Toto Washlet Review

TOTO Washlet C100 Heated Toilet Seat

Best Toto Washlet Review.

Washlet bidet seats are modern day luxury.

They used to be exclusive to five star hotels and the super wealthy, but lower prices and high-end features have made them popular among consumers.

At the forefront of this bathroom revolution is the TOTO washlet bidet seat.

heated seats, tankless water system, warm air dryer, self cleaning, air deodorizer

With so many options I created a list of the best washlet bidet seats.

Prices will range, $249 to $979.

Toto Washlet Review

#1.) Toto K300 Review

Toto K300 Washlet Bidet

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The Toto K300 is one of the newest and most popular bidet models.

Includes heated seat w/ 5 wash types + tankless water heating for unlimited warm water!

Model: Toto SW3036#01 K300

Pricing: Affordable

Super easy maintenance, it has self-cleaning nozzles + bowl spritz sanitation.

Users enjoy the warm air dryer and air deodorizer which masks any unpleasant smells. It offers 100% hands-free bathroom experience – great if you want to impress guests!

Additional features:

adjustable water temp, premist spray, oscillating + pulsating massage wash

Buyers say the K300 washlet is easy to install too.

When I compare the Toto Washlet K300 vs. S300 or S550e, the K300 washlet is affordable + has all the modern features!

Overall the best washlet bidet seat (in terms of value)!

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#2.) Toto S550e Review

Toto Washlet Toilet Seat : S550e

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The Toto S550e washlet is an upgrade vs. S500e washlet.

It features luxury automatic open and soft close lid for a hands-free toilet experience.

Settings: 5 wash types

Pricing: Expensive

You can also adjust water temp and heated seat w/ multiple settings. Includes tankless design for unlimited warm water!

Toto S550 Washlet bidet is the most sanitary model – it has a self-cleaning system that sanitizes the toilet bowl after each use.

Included features:

warm air dryer, night light seat, air deodorizer (for bad smells!), auto-clean system

Downside is the price – Toto S550e washlet is very expensive.

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#3.) Toto Washlet Review C200

Toto Washlet Bidet Seat

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The Toto C200 washlet is an affordable bidet seat.

It’s characterized by its adjustable sprayer position and multiple settings.

Settings: 5 washes

Pricing: Medium

Using the remote control, there are three wash types to choose:

Rear wash, rear soft, and frontal cleanse

Toto C200 washlet includes a pre-mist spray that automatically sanitizes the toilet bowl after each use.

Remote control lets you customize and save settings for two people.

Very popular model because of its affordable price.

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#4.) Toto S300 Washlet

Toto S300e Washlet Bidet

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Toto S300 washlet is expensive, but offers the newest bidet seat features.

It offers multiple bidet washes – great for feminine washes or people w/ hemorrhoids.

Settings: 5 wash types

Pricing: Expensive

Buyers love the new auto massaging feature – sends a stream of water in a circular, massaging motion. It is one of the favorites for seniors!

Users also like the ability to position the washlet bidet + adjust water temp and pressure.

The Toto S300 washlet includes:

LCD panel, heated seat, warm air dryer, massage or pulsating streams

In terms of function, the Toto S300 is similar vs S350e washlet, but a little more affordable.

Lots of good buyer reviews!

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#5.) Toto S500e Review

Toto S500e Washlet

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Toto S500e washlet is one of the best bidets for a customized wash.

Includes multiple bidet washes w/ the remote control – you can adjust water pressure + water temp.

Settings: 4 wash types

Pricing: Expensive

Super easy maintenance, the Toto S500e washlet has “Custom Cleaning” –¬† auto cleans bidet nozzles, toilet seat & bowl after every use.

Users love the ability to customize their wash – you can also “save” your settings for next time.

The tankless water heater and warm air dryer are nice, luxury features too.

Buyers say it is very easy maintenance!

Additional features:

self-cleaning wands, warm air dryer, air deodorizer, premist spray

Toto S500e washlet is expensive, but has very happy buyer reviews.

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#6.) Toto C100 Review

TOTO C100 Washlet Bidet

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The Toto C100 washlet is the most common for integrated bidet toilets.

It lets you customize washes using the side control panel.

Water temperature: 3 settings

Water pressure: 5 settings

Buyers like the ability to easily adjust wand positions. They also love the self-cleaning wand for a hands-free toilet experience.

Super easy to install w/ mounting system + easy water connection.

Added features:

bidet air dryer, heated seat, auto air deodorizer (removing odors), premist spray sanitation

Toto C100 washlet is a popular and affordable washlet bidet.

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#7.) Toto S350e Review

This is a luxury Toto Washlet seat S350e

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TOTO S350e Washlet is an affordable washlet with high end features.

Using the remote control, you can choose frontal or rear wash — you can also adjust massage type and hot water temperature.

Massage water streams: pulsating or oscillating

Water Temperatures: 5 settings

Water Pressures: 5 settings

Hands-free washlet equipped with automatic sanitization – it automatically cleans the stainless steel nozzles and the toilet bowl (after every use).

To eliminate smells, the Toto S350e washlet has Premist spray (w/ bowl sanitation spritz) + air deodorizer.

Includes a heated seat for winter!

Toto S350e washlet is expensive, but w/ lots of positive reviews.

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#8.) Toto Washlet Review A100

Toto A100 Washlet Seat

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The Toto A100 washlet has all the basic features you want in a bidet seat. And it is very affordable!

Only slight differences between Toto A100 vs. C100 models.

Water temperature: 3 settings

Water pressure: 5 settings

Electronic control panel on the right side lets you choose from you wash type.

rear wash, rear soft wash, and front areas.

Toto A100 washlet offers three heated seat and heated water options. There are also five water pressure settings you can choose from.

One of the more basic washlet bidet seats but buyers like its simplicity.

Lots of positive buyer Review – many love its affordable price!

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#9.) Toto Washlet Review S300e

TOTO S300e Washlet Bidet Toilet Seat

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* updated Toto S300e vs. Toto S300 Washlet

The TOTO S300e washlet offers a 100% hands-free bathroom experience.

Offering multiple wash types, you can fully customize the style and water temperature using the remote control.

Settings: 5 water temp + pressure

Pricing: Medium

Includes 4 cleaning modes:

rear wash ; rear soft ; front-only ; front wide wash

Each sprays has oscillating or pulsating streaming + five water pressure settings.

Remote control lets you decide the wash type and water temperature – you can even control the heated seat temperature.

Buyers love the self cleaning bidet function – TOTO S300e washlet auto sanitizes the toilet seat, nozzles & bowl.

Toto S300e washlet has a medium price w/ lots of positive buyer reviews.

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#10.) Toto Washlet Review A200

Toto A200 Washlet Seat

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The Toto A200 washlet is an older model, but still a popular bidet model.

It includes a remote control which lets you choose front or rear warm washes. You can also adjust water temp and pressure settings.

Buyers love the strong, yet gentle water stream.

Toto A200 washlet includes a self-cleaning wand making maintenance super easy.

Other features include:

heated seat, two user settings, energy saver

Automatic SoftClose lid opens and closes for a 100% hands-free experience!

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Toto Washlet Bidet Seat Comparison:

Newest Toto Washlet Seats

TOTO Washlet Seat Models Style Color
Toto S550e WashletSW3056#01
ElongatedCotton White
Toto S550e WashletSW3056#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto S550e WashletSW3054#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto S550e WashletSW3054#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto S500e WashletSW3044#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto S500e WashletSW3044#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto S500e WashletSW3046#01
ElongatedCotton White
Toto S500e WashletSW3046#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto K300 WashletSW3036#01SoftClose LidCotton White
Toto K300 WashletSW3036#12SoftClose LidSedona Beige
Toto S350e WashletSW584#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto S350e WashletSW584#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto S350e WashletSW583#01Round SeatCotton White
Toto S350e WashletSW583#12Round SeatSedona Beige
Toto S300e WashletSW574#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto S300e WashletSW574#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto S300e WashletSW573#01Round SeatCotton White
Toto S300e WashletSW573#12Round SeatSedona Beige

Older Toto Washlet Seats

TOTO Washlet Seat Models Style Color
Toto C200 WashletSW2044#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto C200 WashletSW2044#12ElongatedSedona Beige
Toto C200 WashletSW2043#01
Round SeatCotton White
Toto C200 WashletSW2043#12
Round SeatSedona Beige
Toto C100 WashletSW2034#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto C100 WashletSW2033#12
Round SeatSedona Beige
Toto A200 WashletSW2024#01ElongatedCotton White
Toto A100 WashletSW2014#01ElongatedCotton White

Best Toto Washlet Review

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