The 10 Home Theater Projectors 2021

Home Projector Under 1000

Home Projector Reviews.  Today’s home theater projectors are a shocking upgrade from years prior. With so many options, here is our list of the best home theater projectors – list includes 1080p and 4K home projectors. My rankings are based on: price, features, performance, sharpness & buyer reviews Prices on my list cost, $299 – … Read more

Top 10 Best 1080p Projector

Best 1080p Projector Reviews

Best 1080p Projectors. Home theater projectors are super popular this year. Today’s 1080p projectors have become more affordable and include the latest features. mobile streaming (Netflix!), calibrated display, no lag, full HD 3D content In my review I ranked for the best 1080p projector options under $1,000. I based my list on price, brightness, features, … Read more

Top 10 Best 4K Projectors 2021

BenQ TK800M 4K UHD Home Theater Projector

Best 4K Projectors 2020. Today’s 4K projectors are the ultimate home luxury. Some are better than actual movie theaters. They magnify the experience, whether watching sports or streaming movies on Netflix or Amazon Prime. The downside is the 4K quality price tag – the best home theater projectors to cost upwards of $1800. The top … Read more

Best Projector Under $1000 For 2020

Best Projector Under 1000

Best Projector Under $1000. Updated: November 2020 Don’t overpay for a home movie projector! Lots of super affordable options available, here is our list for best home theater projectors under $1000. (some options under $500). My list ranks them based on price, visual quality, performance, and buyer reviews. BenQ HT2050A Projector Review Optoma HD143X Home … Read more

Top 10 Best Wireless Headphones Reviews

Best Wireless Headphones Review

 Best Wireless Headphones.  I usually do not recommend over-spending on luxury electronics, but not this time. Wireless headphones are the exception. Buying a high-quality pair of noise-cancelling headphones might be the best purchase you make this year. sound-out office distractions, gym motivation, podcasts or audiobooks A quality pair will give you 30-40 hours of play … Read more

Top 10 Best Subwoofer Reviews 2020

Best Subwoofer for Music

Best Subwoofer Reviews. Best subwoofer for home: #1. JBL LSR310S Subwoofer #2. Yamaha DXS15 MKII Review #3. Klipsch R-12SW Subwoofer #4. SVS SB 2000 Subwoofer Review #5. JBL XLF Home Theater Subwoofer #6. QSC 1000W Subwoofer Review #7. Yamaha HS8S Subwoofer #8. AudioEngine A2 Review #9. QSC K10 Subwoofer Speaker #10. ElectroVoice EKX-18S Subwoofer ✅ Top … Read more

Top 6 Best Bluetooth Headphones

Best Bluetooth Headphones Review Article

Best Bluetooth Headphone.  Today’s headphones are more high-performing than ever before. Bluetooth technology has made leaps in the last couple of years ~ the result is higher quality audio, longer battery life, better wireless distance, voice command, etc. Below are our top picks for best bluetooth headphones for 2020. Prices range from, $149 to $599. … Read more

Sony Wireless Headphones Review (WH-CH700N)

Sony Wireless Headphones

Sony wireless headphones review. The Sony WH-CH700N are high-end wireless headphones. Equipped w/ newly upgraded Noise Cancelling Tech you can escape a noisy crowd or get into the zone at the gym. Battery life: 30 – 35 hours Recharge: 3-4 hours Upgraded tech allows you to sync to your device + listen for long hours on a … Read more