ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 Robotic Vacuum Review

Ecovacs Deebot 900/901 Robotic Vacuum Review

ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 Robot Vacuum

Vacuuming can hours per week – even longer if you have pets!

Fortunately we live in an era when robot vacuums are coming of age. It started with the Roomba family of vacuums – today there are dozens of brands offering robotic vacuums with many different features.

Introducing the ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 –

900 model comes = black vacuum

901 model = white vacuum

Looking online, the Deebot 900 has very strong reviews and was labeled the “Amazon Choice” earlier this summer – certainly a sign that the 900/901 is a top quality robot vacuum.

So What Can It Do?

Unlike you and I, the ECOVACS DEEBOT 900/901 has all the time in the world to do its job.

Benefits you can expect:

  • Cleans house of even the smallest particles
    • allergens, dust, + pet hair (great for dog owners!)
  • Voice control + Alexa control
  • Mobile App Commands w/ Ecovacs App
  • 1 main brush + 4 side brushes
  • Upgraded battery
  • Requires very little maintenance
  • Automatically returns to charging dock when battery is low
  • Smoothly enters tight spaces and corners
  • Advanced mapping
  • Avoids boundaries and obstructing objects
  • Senses different flooring surfaces and applies suction
  • Faster, more efficient and versatile
  • ** New voice reporting via WiFi
  • Gives realtime status updates as it vacuums

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How It Performs:

Before we start on how it does its job, you need to set it up first!

Set up is very easy – start by installing the docking station, which will be connected to the power adapter. After that, you simply plug it in to charge and schedule a cleaning session.

The vacuum cleaner works through efficient suction of home impurities, where the Smart Navi 3.0 system is used to navigate your home. It’s smart system scans the environment for objects (wall for example) and if any is found, it smoothly goes around it to continue its work.

Deebot 900 Robotic Vacuum Review

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Whilst working, it’ll come across home carpets, wood, and other such surfaces — each has different modes which it changes accordingly, for optimum cleaning.

When the 100-mins battery back up is about done, the vacuum returns to the charging-dock.

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Ecovacs Deebot 900/901 – Features:

All of the features of the device are controlled via Ecovacs app.

Using your mobile you can view its current status + monitor the cleaning progress and battery life remaining.

Like most Deebot’s, you’re able to create normal work schedules (daily or weekly) — you can do it through the Ecovacs mobile app or manually.

Compared to other robotic vacuums, the 900/901 requires very little maintenance on your part.

Also use the app to set cleaning restrictions: tell it which areas to clean, what areas to exclude, and what rooms (after it fully maps out your home)

Ecovacs 900/901 vacuum can be paired w/ Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home for easier use. As a matter of fact, it’ll give alerts concerning the device’s current work pattern and progress.

Deebot 900 Vacuum Review

Nonetheless, if you don’t have either, you’ll have to purchase them separately to enjoy these features.

  • Smart Navi 3.0 – analyzes your home for work scheduling
  • Home Layout Mapping
    • Systematic cleaning paths save battery
  • Makes use of sensors to navigate your home (in case of obstructions)
  • Compatible w/ Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home
  • Can be controlled with ECOVACS app

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Deebot 900/901 Conclusion

The ECOVACS 900/901 (black and white versions) certainly does deliver the kind of results that I like. The battery is big enough, the design is slick, and the cleaning and different available modes/options are effective.

I also like the protective bumpers which won’t damage my furniture.

Ecovacs Deebot 900 Vacuum

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For its functionality, the Deebot 900/901 does not come cheap.

It has lots of great features, but compared to the ILIFE V8s Robot Vacuum and Eufy BoostIQ RoboVac it is unfortunately not affordable for most households.

However, if you are looking to splurge a little, I think it is a solid choice. Reading buyer reviews, I see that it’s one of the favorites among pet owners!

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