Roborock E20 Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Roborock E20 Vacuum.

The RoboRock E20 is medium price robot vacuum with 1,600 sq. ft. cleaning coverage.

It is becoming one of the most popular models this year and already has lots of positive buyer reviews.

Equipped with 13 types of sensors, the Roborock E20 detects floor types instantly — for carpets it automatically increases suction power to pick up particles from deep in the carpet.

If it detects dog hair or high-particle areas it can increase to 1800Pa (known as cyclonic power).

Good battery life allows it to vacuum up to 100 mins on a single charge.

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The Roborock E20 is a true smart robot vacuum and connects via WiFi to the mobile app.

Using the app you have full remote functionality. 

– start a vacuuming session
– spot clean (start vacuuming a specific area)
– set timers or schedule
– realtime status updates

Roborock E20 Vacuum Review:

As one of the newer robot vacuums by Xiaomi, the Roborock E20 comes with superior mapping and navigation technology.

On the mobile app you’ll see a full scale map of your home’s layout — you can also see its realtime location and areas it’s finished vacuuming.

With it advanced navigation, you can be sure that it won’t get itself lost or trapped in a corner.

Buyers love that it’s able to clean areas normal vacuums can’t.

– under beds
– between chairs
– under couches & tables

The mopping function is very advanced too.

Similar to the Roborock S5, the E20 model comes with a a high precision water system — it wets the mopping cloth just enough to do the job, but not too much to leave wet streaks.

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Roborock E20 is perfect for homes lots of hard flooring and is able to mop for 45-60 mins on a single battery charge.

Many of the buyer reviews note how efficient it is at mopping.

Other than the Roborock S5, I think the E20 is the next best thing.

Similar mopping capability as iRobot’s Braava mop.

Roborock E20 Review:

  • Area: 1,600 sq. ft.
  • Sweeping & mopping function
  • 13 built-in sensors
  • 1800Pa suction power
  • Carpet boost suction
  • Spot cleaning mode
  • 2600mAh battery
    • Vacuum: 90 – 100 mins
    • Mopping: 40 – 60 mins
  • 640 ml dustbin
  • Mobile app functionality

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Roborock E20 Review:

Overall the Roborock E20 looks to be a solid choice — lots of positive buyer reviews and it comes w/ the newest features.

And for a cheaper price it includes a lot of the features you’ll get on the Roborock S5 — including mop functionality!

Buyers also say the long, 100-min battery life is a nice addition too. It should be more than enough to do a thorough vacuuming job on a single charge.

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If you think I missed any info, let me know in the comments! 

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Roborock E20 Vacuum Reviews

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