Eufy 11c BoostIQ RoboVac Review

Eufy 11c RoboVac Review. 

Fortunate for frugal + busy individuals, robotic vacuums don’t cost as much as they used to — Today, they’re affordable and have better tech than just 1-year ago!

Even better is the WiFi aspect of the robot vacuum industry.

Not only can you create a weekly vacuuming schedule, but w/ the mobile apps, command it from anywhere!

Scenario 1: You are at work, but have guests arriving later for dinner.

Scenario 2: Your family is on vacation and the dog walker does not do home choirs.  

Scenario 3: The kids played outside and tracked dirt all over your carpet.

No prob! With the mobile app you can command the robot vacuum to clean only a specific area your home.

Using its electronic map technology, the vacuum automatically knows where that room is, and the path to get there.

Eufy 11c RoboVac BoostIQ Review:

The Eufy 11c robot vacuum is new to Eufy’s line of robotic vacuums. They are predominantly sold in Europe, but have recently begun selling across the world – including USA and Canada. The 11c vacuum is actually an updated version of its predecessor, the Eufy 11.

While it lacks the amenities of the super high-end cleaners going for 2-4x the price, it has many features you would not expect in a robot vacuum of this price. Best of all – it’s very affordable for the average consumer.

Here is a quick run-down of some of the features it offers:

  • Scheduled cleaning
  • WiFi capability
  • Mobile app control and scheduling
  • Very suction power
  • Lithium Ion battery lasting 1.5 hours
  • Duel filters w/ multiple brushes
  • 3 cleaning modes
  • ** Very quiet (compared to other robot vacuums)
    • Robotic vacuums tend to be a bit loud – not this one.

Design & Performance:

The Eufy RoboVac 11 sports the conventional spherical vacuum shape and also comes with a tempered glass top to grant it a modern edge.

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It is the best option if you have a small apartment or tight spaces that need tidying up. 

Measurements: 13″ wide x 3.1″ tall

Eufy 11 Review

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One downside – its circular shape can be a hindrance when it comes to cleaning corners.

Most robot vacuums are designed this way because of it’s easier to navigate angles, but tight corners isn’t its specialty.

However, the duel side brushes (x2), 11 infrared sensors (including a drop sensor for stairs), swivel heel, and a central rolling brush are top of the line in its industry.

From time to time, you will need to go into the device with a pair of gloves to manually get rid of the buildup in the dustbin.

RoboVac retails with a tool you can use to clean the vacuum as well as an extra foam filter, an additional HEPA style filter, and spare side brushes.

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As mentioned before, dumping dirt from the cleaner’s bin is a walk in the park. All you will need to do is press a button that will slide out the vacuum’s receptacle and simply press a release button to dispose of the dirt.
Easy-peasy right?

Another point worth noting is, execute the cleaning inside a trash bin to avoid inhaling dust particles that can result in flu.

Because the RoboVac 11 only provides a power button placed on its chassis, most of your interaction with the equipment will be carried out using a remote control.

Eufy 11c RoboVac Review – Cleaning Modes:

  • Automatic
  • Edge
  • Spot
  • Max
  • Single room
  • And Manual

These cleaning modes will come in handy for distinct cleaning scenarios.

#1.) Auto mode will clean based off of the layout of the room you have placed the vacuum in

#2.) Edge cleaning mode will solely focus on cleaning according the edges of a room to pick up hard-to-clean dust, dirt, and pet hair (especially dog hair!)

#3.) Spot cleaning mode will clean bits of debris as well as dirt

#4.) Max mode is best if you would like the vacuum cleaner to clean a carpet.

#5.) Single room mode will instruct the Eufy 11 to only focus on the room you have placed it in.

There’s also a button that allows you to schedule cleanings. You’ll need 2 triple-A (AAA) batteries to keep the remote powered so that it can perform all these functions.

Needless to say, given the distinct cleaning modes, RoboVac 11c is the go-to vacuum cleaner for busy individuals looking for an affordable cleaning option.

Eufy 11c RoboVac Review – Battery Life

RoboVac 11 is a smart robotic vacuum cleaner, and every time its battery is drained or almost fully discharged, it will find the charging station and begin charging automatically.

Eufy Robovac 11c Review

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To ensure the cleaner easily finds the charging dock, they suggest you leave at least 6 feet of space between the charging station and the vacuum cleaner +3 feet of open space on each side.
This is so that it can clearly reach the charger from different angles (if needed).

One of the downsides is that If the battery goes out, the Eufy 11c Robovac will need 5-6 hours to fully charge again.

This sounds like lots of time, but on the flip side, a single charge usually is sufficient for 80 to 100 minutes of continuous cleaning.  

Pro Tip: Remember to make it very easy for the eufy 11c robovac to find its charging station. I recommend placing the charger in an open area so it has multiple paths to get there.

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Eufy 11c Robot Review

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Final Rating ★★★★

Regardless of having to organize your apartment prior to cleaning, this Eufy RoboVac 11c is among the best entry-level vacuum cleaners simply because it does its work.

Prided at a fraction the cost of comparable robotic vacuums, it’s the most affordable house help you can get as it’ll help you pick up items such as food crumbs, stray hair, and litter crystals.

Overall I think it’s a fantastic purchase. For the price, you won’t be disappointed!

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