Top 10 Best Humidifier Reviews 2019

best rated humidifiers 2019

Best Humidifiers Review 2019.

Top picks list: 

#1.) TaoTronics Mist Humidifier
#2.) Levoit 4.5L Humidifier
#3.) iTvanila Ultrasonic Humidifier
#4.) Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier
#5.) Elechomes Cool Mist Humidifier
#6.) HumeXL Pro Cool Mist Humidifier
#7.) Levoit Whisper-Quiet Humidifier
#8.) Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier
#9.) TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier
#10.) Coming soon!

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 Top #1 Pick: TaoTronics Cool Mist Humidifier

taotronics humidifier rating

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TaoTronics Cool Mist is very quiet — perfect for bedrooms!

Comes w/ 4 liter tank — perfect for rooms up to 322 sq. ft. and run 30-hours (continuously).

Includes built-in humidistat to gauge to realtime humidity levels.

Cool mist has 3 mist levels + includes nightlight feature (making it a good option for kids).

Includes a ceramic air filter too — purifies the mist before dispensing it throughout the room.

It’s expensive, but lots of happy buyer reviews.

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Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier

levoit 4L humidifier

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The Levoit Cool Mist is a good option for rooms of 430 ~ 538 sq. ft (40-50㎡)

Uses a large 4.5 liter tank + can operate up to 40 hours.

Includes 3 mist levels — new “auto” mode lets you select desired humidity level.

Also comes w/ nightlight + compartment to add essential oils for aromatherapy.

Buyers say it’s easy to fill, easy to clean + lightweight, only 4.6 pounds.

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iTvanila Cool Mist Humidifier

itvanila humidifier rating 2019

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The iTvanila humidifier is mid-size model for rooms of 376-480 sq. ft. 

It can operate 15-50 hours + comes w/ 3 mist levels.

For its output, it’s relatively lightweight at 2.87 pounds (without water).

iTvanila Cool Mist has very positive reviews — buyers say it operates quietly and moisturizes rooms quickly.

It’s a little expensive, but still a top option to consider.

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Levoit Cool Mist Humidifier

levoit humidifier with remote control

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The Levoit 5.5L Humidifier is perfect for large rooms up to 753 sq. ft. 

It offers warm + cool mist — buyers say they love it during allergy season and in winter (itchy, dry skin).

Humidifier offers 5 mist levels + can run 36 hours (continuously).

Levoit ultrasonic has a remote control w/ built-in humidity sensor — it can detect the moisture level from the remote control location (instead of humidifier’s location)

Added features include 360° nozzles + touch controls.

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Elechomes Mist Humidifier

Elechomes Warm and Cool Mist Humidifier

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Elechomes is the largest on my list w/ capacity of 6 liters.

It’s perfect for rooms up to 750 sq. ft. living rooms, basements or kitchens

Humidifier includes a remote control + can run continuously for up to 40 hours on “low” level setting. 

There’s 3 mist levels in total.

Buyers say it’s very quiet (for being a large-room humidifier) + affordably priced.

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HumeXL Pro Humidifier

HumeXL Pro Warm Cool Mist Humidifier 5L

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** brand names may differ by country

The HumeXL humidifier offers warm + cool mist settings — perfect for winter or summer!

It can operate 20-25 hours and includes a remote control.

HumeXL uses 2 rotating mist nozzles — evenly disperses moisture in rooms of 270 sq. ft.

Includes a built-in humidistat for setting exact humidity levels.

Large tank opening makes it easy to clean + refill.

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Levoit Whisper-Quiet Humidifier

Levoit Whisper-Quiet Ultrasonic Humidifier 4L

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The Levoit 4L humidifier is a compact model — ideal for rooms of 200 sq. ft.

It can operate continuously for 20-30 hours on a full tank.

By selecting the lowest setting, the Levoit Ultrasonic stays below 26 decibelsextremely quiet compared to other humidifiers.

There’s also 2-stage air purifier feature. It’s able to remove bacteria, dust and other air particles while circulating air.

Additional features include aromatherapy function, nightlight + safety shutoff for low water.

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Levoit Ultrasonic Humidifier

levoit humidifier 2019

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The Levoit Ultrasonic is a top humidifier for alleviating colds, allergies or dry skin.

It comes w/ easy touch controls + remote control. The display shows a room’s current humidity.

As a 6 liter (1.5 gallon) humidifier there’s multiple mist levels — level 1 gives 36 hours of continuous use.

It operates very quietly — perfect for bedrooms!

Also includes aromatherapy feature for adding essential oils scents.

Lots of positive buyer reviews + affordable price.

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TaoTronics Ultrasonic Humidifier

TaoTronics Top Fill Ultrasonic Humidifier 5L

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The TaoTronics is a mid-size humidifier for rooms 107 ~ 322 sq. ft.

It can operate up to 40 hours continuously + comes w/ 3 mist levels.

For those who use essential oils, the aromatherapy compartment can be used for your favorite scents.

Auto shut-off gives you peace of mind if water runs out.

Another winning feature is the wide tank opening — makes it easy to add water + clean.

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** I’ll add #10 humidifier soon!

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