Top 6 Pioneer Mini Split AC Systems

Pioneer Mini Split Air Conditioner Review

Pioneer Ductless Mini Split AC System.

Ductless mini split systems:

#1.) Pioneer WYS Ductless AC & Heat Pump
#2.) Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter++
#3.) Pioneer Ceiling Cassette AC + Heater
#4.) Pioneer Wall Mount AC System
#5.) Pioneer Ceiling Air Conditioner
#6.) Pioneer 4 Zone Mini Spit System

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 Top #1 Pick: Pioneer WYS Ductless AC + Heat Pump

Pioneer Mini Split Review

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The Pioneer WYS is an affordable unit w/ dual functionality — AC system and heat pump.

Perfect for any size room, it’s offered in multiple sizes:

Pioneer WYSCoolingRoomsEfficiency
WYS009-179,000 BTU200 - 350 sq. ft.19.5 SEER
WYS012-1712,000 BTU300 - 450 sq. ft.19.5 SEER
WYS018-1718,000 BTU400 - 650 sq. ft.19 SEER
WYS024-1724,000 BTU600 - 850 sq. ft.17 SEER
WYS030-1730,000 BTU900 - 1100 sq. ft.18 SEER
WYS036-1736,000 BTU1100 - 1300 sq. ft.16 SEER

AC system features include a remote control, washable filters + 5 fan speeds.

Using the remote control you can adjust room temperature or fan speeds — you can even set your desired temp.

Buyers say that it’s extremely fast at cooling + heating.

FYI: many buyers use for bars or restaurants

Some use the Pioneer WYS solely as their heat systems during the winter.

Lots of positive buyer reviews w/ affordable price.

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#2.) Pioneer Air Conditioner Inverter++

Best PIONEER Mini Split AC Review

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The Pioneer inverter++ AC system includes newer features + powerful performance, 

Comes w/ 36,000 BTU cooling – it can cool rooms w/ high ceilings or open-layout rooms.

Inverter compressor will automatically adjust cooling speed to maintain a consistent temperature — This means that it won’t spend excess energy.

Another feature buyers love how very quiet it is — the compressor is mounted outside you home so you won’t get the noise. (excellent choice for bedrooms!)


  • Cooling capacity:  36,000 BTU
  • Cooling capacity:  38,000 BTU 
  • Heat pump included: Yes
  • AC system sizes: 5
    • 12,000 BTU ; 18,000 BTU
    • 24,000 BTU ; 36,000 BTU
    • 48,000 BTU
  • Very quiet – perfect for bedrooms!

Potential Flaws

  • Lower SEER

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#3.) Pioneer Ceiling Cassette AC + Heater

PIONEER Air Conditioner

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The Pioneer Ceiling Cassette AC is very high-powered, but expensive.

It’s one of the most powerful on the market —  it can cool (or heat) large rooms within 10-minutes.

There’s many BTU sizes available:

Pioneer CYB SeriesPowerRoom SizeEfficiency
CYB009GMFI 9,000 BTU 250 - 350 sq. ft.20 SEER
CYB012GMFI12,000 BTU 350 - 450 sq. ft.21.5 SEER
CYB018GMFI18,000 BTU 450 - 650 sq. ft.20 SEER
CYB024GMFI24,000 BTU 650 - 900 sq. ft.20 SEER
CYB036GMFI36,000 BTU900 - 1,350 sq. ft.17.5 SEER
CYB048GMFI48,000 BTU 1,350 - 1,800 sq. ft.16.8 SEER

One of my favorite features of this unit is the washable filter.

You can just put it under cold water to remove any residue that might’ve gotten stuck — you’re also able to reuse it multiple times without worrying about causing damage to it.

** Washing your ductless air conditioner consistently every year will help it last longer and require less energy. In the long run it’ll keep your electric bill lower than non-Pioneer ACs.


  • Cooling capacity:  48,000 BTU
  • Heating capacity:  50,000 BTU
  • Heat pump included: Yes
  • AC system sizes: 5
    • 12,000 BTU/h ; 18,000 BTU/h
    • 24,000 BTU/h ; 36,000BTU/h
    • 48,000 BTU/h
  • Easy-to-wash filter

Potential Flaws

  • Very expensive

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#4.) Pioneer Wall Mount AC System

PIONEER Air Conditioner Inverter

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This Pioneer AC system comes w/ an inverter compressor for maintaining consistent temp.

Instead of having to restart it completely, the air compressor will keep working and do the job for you — this significantly reduces the amount of energy needed for cooling.

Multiple sizes available.

Pioneer WYSHeat PumpCooling
WYS009-179,000 BTU / Hr9,000 BTU / Hr
WYS012-1712,000 BTU / Hr12,000 BTU / Hr
WYS018-1718,000 BTU / Hr18,000 BTU / Hr
WYS024-1724,000 BTU / Hr24,000 BTU / Hr
WYS030-1730,000 BTU / Hr30,000 BTU / Hr
WYS036-1736,000 BTU / Hr36,000 BTU / Hr

It’s a single point power unit with a compressor located on the outside part.

It produces minimal sound when it operates. That’s a huge plus if you’re running it in a bedroom or work office!

What separates this unit from other air conditioners is that all the systems’ performances are safety tested and approved.

*Also read our review of Top 10 Ductless Air Conditioners


  • Cooling capacity:  30,000 BTU
  • Heating capacity:  30,000 BTU
  • Heat pump included: Yes
  • AC system sizes: 5
    • 9,000 – 36,000 BTU
  • Easy-to-wash filter
  • Auto swing air discharge louvers
  • Multi-speed fan motor

Potential Flaws

  • Lower efficiency than other units

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#5.) Pioneer Cassette AC System

PIONEER Ceiling Concealed Split

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This Pioneer ceiling unit provides consistent cooling for efficiency.

Instead of turning on and off, multiple times – the Pioneer Cassette stays balanced.

It’s a little different which can be good for some and inefficient for others. If you have limited rooms your home, it might be a good choice (because someone is present more often).

If it’s for a room that’s not frequented as much, I’d advise against it.

Another downside is that it’s a little slower to cool — it’s best to leave the unit running.


  • Cooling capacity:  24,000 BTU 
  • Heating capacity:  24,400 BTU
  • AC system sizes: 5
    • 9,000 BTU ; 12,000 BTU 
    • 18,000 BTU ; 36,000 BTU
    • 48,000 BTU
  • Easy-to-wash filter
  • Fresh air intake option

Potential Flaws

  • Few buyer reviews

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#6.) Pioneer 4 Zone Mini Spit AC System

PIONEER Multi Split System

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This Pioneer AC system is best for cooling/heating multiple rooms in your home.

It comes w/ a complete DIY installation kit — buyers say it took 2 people to connect throughout the house, but was fairly simple.

It’s a little bulky/heavy which is why 2 people will likely be needed.

Each mini split has its own remote control.

If you’re looking to outfit multiple rooms, this Pioneer ductless set can be purchased in 3-5 units. It’s cheaper than buying individually.


  • Cooling capacity:  19,900 BTU
  • Heating capacity:  23,475 BTU
  • AC system sizes: 5
    • 9,000 BTU ; 12,000 BTU
    • 18,000 BTU ; 36,000 BTU
    • 48,000 BTU
  • 10.0 HSPF efficiency rating
  • Multi-zone split system
  • Easy-to-wash filter

Potential Flaws

  • DIY kits

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As we approach the last days of summer, it’s important to find the right Ductless AC Inverter that’s durable enough to last the next 3+ years.

Fortunately, Pioneer is known for producing durable AC units that include a Heat Pump for winter time! Using the remote control

According to buyer reviews, Pioneer Air Conditioners are fairly easy to install. You’ll need a helper of some sort, but it’s definitely cheaper than buying an entire AC system + hiring HVAC contractors.

Another benefit is that most come with a heat pump for when it gets colder. The remote control makes it super easy to control the heater or AC from a distance.

Prices have dropped and they’re a very effective solution against extreme colds and unbearable heats. (most are air conditioners + heat pumps)

Pioneer Mini Split AC Systems:

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