iTvanila Cool Mist 5L Humidifier Review

itvanila ultrasonic cool mist humidifier

iTvanila Humidifiers (HU-C3) Review

This iTvanila cool mist is an affordable humidifier released this year.

Mist humidifier provides 30 ~ 40 hours of continuous use — ideal for rooms up to 400 sq. ft.

Water tank size is 5-liters (1.32 gallons).

What stands out is its whisper-quiet performance — when set put on lowest setting, its noise level is less than 32 decibels.

FYI: normal conversation is 60 decibels

Buyer confirm that it’s extremely quiet — Many use it in their bedroom or baby room.

From researching lots of home humidifiers, I believe this iTvanila is the quietest available today.

itvanila whisper quiet 5l humidifiers

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iTvanila Cool Mist Humidifier – Overview:

Using the turn dial on the front you’re able to control the mist output.

The nozzle can rotate 360° which gives a balanced air moisture throughout the room.

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A light around the knob which tells you if it’s operating (or needs to be refilled) — it’s not too bright and won’t disturb sleep.

The 5L water tank also kills unwanted particles from entering the air:  mold, bacteria + dust

itvanila cool mist 5 liter humidifier

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Buyers love using it in the winter — many say that it helps with dry skin, air quality and breathability.

Most of all they like its silent operation.

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As one of the newer humidifiers to hit the market, it’s an upgrade in terms of sound. It’s a true whisper quiet humidifier.

iTvanila 5L cool mist comes in 2 colors (white or black) and is very affordable.

So far, it’s received top buyer reviews. 

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