EcoAir Crystal Review : 9000 BTU Air Conditioning Unit

EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioner. 

The EcoAir brand continues to be a producer of high-end portable air conditioners.

Other popular units include:

  • EcoAir Artica (original)
  • Artica MK2
  • EcoAir Apollo
  • EcoAir Gelo

Introducing the new EcoAir Crystal — it’s a super quiet, 3-in-1 portable air conditioner with 9000 BTU of cooling power.

AC Power: 9000 BTU

Coverage: 18 – 24 sq.m.

As a newer model, there are not many buyer reviews ~ however, the reviews so far have been very positive.

Buyers like its affordable price and fast cooling (even during a heatwave!).

EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioner:

The EcoAir Crystal includes new features such as no-drip design, water-full notification (for the dehumidifier) and auto-evaporation.

It weighs 24 kg and comes on wheels, making it portable around the house.

EcoAir Crystal also includes a built-in dehumidifier.

Dehumidify: 24L

The EcoAir Crystal includes a dehumidifier and “full-water alert” which notifies you if the water tank needs to be empties.

Def helps avoid leaks!

EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioner

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EcoAir Crystal Air Conditioner:

As an air conditioner, the EcoAir Crystal is designed with a digital display and includes a LCD remote control.

You’re able to adjust the room temperature, switch to dehumidifier mode, or select fan speed.

Temperature: 16 ℃ – 30℃

If using as a bedroom air conditioner, the new Sleep Mode will be a useful feature — this keeps the AC noise below 55 decibels.

The built-in timer is a nice addition too — if you have a consistent morning schedule you can set it to auto shutoff after you leave.

If using as a bedroom air conditioner, the sleep mode is a nice added feature — this will keeps the ac noise between 49-53 decibels

Noise Level: 49 – 53 dB(A)

Temperatures: 16 – 30°C

Buyers like the 24-timer too — you can set the EcoAir Crystal to turn-off after you leave in the morning. (in case you forget!)

EcoAir AC arrives 90% preassembled, making install easy.

Installation: 10 – 15 mins

EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioning Unit

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What’s Included:

  • EcoAir Crystal Portable AC Unit
  • LCD Remote control
  • Window kit w/ installation guide
  • Exhaust hose
  • Castor wheels (x4)

EcoAir Crystal Review:

  • AC Power: 9000 BTU
  • Rooms: 18 – 24 sq. metres
  • Temp Range: 16 – 35°C
  • Noise level (dBA): 47 – 51 decibels
  • Dehumidifier: 24L per day
  • Efficiency: 1010 kw per hour
  • Energy Class A
  • New “Sleep mode” (for quieter operation)
  • Self evaporating system
  • Washable mesh air filter
  • Eco-friendly R32 refrigerant

EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioner

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EcoAir Crystal Portable Air Conditioning:

The EcoAir Crystal 9000 BTU is expected to be a top seller this summer.

Its affordable price, quiet operation & powerful AC motor make it perfect for medium size rooms.

Lots of positive buyer reviews from buyers ~ and since EcoAir has produced other best selling portable air conditioners, it it’s likely a safe bet.

For those looking to cool small or medium size rooms, I think it’s one of the best.

If you’re looking for a slightly larger model, the EcoAir Apollo 12000 BTU portable air conditioner is another top option.

Overall, given the price and positive buyer reviews, I believe the Crystal air conditioner will be a best seller in the UK this summer!

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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