Balichun Mattress Pad Reviews | High-End Mattress Topper

goose pillowtop mattress cover

Balichun Mattress Topper. The Balichun Pillowtop cover is an affordable mattress pad offering 8 – 21 inch pockets (depending on bed size). Mattress cover is made of 300TC natural cotton that’s breathable¬†and fast-drying. Buyers really like it in the summertime when having a breathable mattress cover really helps — breathable fabric helps decrease heat and … Read more

The Harny Mattress Pad Review | High-End Mattress Topper

Harney Mattress Pad Cover Top

Harny mattress pad review. The Harny Mattress topper is an affordable mattress pad w/ top buyer reviews. It’s made of 100% natural cotton that’s breathable + cooling. Reading reviews, buyers love it in the warmer months — fabric is breathable and absorbs moisture quickly (which helps with night sweating!). Mattress pad features: Helps soften¬†beds that … Read more