Coway Air Purifier Reviews

coway air purifier review

 HEPA Air Purifier Review 2019. 

For those w/ allergies or respiratory issues, a good air purifier can make a huge difference in your home.

The best HEPA air purifiers remove 99.7% of airborne particles:

dust, smoke, mold, pollen, and some odors. (odors being the smallest micron particles)

Coway is one of the pioneers in the air quality space – Today they offer 3 of the most popular air purifiers:

#1.) Coway Mighty (AP-1512HH)

#2.) Coway Air + Sound (AP-0512NH)

#3.) Coway Tower (AP-1216L)

Below I wrote short summaries for all air purifier models. Hopefully it helps w/ your decision!

Coway Air Purifier Reviews:

#1.) Coway Mighty (AP-1512HH)

coway ap-1512hh mighty

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The Coway AP-0512NH is a mid-priced air purifier.

Perfect for rooms smaller than 361 sq. ft. and weighs roughly 12.5 pounds.

It’s fairly powerful — there’s 4 filtration stages and includes a specialized ionizer for capturing odors and smoke.

To speed up the process, the Coway Mighty activates a fan to cycle air quicker — buyers say it’s very efficient and relatively quiet.

Many use it as their bedroom air purifier (especially during allergy season).

Lots of positive buyer reviews.

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#2.) Coway Air + Sound (AP-0512NH)

coway ap-0512nh air purifier

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The Coway Air and Sound is a smaller version of the Coway Mighty — ideal for rooms up to 155 sq. ft.

It weighs only 8.8 pounds, making it very portable around the house.

For air filtering it uses HEPA quality filter allowing it to remove 99.7% of airborne particles smaller than 0.3 microns.

Like the Coway Mighty it includes a sleep timer and fan to generate air flow.

It’s not as popular as the AP-1512HH model, but buyers like the lower price. (looking at reviews, it’s popular in city apartments)

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#3.) Coway Tower (AP-1216L)

coway tower ap-1216l air purifier

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The Coway AP-1216L is also a mid-price unit.

It’s a fast-acting air purifier for rooms up to 180 sq. ft. and weighs 14-pounds.

The most unique feature is the air quality indicator light. The circle at the top is an LED light which changes color depending on your air quality.

You can adjust speed/power manually or let the Coway do it for you — if it detects a high ratio of particles, it will automatically increase fan speed. (air flow = quicker filtration)

It’s fairly new to the market w/ some mixed reviews.

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