Pump Canada

1. Senville Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Senville Mini Split AC System, SENA-12HF 12000 BTU

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The Senville Aura is the best residential mini split and heat pump system.

Energy Star rated, it offer ultra-high heating and efficient, fast cooling – perfect option for running long hours.

Sizes: 5 (9k – 24k BTU)

Pricing: Medium

Buyers love how quietly it operates as well w/ the outdoor condenser keeping most of the noise outside.

Includes an indoor air handler for muffling quieter running. This makes a big difference when operating at max heating or cooling.

Also features a built-in thermostat on the mobile app control. Th Senville mini split generates the most accurate, consistent temp and powerful enough for cooling/heating big rooms.

Senville AURA is super easy to install too!

Lots of positive buyer reviews too!

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2. MRCOOL DIY Mini Split Heat Pump with WiFi

MRCOOL DIY Ductless Mini Split System

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The MRCOOL DIY mini split is one of the most affordable options.

Available in multiple sizes, many buyers opted to upgrade to the “smart” model – control heating and cooling w/ your smartphone!

Sizes: 5 (12k – 36k BTU)

Pricing: Affordable

The “smart” upgrade doesn’t cost much and is one of the best mini split systems under $1200.

On your mobile phone you can get notifications, set exact room temps, or view realtime temp and dehumidify by setting a relative humidity level.

You can also switch to Sleep Mode for super quiet operation.

As a DIY mini split system, install is fairly simple (although you’ll need a helper!).

Good price w/ lots of happy buyer reviews.

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3. Klimaire Mini Split Heat Pump Review

Klimaire KSIV Mini Split Heat Pump

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The Klimaire KSIV ductless mini-split inverter is a true all-year unit.

It offers 4-in-1 functionality – air conditioning, dehumidifier, fan and heat pump system.

Capacity: 9 – 24k BTU

Rooms: 350 – 1500 sq. ft.

Pricing: Medium

As a mini split heat pump the 24K BTU is the perfect size for medium of large rooms.

Buyers say they notice a difference in temp within minutes – many have it placed as a basement unit because of its speed.

For its price, the Klimaire is the best mini split heat pump for large residential rooms.

Medium price w/ lots of features and good buyer reviews.

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4. Senville Ductless Heat Pump Review

Senville SENL Ductless Mini Split AC System

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Senville SENL is the most popular ductless mini split ac & heat pump system online.

Designed with whisper quiet technology, it is the best mini split heat pump for bedrooms and living rooms.

Sizes: 4 (9k – 24k BTU)

Pricing: Medium

As a mini split heat pump it uses a low ambient function for keeping consistent room temp for long periods (ex: while sleeping).

Buyer reviews show that it’s one of the best mini split heat pumps for residential and commercial use.

barber shops, boutique stores, classrooms, offices

Senville SENL is also energy efficiency – units boast 20-25 SEER rating, which helps save you money on electricity.

Very good buyer reviews online.

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5. Pioneer Ductless Heating and Cooling Systems

Pioneer Ductless Mini Split Heater Pump

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The Pioneer mini split is a versatile unit – it is used for home, office and even as a garage heater.

As a ductless unit it offers 4-in-1 functionality. The remote control makes it super easy to toggle and adjust from a distance.

Sizes: 6 (9k – 36k BTU)

Pricing: Affordable

The Pioneer 12000 BTU is the most popular mini split ac heat pump, but the larger units are nearly full HVAC systems – many buyers installed in older homes which don’t have central air.

As a ductless heat pump, the Pioneer DIY mini split is easy to install and offered in 6 heating sizes.

Additional features:

WiFi remote control, LED display of room temp, dehumidifier option, “save settings” button

One of the most popular models online!

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6. Daikin Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump

Daikin Ductless Mini Split System

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The Daikin 24,000 BTU is the best mini split system for remodeling or renovations.

Airflow pattern is designed for whisper quiet operation.

Sizes: 4 (12k-36k Btu)

Price: Medium

As an energy efficient mini split systems, the Daikin ductless units operate at lower speeds, making them eco-friendly and money saving.

Daikin mini split systems also include inverter technology for quiet performance.

Indoor noise level ranges 35-41 decibels.

Overall, an affordable mini split ac and heat pump.

Lots of positive reviews!

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7. DuctlessAire Ductless Heatpump Unit

DuctlessAire Mini Split Heat Pump AC

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The DuctlessAire heating and cooling system is an Energy Star Certified mini split heat pump.

Specially designed for user-friendly controls, they are super easy to function.

Sizes: 3 (12k – 24k BTU)

Pricing: Expensive

It requires professional installation, but this it includes a lot of perks and has very strong customer reviews.

One special feature it offers is 2 Direction Air Vane Technology – since heat naturally rises, this feature will send colder air up and warmer air down. The result is even temperature and saved electricity.

Includes digital remote control, washable filters, and self-cleaning mode for easy maintenance.

You can even set the heat pump to auto increase/decrease temp based on the remote control’s location.

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8. Gree Ductless Mini Split Heat Pump Review

GREE LIVS12HP230V1B Ductless Mini Split

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GREE ductless heating and cooling systems offer dual zone heating and cooling.

It includes indoor air handlers for efficiency and super quiet performance.

Efficiency: SEER 16

Pricing: Medium

The compact, minimalist design allows the indoor units to blend into your decor, a plus for those who are concerned with aesthetics.

For even quieter operation, the Gree mini split heat pump system includes a new Sleep Mode – generates ambient, ductless heating and cooling.

Also comes with inverter technology meaning it won’t start and stop constantly. Great for bedrooms.

Good buyer reviews online.

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** I will add #9-10 best mini split heat pump Canada in November. Stay tuned!

How ductless mini split heat pumps work?

Mini split heat pump systems are efficient ductless heating and cooling units.

Unlike central HVAC systems, they use a condenser unit to extract heat from outside and reject it inside. Because of this there is a lowest temp in which they can operate.

While looking at units online you will see a big chart specifying all the detail – among them there is a maximum temperature range.

Example: Senville SENL-24CD Mini Split heat pump temperature ranges, 5°F to 86°F.

Another benefit is their energy efficiency.

Many on my list are Energy Star rated. For every 1 kW of power, you can get between 2.5 to 4 kW of heating (depending on the SEER efficiency).

FYI: the higher the SEER, the greater the efficiency.

So when heating, the outdoor condenser unit will get cold. You may even notice ice build-up on the outdoor coil.

Overall, mini split heat pumps are often more efficient than space heaters, portable air conditioners, or even internal HVAC systems.

SEER Ratings Chart

Below are the energy savings you’ll get from different SEER Ratings on ductless mini split systems.

SEER Rating by Help Advisors Reviews


As you can see there are lot of advantages to owning a ductless mini split heat pump + air conditioning system.

1.) Increased energy efficiency
2.) Much easier installation
3.) Cheaper costs than full HVAC system – mini split requires no invasive ductwork
4.) Ability to customize rooms – such as limiting heat to specific rooms

Hopefully my review helps in your search!

Best Mini Split Heat Pump Canada

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