Honeywell TP70PWK Dehumidifier Review

Honeywell TP70PWK Review.

The Honeywell 70 pint dehumidifier is one of the best Energy Star models available.

Lots of reasons to like it as a large-capacity dehumidifier, but the standout feature — it’s very quiet.

As a newer unit, the Honeywell TP70PWK won’t operate louder than 51 decibels (dBA).

Buyers confirm that it’s one of the best quiet dehumidifiers for residences — powerful enough for large basements and quiet enough for bedroom use.

Performance: 70 pints (9 gal.)

Water Tank: 14-pints

The water tank isn’t huge, but the dehumidifier includes a “Tank Full” notification alert and will automatically shutoff if not emptied.

It also includes a built-in pump, anti-spill design, and continuous drainage (for direct drain).

Coverage: up to 4000 sq. ft.

Noise Level: ≤ 51 decibel

If you’re looking for a smaller dehumidifier, Honeywell offers it in 3 capacity sizes.

Here’s a run-down of the other units.

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Honeywell Dehumidifier for Basements

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Honeywell TP70PWK Dehumidifier Review:

Allowing moisture to build-up can cause a lot of damage in your home.

mold, mildew or rotting wood

This can have potential health risks if not properly managed — a good, dependable dehumidifier helps reduce most of these problems.

Fortunately, high-end dehumidifiers like the Honeywell TP70PWK is fairly priced and easy maintenance.

“Smart Digital Humidistat” lets you select your relative humidity level – based on your RH setting, the dehumidifier will automatically adjust its power to sustain it.

It even comes w/ a built-in pump and hose for continuous drainage!

Honeywell TP70PWK dehumidifier includes a powerful, Auto-Drain Pump – capable of draining condensation vertically or horizontally up to 15 ft. (into a sink or out through a window).

Easy maintenance, it’s able to operate for multiple weeks straight.

The “Smart Digital Humidistat Control System” will automatically sense room moisture levels & activate the dehumidify function to accurately maintain your desired humidity levels. It also helps reduce allergy and odor causing mold/mildew.

It’s also designed with a washable air filter which helps remove dust and allergens.

Overall, buyers confirm that it’s one of the best dehumidifiers for basements.

Very easy maintenance and high-performing unit.

Additional features include

drain pump and hose, auto restart function (in case of power outage), anti-spill design, washable air filters, auto defrost controls, very quiet operation

Honeywell Dehumidifier

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What’s Included:

  • Honeywell 70 pint dehumidifier
  • Drain hose and built-in pump
  • 14 pint water bin
  • Washable air filter

Honeywell 70 Pint Dehumidifier Review:

  • Units: TP70PWK / TP70WK
  • Capacity: 70 pint (8.75 gal.)
  • Water Tank: 14 pints
  • Rooms: 4,000 sq. ft.
  • Price: Medium
  • Noise Level: ≤ 51 decibels
  • Dehumidifier w/ continuous drainage
  • Filter clean alert notification
  • Built-in pump (and hose included)
  • Automatic restart function
  • Energy Star qualified

Honeywell 70 Pint with Built-In Pump Dehumidifier for Basement

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Honeywell 70 Pint Basement Review

Overall, the Honeywell TP70PWK (or TP70WK) is a top option for removing air moisture in large, residential areas.

Even though a newer unit, it’s already has gotten very good buyer reviews — most use it for basements.

For people with smaller areas or medium-size basements (smaller than 4,000 sq. ft.), the Honeywell 50 Pint dehumidifier could be a better fit. Both are high-powered units and include continuous drainage for basements.

Buyers also like how easy set up + maintenance is. Simply connect the drain hose and the built-in pump will do the rest!

For the price & performance, it’s looking to be one of the best basement dehumidifiers this year.

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Honeywell 70 Pint Dehumidifier for Basement:

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