Neato D7 Review – Robotic Vacuum

Neato Robotics D7 Review

Neato D7 Review – Robotic Vacuum

Neato D7 is one of the better robotic vacuum models released in 2018. 

Best part is WiFi connectivity — You’re able to control it on your mobile phone using their Mobile App. 

Another cool part is that the D7 thoroughly maps your home. 

When you tell it to start a vacuum session it does a superb job of picking up floor particles in a linear travel path. Also reduces the possibility of allergic triggers (pet hair for example), improves air quality, and requires no work on your part.

Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner has a variety of features that allow it access to a lot of functions. Still, all of them are focused on cleaning every inch of your home.

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Neato D7 Review Performance

As one of the most powerful robotic cleaners in the industry, the Neato Robotics Vacuum Cleaner, on paper, certainly doesn’t fail to impress — for one, the smart vacuum cleaner has a mapping and navigation technology called LaserSmart.

The technology is used to scan the immediate surrounding whilst also committing it to memory for increased work output.

One advantage of this is that the device plans a series of directions, or might we say paths, that it takes in cleaning your home. All of the paths are rapidly swept through, with no reduction in work quality.

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Furthermore, the cleaner uses its shape in tandem with different modes and brushes to clean the various surfaces and tight spots it comes across — this includes wooden surfaces, rugs, corners, and small spaces.

** Neato D7 is perfect for picking up pet hair! (def one of the best for dog owners)

If you feel like restricting its movement, you can likewise tell it to steer clear of any room of your choice. You can do it with barriers (like Roomba 980) or through the mobile app. It’s super simple which is why it has gotten mostly positive reviews online. 

Example: the D7 vacuumed earlier in the morning, but your dog came in from outside and rolled on the living room floor. You don’t want vacuum the entire house – just the living room. No problem! Through your mobile app you can tell the Neato D7 to vacuum only the living room! 

Neato D7 Review - Robotic Vacuum

Finally, after an intensive session of work, the robotic vacuum cleaner goes back to its charging port, plugs itself in till it’s full, and resumes its work.  (very similar to Roomba in this manner)

Top Benefits of Neato D7 WiFi Vacuum Cleaner

  • LaserSmart technology for route efficiency
  • Can be programmed to restrict cleaning a particular area
  • D-shape design + versatile size
    • Tackles tight spaces, carpeting and corners 
  • Easy to operate through Neato Robotics mobile app
  • Control with Amazon Alexa or Google Home
  • 2 vacuuming modes
    • light cleaning
    • detailed cleaning
  • Impressive battery life (120 minutes)

Neato Robotics D7 Features

Using either your smartphone or devices such as Amazon Alexa, Google Home, and IFTTT, you have full control over all of the functions of the vacuum cleaner. 

WiFi capability with 5GHz connection speed.

Additional features:

  • Efficient with battery power by detecting floor surface
    • Carpeting takes more energy than hardwood
    • Increased vacuum suction in certain areas
  • Create restrictions through the Neato mobile app
  • Continuous updates to map your home
  • Navigates all corners + tight spots using its sensors
  • Automatically senses flooring type
  • Automatically changes cleaning modes

Neato D7 Review - Robot Vacuum

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Considering its features and benefits, the Neato D7 is quite an upgrade from its predecessors.

From what I can tell it’s very similar to the Roomba 980 Vacuum Cleaner — mapping capability, mobile app control, auto suction on carpets, and longer battery life.

The downside of the Neato D7 is its price. It’s a lot more than earlier additions, but if you can afford the (very high!) price tag I think really love it! 

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