ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum Review

ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum

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 ILIFE’s V8s comes w/ all the modern features you want in a robot vacuum cleaner. 

What really draws me is the new mopping functionality.

Not even the iRobot Roombas have this feature; it’s a great addition for homeowners with hardwood, ceramic, or tile floors.

With “intelligent multitasking” controls, this little machine can save hours of cleaning.

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V8s Home Robot Vacuum

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ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum – Features:

V8s Robot Vac acts as an automatic vacuum and mop. Below we’ve detailed the other key features that make it stand out in its category.

  • Controlled Speed: don’t worry about A8s scuffing your furniture
    • Auto detects objects & slows down to slightly bump it
  • Auto Mapping: it will plan out its path around your home 
  • (most robot vacuums offer this)
  • Linear Paths: roams in clean, linear paths to avoid vacuuming the same area
  • Enhanced Suction: able to pick up particles deep in the carpet
    • Dog owners love it!
  • Robot Schedule Mode: schedule cleaning times manually
  • Big Dust Box: V8s dust box can hold a whopping 0.75 liters of dirt
    • Helps reduce the frequency of emptying
  • Advanced i-dropping tech: as a robot mop it’ll auto measure & release water 
  • Surfaces: ILIFE V8s can be used on any floor (carpet, tile, wood, etc)
    • Caters to pet hair care with hyper suction vacs
  • Programmable to multitask independently

What Customers Think:

I personally wish I would’ve known about the ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum last year. I ended up buying my parents a bunch of small gifts when this would’ve been so much better. 

If you go online you’ll see that it has tons of positive reviews.

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V8s Robot Vacuum and Mop

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One of the reviews that I picked up on is the fact that it does not fall down steps and can run up to 3-times before needing emptying.

Reviews also mention how great it is for pet hair, specifically dog owners. 

ILIFE Robot Vacuum Models:

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ILIFE V5s Robot Cleaner  |  ILIFE A6 Robot Cleaner

ILIFE V8S Review:

The V8 Vacuum is perfect to vacuum a variety of floor surfaces and because of the advanced suction technology it can get to the tough stuff – pet hair, dust, dirt imbedded deep in your carpet.

As mentioned, the advanced mopping function allows you to scrub and clean floor.

Thanks to the scheduler, you can easily set it to mop or vacuum when you want. (Not all the robot vacuums have this either) 

ILIFE Robot Vacuums

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The ILIFE V8s has become a hugely popular robot vacuum.

It’s fairly affordable considering it’s multi-functional performance.

Overall a quality robot vacuum w/ a high buyer rating.

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