Sensational Natures Head Composting Toilet Reviews

Natures Head Composting Toilet Reviews.

I’ve come across reviews on the internet claiming that an eco-friendly toilet is a true composting toilet — that’s not true.

Fortunately, Natures Head makes a true composting toilet: 

camping, hiking, eco-homes, cabins, recreational vehicles, road-trips to national parks

A single look at this Natures Head Toilet and you’ll see why it’s the most popular composting toilet available — it’s designed for comfort and easy cleaning.

Height: 20-inches

Width: 19-inches

Capacity: 2 gallons of storage

Buyers confirm that it’s super easy to set up and disassemble too.

No drainage required! (nice benefit while camping!)

Natures Head Composting toilet also comes equipped w/ full-size elongated seat making it very comfortable — It has the feel of a home bathroom toilet.

Natures Head Composting Toilet Reviews

  • Capacity: approx. 80 uses
  • Storage: up to 2 gallons
  • Sizes: full size, elongated
  • Removes smells with reverse fan 
  • No drainage system required (doesn’t require water!)
  • Urine is automatically separated in another compost bin
  • Excellent decomposition system will take care of waste
  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to disassemble and empty waste
  • Includes large, toilet compost bin
  • Very easy cleanup = very hygienic
  • Decomposes waste faster than other composting toilets
  • Comes w/ easy-to-follow user manual & toilet guide
  • Designed & manufactured in the USA

Natures Head Toilet Review

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Nature’s Head Self Contained Composting Toilet:

The biggest problem with most composting toilets is the seats are usually small.

Rarely do they offer full-size elongated toilet seat; while it doesn’t sound like a huge benefit, it’s a benefit you’ll certainly notice if you’re a little taller or heavier.

If you’ve used a small porta-potty, you’ll know what I’m talking about! Small seats can be difficult.

Comfortability is not the only thing this product offers.

Unlike other compost toilets, the Natures Head Composting Toilet is very lightweight — nearly 30% lighter than other composting toilets of this size.

Weight: 28 pounds

As a reference, typical residential toilets weigh 100-150 pounds.

Nature’s Head self-contained composting toilet is perfect for camping or hiking trips — its compact size and lightweight design make it easy to place in the trunk of a car or inside a camper/RV.

Like a bidet seat model, an outdoor composting toilet itself is universal height and includes a full-size seat.

Quick Highlights:

  • Natures Head Model: NH-SPH
  • Compact size w/ full elongated seat
  • Super easy clean & maintain
  • Lightweight composting toilet = portable at 28 lbs
  • Requires emptying after 80 uses
  • Urine is collected on a separate bottle
  • Comfortable, full-size elongated seat
  • Made in USA

Potential Flaws:

  • Requires water to clean thoroughly

Nature's Head Self Contained Composting Toilet

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Natures Head Composting Toilet Reviews

There’s a lot to like about this model.

I researched composting toilets sold online — it’s gotten most good buyer feedback.

Buyers use it for a multitude of purposes:

camping, hiking, trailers, cabins, RV and camper vans, construction sites

Despite its expensive price, it’s the most popular composting toilet available.

Tons of positive reviews online!

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Nature’s Head Compost Toilet Reviews

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