Top 10 Outdoor Storage Shed Review

Best Outdoor Storage Shed Reviews

Best Storage Sheds 2019.

Outside sheds:

#1.) Suncast Tremont Shed
#2.) Keter Fusion Storage Shed
#3.) Keter Factor Shed
#4.) Keter Manor Garden Shed

#5.) Suncast Glidetop Shed
#6.) Keter Oakland Storage Sheds
#7.) Keter Midi Storage Unit

#8.) Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed
#9.) Suncast Cascade Storage Shed
#10.) Lifetime Walk-in Storage Sheds

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 Top #1 Pick: Suncast Tremont Storage Shed

Sunset Tremont Storage Shed

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The Suncast Tremont is a top seller online.

It measures 8 ft. x 10 ft. w/ inside capacity of 574 cubic ft.

Reinforced flooring is designed to support heavier equipment: mowers, tractors, snow blowers, etc.

Walls and roof are steel-reinforced making it very durable in any weather — heavy snowfall, rain or wind.

Suncast Tremont includes 6 skylights + windows for natural light.

Inside you can customize the layout w/ hooks + shelves. (all included)

Tremont Shed is very expensive, but has received lots of positive reviews.

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#2.) Keter Fusion Garden Storage Shed

Keter Outdoor Storage Shed

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The Keter Fusion Shed is built w/ recycled wood + plastic resin (won’t decay or corrode!)

It comes in 3 sizes — the most popular measures 7.5 ft. x 9 ft. and inside capacity of 411 cu. ft. (

It comes w/ reinforced steel roof + inside ventilation. This helps reduce mold or mildew from building up.

Inside design is customizable + comes w/ hooks + shelving units.

Downside is the price – it’s expensive.

Still, lots of happy buyers — many love its exterior design.

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#3.) Keter Factor Shed

keter factor 8x6 shed

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The Keter Factor is an affordable shed w/ sizable interior.

It comes in 4 sizes — the 8 x 6 ft. appears to be the most popular.

Inside capacity of 285 cu. ft.2 large shelves is perfect for seasonal storage: garden tools, bikes, grills, furniture, and yard equipment.

Keter Factor is weatherproof — built w/ specialized resin plastic + steel reinforced walls/roof. (won’t peel, crack or dent from weather)

Includes inside ventilation and wide double-doors that can be locked.

Buyers love Keter Factor’s high ceiling + affordable price.

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#4.) Keter Manor Outdoor Garden Shed

Keter Outdoor Storage Sheds Review

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Built with practicality in mind, the Keter Manor Shed has 3D tiled roof to ensure adequate ventilation and prevent mold or odor from forming.

The wood and plastic construction is rot and decay resistant, meaning that it won’t be affected by bad weather conditions or extreme heat.

⭐⭐ Best Keter Shed for Easy Assembly ⭐⭐

Storage capacity of 291 cubic ft. allows you to safely store basic tools + larger items: bicycles, lawnmowers, and furniture.

The gray color also blends in w/ mostly any color arrangement. Also comes in 3 different sizes, all of which are easy to assemble out of the box.


  • Keter Manor sizes: 3
    • 4.0 x 6.0 ft.
    • 6.0 x 3.0 ft.
    • 6.0 x 8.0 ft. (291 cubic ft.)
  • Very easy to Assemble Steel-reinforced dual-wall panels
  • High-Density Polyethylene walls
  • UV Protected
  • Lockable Steel-Reinforced Doors
  • Can be customized and remodeled
  • Built-in lightings and shelves

Potential Flaws

  • Smaller storage unit

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#5.) Suncast Glidetop Shed (BMS4900D)

Suncast Glidetop Shed

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One of the greatest advantages Suncast Glidetop Shed is its smaller size – it never looks out of place. Looks great for smaller yards where a large outdoor shed might look out of place.

Inside 98 cubic feet of space is enough to hold your important gardening tools and machines.

Constructed with a double resin walls the Suncast Glidetop — durable enough to withstand any type of weather conditions.

⭐⭐ Best Keter Shed for Versatility ⭐⭐

Many positive buyer reviews mention that they use for anything. From bicycle storage to gardening tools — it’s the most versatile shed on my list. It can even be placed on a patio or deck for pool item storage.

Easy to install. It’ll come in a box, but all the pieces are marked allowing for simple set-up instructions.


  • Dimensions: 80 x 58 x 52 inches
  • Capacity: 98 cu. ft. of storage
  • Double wall resin structure
  • Water and UV resistant structure
  • Can be locked
  • Easy installation
  • Most versatile shed (not just yard items)

Potential Flaws

  • Not the largest on my list

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#6.) Keter Oakland Storage Shed

Keter Oakland Storage Shed

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With the Keter Oakland you can have a beautiful looking shed and save room in your home/garage.

What I really like about it is that it’s color customizable – you can paint to match the color of your house or outdoor furniture.

This specific model is perfect for winter weather — the roof can withstand 200+ pounds of snow (100+ kgs) and is made of steel-reinforced tile. 

⭐⭐ Best Keter Shed for Winter ⭐⭐

Biggest feature is that the shed is super easy to assemble. It’s composed of DuoTech parts that are very easy to put together. You just click the parts one next to the other like you would with Legos and you’re good to go!

Reinforced resin walls and 3.2″ thick roofing help it sustain the elements all year-round.

You’ll also notice the strong flooring — it’s able to withstand very heavy items such as lawnmowers at ATVs.


  • Keter Oakland sizes: 3
    • 7.0 x 7.0 ft.
    • 7.5 x 9.0 ft.
    • 7.5 x 11.0 ft.
  • Steel-reinforced wall panels + roof
  • 3.2 inch thick tile roof
  • UV Protected
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Potential Flaws

  • Very expensive

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#7.) Keter Midi/MAX Outdoor Storage Shed

Keter MAX Outdoor Storage Shed

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The Keter Midi is a smaller, affordable storage unitperfect for pool equipment, gardening tools, or garbage bins. 

Outside dimensions measure 57 x 32 x 49 inches w/ storage capacity of 39 cubic feet.

⭐⭐ Best Keter Shed for Basic Storage ⭐⭐

Walls are made of polypropylene resin plastic w/ steel reinforcement — extremely durable! 

Personally I think it’s great as for pool-side storage or seasonal equipment storage.


  • Size: 57″ x 32″ x 49″
  • Capacity: 39 cu. ft.
  • Steel reinforcement structure
  • Double front doors (can be locked)
  • Affordable price

Potential Flaws

  • DIY shed kit

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#8.) Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed

Lifetime Outdoor Storage Review

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Lifetime’s compact storage shed is a perfect for taller items.

Don’t let the smaller size fool you — it’s made of specialized resin plastic, making it fully weatherproof.

Includes UV protection and reinforced walls for high winds or precipitation.

High-angle roof provides quick drainage when it rains or snows. Doors and roof are also made of reinforced steel. 

Ideal for smaller yards – it has a fair amount of space to store all your seasonal equipment.

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#9.) Suncast Cascade Storage Shed

Suncast Cascade Vanilla Shed

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The Suncast Cascade Shed has inside capacity of 322 cu. ft. + double paneled walls

Its reinforced roof and floor are built for heavy itemslawn mowers, motorcycles, or snow blowers.

Additional features help with the maintenance and functionally, such as vents, a wide door, and the option of remodeling it and add shelves or hangers.

It’s a truly user-friendly shed anyone would want to have. 


  • Storage capacity: 322 cubic ft.
  • Durable, multi-wall resin construction
  • Reinforced floor and roof
  • Lockable metal handles
  • Side windows for light
  • Can be customized + Easy to assemble

Potential Flaws

  • Needs a foundation to be placed on

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#10.) Lifetime Large Outdoor Sheds

Outdoor Storage Sheds Review

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This shed is one of the largest storage sheds currently selling on the market and can be a long-term solution for the amassing clutter in your house.

My favorite thing about it is the beautiful exterior design. It looks like a small house, making it easy to place anywhere and keep the modern and contemporary look.

External windows provide enough lighting for storing plants too, and it also has a safety lock to protect everything that’s inside.

⭐⭐ Best Outdoor Storage Shed for Shelving ⭐⭐

And, it doesn’t only look good, but it’s made of High-Density Polyethylene with steel wall supports that make it strong enough to survive any outdoor conditions.

Includes — 2 screened vents, 2 large shelves, 4 corner shelves, 2 decorative shutters, 6 small skylights, high pitch roof (for fast drainage)

Perfect for homes with large yards and limited garage space. With this you can easily store basic yard tools or use as Winter or Summer storage unit: mowers, bikes, gardening tools or landscaping machinery.

Downside very expensive!


  • Shed size: 8 x 15 ft.
  • Steel-reinforced dual-wall panels
  • High-Density Polyethylene walls
  • UV Protected
  • Best outdoor storage shed for lots of inside shelving
  • Attractive exterior design
  • Multiple lightings and shelves

Potential Flaws

  • Very expensive

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Notable — Keter Large Outdoor Sheds

Keter Oudoor Garden Storage Shed

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This Keter shed is a little larger than others on my list, but comes in multiple sizes.

If you want your yard and storage shed to have a contemporary and stylish design, this shed will be the perfect addition for your house.

The exterior design is with a wood-like texture, making it look more contemporary and modern. You can place it alongside your yard furniture and it will fit right in.

The steel reinforcement increases its durability, while the soft exterior allows versatility and customization.

Keter Factor shed has 550 cubic ft. of storage capacity which is spacious enough to store everything from basic tools to super large items – lawnmowers, motorcycles, ATVs, outdoor furniture.


  • Keter Factor shed sizes:
    • 4 x 6 ft. (132 cubic ft.)
    • 6 x 3 ft. (113 cubic ft.)
    • 8 x 6 ft. (285 cubic ft.)
    • 8 x 11 ft. (550 cubic ft.)
  • Made from polypropylene resin plastic & steel
  • UV protected
  • Wide double doors with a security lock
  • Skylights and corner shelves included

Potential Flaws

  • Needs a level surface to be stable

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#10.) Lifetime Outdoor Storage Shed (Model #6402)

Lifetime Large Outdoor Shed

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With the attractive design, you can place this storage shed anywhere in your yard and it will fit right in with the surrounding.

Main focus of this storage shed is providing max safety — it comes w/ lockable steel door and exterior is UV protected (which guards against extreme heats)

 Best Outdoor Storage Shed for Heavy Items 

High-pitched roof helps ensure quick drainage during long rainy and snowy seasons.

Includes 2 windows will give you the natural light needed to work in it smoothly. Also an inside vent at the top will ensure a steady air flow that will prevent odors or moisture from forming.

** Perfect outdoor shed for those who live in highly moist areas.


  • Storage capacity:  621 cubic ft.
  • 2 windows + inside ventilation
  • UV protection = Ideal for very humid areas
  • High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Construction
  • High-Pitched Roof Allows for Quick Drainage
  • UV Protected
  • Lockable Steel-Reinforced Doors
  • Can be customized

Potential Flaws

  • Extremely expensive

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