Friedrich Chill Premier Review 12000 BTU : CCF12A10A

Friedrich Chill Premier Review. 

The Friedrich Chill Premier 12,000 BTU is quickly becoming a top seller online.

It’s expensive, but that’s to be expected from a high-capacity model. It’s also more affordable than it was last year.

As a medium-size window ac unit, the Friedrich Chill Series is super quiet – it’s designed w/ the newest energy efficient tech and is Energy Star Certified.

Best of all it includes smartphone controls via mobile app!

The Friedrich Chill air conditioner syncs with your home Wi-FI for remote use anywhere. Buyers confirm that set-up is pretty easy and that the user-friendly app controls are as good as a remote control.

Friedrich QuietMaster technology is engineered to reduce noise 25% (compared to other 12000 BTU units).

Buyers say it fully cools rooms within 8-10 mins!

Compared to similar BTU window air conditioners the Friedrich Chill 12000 BTU model is super fast. You can also adjust the cooling level on the machine itself or on the mobile app.

There are multiple sizes available w/ the 12k BTU being the most popular – unit prices range from, $249 to $949.

For my review I’ll focus on the Friedrich Chill Premier CCF12A10A (12000 BTU model).

Friedrich Chill Premier 12,000 BTU:

As Energy Star rated units, the Friedrich Chill Premier air conditioners have advanced features.

  • Mobile app connectivity
  • QuietMaster Technology
  • 8-way air flow controls
  • Auto speed/mode
  • Sleep settings

They also include the new “MoneySaver” mode — decreases energy usage by running the fan w/ the air conditioner.

By running both simultaneously, the air conditioner requires significantly less energy to operate.

FYI — MoneySaver mode is good for maintaining room temp.

Compared to similar-size units the Friedrich Chill Premier Series air conditioner units are among the most energy efficient models you can buy. During peak summer months it helps save more than you’d think.

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Friedrich CCF12A10A Review

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Here is what you can expect to save annually (compared to similar size units).

CCF05A10A (5200 BTU):  $41 per year
CCF06A10A (6000 BTU):  $45 per year
CCF08A10A (8000 BTU):  $60 per year
CCF10A10A (10000 BTU):  $75 per year
CCF12A10A (12000 BTU):  $90 per year

Even though the unit itself is more expensive, you will likely save money long-term. 

You can expect the Chill Premier Series air conditioners to last 6+ years.

Friedrich Chill Premier Air Conditioner Review:

As energy efficient units, the Friedrich Chill Premier air conditioners are engineered for the quietest performance.

Each is designed with QuietMaster® Technology.

  • Heavy-duty insulation for sound absorption
  • Designed for optimized, internal air-flow
  • Wide AC air vents to limit front-panel noise
  • Hardened sheet metal construction for blocking external noise
  • Counterweights for limiting vibration between parts

Compared to similar-size units, the Friedrich Chill Premier Series air conditioners operate 25% quieter.

Buyers confirm that they are significantly quieter than they expected.

Friedrich Chill Premier 12 000 BTU Smart Window Air Conditioner

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Friedrich Chill CCF12A10A Review:

Buyers really love the mobile app functionality — it is very easy to connect the Friedrich Chill Premier to your home WiFi.

After downloading the Friedrich app, you can use the Climate Control feature to choose the exact room temperature you want — select your desired temp and let the AC do the rest!

 Mobile App Controls:

  • Turn on/off (from anywhere)
  • Climate control feature
  • Switch operation modes
  • Activate dehumidifier (1.50 pints/hr)
  • Increase/decrease speed or power
  • Set timer function

You can also sync w/ Amazon Alexa or Google Home for voice control.

Friedrich Chill Premier Review:

  • AC Model: CCF12A10A
  • Power: 12,000 BTU
  • Room size: 400 – 550
  • Voltage: 115v
  • Efficiency (EER): 12.1
  • QuietMaster technology
  • Energy Star rated models
  • New sleep mode
  • Wi-Fi “smart” mobile app controls
  • Dehumidifier removes 36 pints daily
  • R410A refrigerant
  • 8-way air flow control

Friedrich CCF12A10A Review

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Friedrich Chill Premier CCF12A10A:

The Friedrich Chill Premier Series units have good online ratings.

Of all the features, buyers love the quiet operation and mobile app function the most — they operate 25% quieter than similar units and let you change settings from anywhere with your smart phone.

It is also very energy efficiency.

Friedrich Chill CCF12A10A will save you approximately $90 per year on energy costs (compared to similar 12,000 BTU window air conditioner units).

Buyers like its ability to quickly cool large rooms and is good for maintaining temps (without constantly cycling on/off).

If you can afford the higher price tag, I think one of the Friedrich Chill Premier Series air conditioners are worth considering.

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Friedrich Chill Premier Review:

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