Top 10 Best Wood Chipper Shredders

Best Chipper Shredder for 2019.

Top picks list: 

#1.) Tazz K33 Wood Chipper
#2.) Stanley DEK Chipper Shredder
#3.) Champion Gas Powered Chipper
#4.) Earthquake Chipper Shredder 

#5.) Patriot Gas Wood Chipper
#6.) Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder 

#7.) GreatCircle Gas Chipper Shredder
#8.) NorTrac PTO Chipper
#9.) Patriot Gas Wood Chipper
#10.) Coming soon!

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 Top #1 Pick:
 Tazz K33 Chipper ShredderTazz Wood Chipper Review

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The Tazz K33 chipper has a powerful 301cc engine.

It comes w/ 2 blades, giving it 13.28 pounds of torque — it quickly shreds bundles of leaves or branches of 3″ thick.

Being on wheels, it’s easy to tote around the yard.

Tazz K33 features a 34-inch high steel hopper (nearly 3 ft.) making it a little safer than models.

Also includes a mulching bag for easy clean up.

It’s very expensive, but lots of positive reviews + top safety features.

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#2.) Stanley DEK Heavy-Duty Chipper

DEK Wood Chipper Review

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The Stanley DEK shredder is the most powerful on my list.

It features a commercial 420cc engine that rips through 3-4″ branches with ease.

Built w/ a solid steel-frame, Stanley DEK weighs 270 pounds — little heavy, but buyers say it easily hitches to an ATV or vehicle.

It comes mostly pre-assembled making it very easy set up.

Lots of positive reviews, but the DEK is very expensive.

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#3.) Champion Gas Powered Chipper

champion 3" portable chipper

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The Champion has an expensive, yet powerful chipper.

It comes w/ a 338cc engine and holds 1.6 gallons of fuel.

Champion chipper uses 2 steel chipper blades + 4 shredder hammers. It’s very quick in shredding bundles of leaves or branches 3-inches thick.

Unlike other chippers, it includes a shredder chute — aim debris to a specific area or attach a bushel bag (which is included) for collection.

Buyers have given it very positive reviews online.

They confirm the Champion is easy to assemble + extremely fast shredding/chipping.

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#4.) Earthquake 9060300 Chipper Shredder

earthquake chipper shredder

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Earthquake Chipper features a 205cc engine (Briggs & Stratton engine.)

It’s equipped w/ 2 tri-hammers and 2 J-shredder hammers — generates a finer shred and is less likely to clog.

You can feed it leaf bundles or branches up to 3″ thick.

The Earthquake chipper is more compact model — weighs 107 pounds.

Includes 2-bushel bags for clean-up.

Buyers love that it’s easier maintenance + very affordable.

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#5.) Patriot Electric Wood Chipper

Patriot Gas Powered Wood Chipper Review

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The Patriot Chipper comes w/ 14-amp electric motor which plugs into an outlet.

It’s very easy to turn-on (by flipping a switch).

The grinding chamber is equipped w/ 2 metal knives + 6 steel hammers.

It can handle continuous feed for hours — shreds mountains of leaves or 2.5-inch branches.

Patriot chipper is also lightweight, only 95 pounds.

Buyers love it’s easy to start + being electric, can operate it indoors.

Expensive, but very good online reviews.

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#6.) Tazz K32 Chipper Shredder

Tazz Chipper Shredder Review

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Tazz K32 (pictured above) comes w/ 212cc Viper engine.

It easily shreds 3-inch thick branches in a continuous feed (and is unlikely to clog).

K32 model is a smaller version of the Tazz K33 — not as fast, but still very durable and high-performance.

Positive is the price – It’s more affordable and lighter weight (121 pounds).

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#7.) NorTrac PTO Chipper

nortrac pto wood chipper for 5.5" branches

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The NorTrac PTO is a high-powered chipper, ideal for big workloads.

In terms of performance it easily slices 5.5-inch branches or huge bundles of leaves. The vertical hopper elevated higher than most, but is angled for ease + safety.

Inside it contains a 6.5″ knife and operates at 20 horsepower w/ 540 max RPM. (super powerful!)

You’ll need a Category 1 tractor to move it around — NorTrac PTO weighs 350 pounds, but easily attaches w/ a 3-point hitch.

Buyers confirm even though it’s heavy (350 pounds), it’s surprisingly easy to assemble.

If you have piles of branches, this is the best chipper available.

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#8.) GreatCircleUSA Gas Chipper Shredder

Great Circle Heavy Duty Wood Chipper

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This Great Circle chipper shredder is a professional-grade machine.

Includes a 212cc gas engine w/ gasoline capacity of 0.7 gallons enough to shred for hours!

As a 3-in-1 chipper there’s multiple ways to shred.

1.) Top hopper – for 1/2″ volume chipping
2.) Side chute – for 3″ branches
3.) Back opening – for leaf loading

Great Circle chipper has top safety features including automatic shut-off if low on oil.

Slightly smaller chipper, but has affordable price tag!

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#9.) Patriot Gas Wood Chipper

Patriot Electric Wood Chipper Review

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The Patriot gas chipper is high-powered, but very expensive.

It comes w/ Briggs engine providing 10 horsepower — it shreds 3-inch branches into dime size chips.

With a powerful gas engine, the Patriot chipper is a continuous feed machine. Perfect for short cuts or multiple hour projects.

Also includes a jumbo bag for easy cleanup.

Very expensive, but lots of happy buyer reviews.

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** I’ll be adding #10 Best Wood Chipper Review! Stay tuned!

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