Dyson Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Review.

Air Purifier Filter in Home

Dyson Hot+Cool Link Air Purifier Review. If you’re like me & suffer from allergies during transitional months of the year, then you’ll be very familiar with “allergy season” — runny nose, itchy eyes & feeling worn out. Not just a slick design, Dyson’s Hot+Cool Link is a high-performance air purifier. It’s the ideal option for removing … Read more

The Biota Bot MM608I Review | Biota Air Purifier

Biota Air Purifier Review

Biota Bot MM608I Review. Biota Air Purifier is an affordable air purifier for mid-size rooms…. and still affordable!  It comes w/ professional air filtration + is designed for rooms up to 860 sq. ft. (perfect for home office or bedrooms!) Biota Bot Air Purifier Review The Biota Bot MM608I Air Purifier comes w/ 5-stage air filter system. Air … Read more