Friedrich Chill Series Window Air Conditioner Review [CP08G10B]

Friedrich Chill Window AC Review

Friedrich Chill Series CP08G10B.

The new Friedrich Chill Series window air conditioner unit is already a top seller in 2019.

Buyers love that it’s very quiet and Energy Star qualified.

Designed for whisper-quiet operation, they have sound-absorption insulation and are optimized for internal air-flow (generates less vibration). 

Friedrich Chill air conditioners are available in eight sizes:

  • CP05G10B: 5K BTU (150 sq. ft.)
  • CP06G10B: 6K BTU (250 sq. ft.)
  • CP08G10B: 8K BTU (350 sq. ft.)
  • CP10G10B: 10K BTU (450 sq. ft.)
  • CP12G10B: 12K BTU (550 sq. ft.)
  • CP15G10B: 15.5K BTU (700 sq. ft.)
  • CP18G30B: 19K BTU (1,000 sq. ft.)
  • CP24G30B: 24K BTU (1,400 sq. ft.)

Friedrich Chill Series prices range from, $499 to $959.

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friedrich chill window ac unit

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Friedrich EP08G11B Review:

As an Energy Star Qualified unit, the Friedrich Chill ACs come w/ a MoneySaver setting — this decreases energy consumption by running the fan along with the AC.

This allows the AC to run at a lower speed, and therefore save on electricity costs.

It’s important to note that the MoneySaver setting is best when you want to maintain room temperature.

You will likely have to run max power for initially cooling a room — once the temperature is to your liking, the MoneySaver comes into play.

Depending on the Chill AC unit, Friedrich estimates you’ll save these amounts (annually).

  • CP05G10B (5K BTU) : $36/year
  • CP06G10B (6K BTU) : $44/year
  • CP08G10B (8K BTU) : $60/year
  • CP10G10B (10K BTU) : $74/year
  • CP12G10B (12K BTU) : $89/year
  • CP15G10B (15.5K BTU) : $117/year
  • CP18G30B (19K BTU) : $138/year
  • CP24G30B (24K BTU) : $209/year

* At the bottom of my review I created Friedrich Chill comparison chart.

friedrich chill series air conditioner

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Friedrich Chill Window AC:

The Friedrich Chill Series offers many of the features you’ll see on the ultra premium Kühl line — but, more affordable and designed for any room size.

As a window air conditioner it offers 4-way air flow.

Buyers say they’re surprised how quickly it can cool rooms + able to operate quietly.

It won’t be as noticeable in smaller rooms, but for the larger units (15500 – 24000 BTU), faster cooling is a nice benefit.

Buyers using it as an office air conditioner see it as a major feature.

Lastly, all Friedrich Chill air conditioners include a built-in dehumidifier.

Using the remote control, you can select the Dry Mode + adjust speed.

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Friedrich Chill Series Air Conditioner:

  • AC Model: CP08G10B
  • Cooling: 8000 BTU
  • Rooms: 300 – 350 sq. ft.
  • Weight: 64 pounds
  • Savings: $60 per year (est.)
  • MoneySaver mode
  • 24-hour timer
  • Ultra quiet operation
  • 4-way air flow
  • Washable air filter
  • Remote control
  • Easy window installation

Friedrich Chill CP08G10B Window Air Conditioner

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Friedrich Chill CP08G10B Review:

The Friedrich Chill Series is one of the top rated window units available.

For all their features, buyers love their quiet operation and energy saving ability the most — you’ll save up to 25-30% on your energy bill (compared to a regular window unit).

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I’d say that the downside is the price.

Friedrich Chill air conditioners are not cheap — but even though there’s more upfront costs, you will save money longterm.

Window air conditioners last 6+ years and w/ that in mind, you’ll be saving a lot more than you otherwise would.

If you can afford a little higher price-point, I think the Friedrich Chill AC is worth considering.

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Friedrich Chill Series Comparison Chart:

Friedrich Chill Cooling Power Room Size Yearly Energy Cost
CP05G10B5000 BTU150 sq. ft.$36
CP06G10B6000 BTU250 sq. ft.$44
CP08G10B8000 BTU300 sq. ft.$60
CP10G10B10000 BTU450 sq. ft.$74
CP12G10B12000 BTU550 sq. ft.$89
CP15G10B15500 BTU700 sq. ft.$117
CP18G30B19000 BTU1,000 sq. ft.$138
CP24G30B24000 BTU1,400 sq. ft.$209

Friedrich Chill Series Window Air Conditioner Review:

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